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ContentsSelection of Land Surroundings Slope Water Source and Storage Colouring Drawing Room Living room Master Bedroom Kitchen Study Room Bathroom Stairs What is Where

Selection of landKind - Whether land is fertile and solid or not. Shape - square , rectangular , triangular etc. Direction - Facing east , west , south or north. Angle of corners - right angle , acute or obtuse.

Kinds of landLand should be fertile.though fertile land is useful for plantation yet it is suggested for vastu may be because plantation is equally necessary for a happy home.

Land should be solid.If the land is dug and refilled then it should overflow.

Smell of the land should be good. It should not contain bones or polythene bags etc.

Shape of LandSuggested shapes

Rejected shapesTriangular Odd corners

Square Rectangle Circular Even corners

Direction of landBest Fair Good Average East facing North facing West facing South facing

Angle of CornersSouth West South East North East North West SE Must be 90 Can be obtuse but not acute Can be acute but not obtuse Right or obtuseO






SurroundingsSouth west should be high and heavy North east should be light and empty No trees in front of gate No shadow of trees, temples, high rise buildings on the house No sandwich between two big houses

SlopeSouth west must be highest North east must be lowestIf south west is low, all earnings go into the drain

Water source and storageBest North east portion on northern or eastern portion Avoid South west Overhead Tank - Best in south or west but not in middle of the house. Avoid North east -

Colours change our moodOutside Light colours Drawing Rooms Off White Bed Room Light Pink, Cream Kitchen Off White, Cream Study Room Grey, Blue Living Room Any light colour Sons Room Light Blue Daughters room Pink, Indigo, Violet (No dark colours to be used particularly avoid black. Dark colours can be used only for designs)

Drawing RoomHave two ganesh ji with back to back at the entry Hang some musical nodes at the entry Keep clock on north or east side walls You should sit facing east or north and let guests sit facing south or west Keep water bodies or lamp shades in the north east Keep aquarium in north side Drawing room should be in north west of the house because anything in the north west moves out of the house fast so does the guests

Living roomKeep T.V in north or east Have sitting or bed in south or west Room can be in north or east Put telephone in east or south east

BedroomBed Room should be in south west. One who lives in south west rules the house. Head while sleeping should be in south or alternatively in west. This will give a sound sleep.

KitchenShould be in south east. Gas burner should be in south east of the kitchen. Cooking should be done facing east. Cleaning of utensils in North west. Sink should be in NE of the kitchen

BathroomShould be in south or west. Geyser should be on south east wall. Face east while bathing. Bath and toilet should be separate.WC should north or south only

MandirShould be in east side. You should face east to get wealth, face north to get peace and knowledge. In temple at home, idols should face west. In main temples, idols face east and public faces west.

StairsShould turn clockwise while going up.Should be in southeast or northwest or south west of the house and should be in clockwise. No of stairs should be odd. Should never be in brahmshtal

Study RoomIt should be in east Study while facing east Keep computer in south east of the room

Effect and remedies of Vaastu doshVaastu analysis tells us the kind and reason of problems we face in day to day life. It suggests ways to rectify the problems.

EastEffectsIf east is high wealth is drained out If east is dirty, there is problem due to children If slope is from east to west, eye troubles are there

Remedieskeep east neat & clean place a flag in west .

NorthEffectsIf Kitchen is in north then there will be family disputes If north is high then disease and debts prevail Crack in north causes problem due to ladies

RemediesPlace water fountain in north Get walls painted in lightgreen Put wind chimes at the entry



Water source in west creates financial trouble. If west is down, then causes defamation Place Varun yantra in west and fast on saturdays


SouthEffectsWell in south makes the owner unwell and grips him in diseases If south is down ladies remain unhealthy Empty south causes money loss Temple in south does not bring peace


Place Yantra for mars in south Worship Lord Hanuman Place astadighbandan yanthra in the north side.

North EastEffectsIf dirty there will be disputes If cut then Children face lot of problems and owner is in great tension If high then Money loss Kitchen in North East causes quarrels

RemediesKeep North East clean and empty Light lamps and place aquarium Place shivlinga

South eastEffectsIf Kitchen is dirty, wife remains ill Well in SE causes trouble to wife if SE is lower than North or East then causes illness in family Higher SE than SW causes money loss and loss of children

RemediesWorship Lord Ganesh Place two green ganeshji back to back at the entrance Feed cows

North WestEffectsIf lower than North East creates court cases If empty then owner does not enjoy stay at home If owners bed room is in NW causes allergy and cold problems

RemediesPlace Moon yantra in this direction Color the walls with cream color Place white Ganeshji at the entrance

South westEffectsIf empty causes illness to owner If down causes wealth loss well causes tensions Broken wall causes theft and sudden sickness to eldest son Extended SW increases enemies


Place Rahu yantra in SW Place brown or gray coloured Ganeshji at the entrance

Center (Brahmasthan)Toilets or dirt causes illness to owner

Source of WaterIn In In In SE causes troubles from children SW causes money loss NW increases enemies south problems due to wife

Evaluation Exercise for Existing Property

Score sheet for house and flatQuestions Points Score

1. What is the position of the Main Entrance.Gate ?


2. Where is the Kitchen ?3. Where is the Master Bedroom ? 4. Where is the Childrens Bedroom 5. Where is the Guest -room ? ?

1010 10 10 10 10

6. Where is the Drawing or Dining Room ? 7 . Where is the Tube -well or Underground Tank ?

Score sheet for house and flatQuestions Points Score

8 9. 0.

Where are the Toilets ? Where is the Garage / Servants Quarters? Which direction of the plot is the House built in ?

10 10 10

1.Position of the main Entrance /gatePointsNE E NNW

10 9 87





2. Position of The KitchenPointsSE 10


9 87


65 4 3

3. Position of Master BedroomPointsSW S W NW N E SE NE 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3


Position of the Childrens RoomPointsNW SE N E NE 10 9 8 7 6


5 43


Position of the Guest - RoomPoints10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3


6. Position of Drawing or Dining RoomPointsE N NE SE NW W S SW 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3


Position of Tube-well , Underground TankPointsNE E N NW W S SE SW/Centre 3 10 9 8 7 6 5 4


Position of toilets or BathroomPointsNW W S N E SE SW NE/Centre 3 10 9 8 7 6 5 4

9. Position of Garage and Servants quarterPointsNW N E NE SE W S SW 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3

10. Position of House vis - - vis the plotPointsSW S W NW SE 10 9 8 7 6


5 43

RESULTSScore Interpretation100 Excellent 80 - 99 Very Good 51 - 79 Good up to 50 Average

Useful suggestions


The kitchen should not be directly in front of the main door.

Keep all electrical /heat generating appliances /electricity metres In the south east corner of the room.


Keep no borken mirrors in the house.

Mirrors, sinks, wash -basins and taps should preferably be along the North -East Walls.

The safe should open towards the north or the east. So keep it in The south west. The toilet seat should preferably be on the Southern wall. The septic tank can be the North West or the South East corner of the house .


Avoid having garbage dump, street -light pole, or boulders in front of the main gate or door or in north east corner

Your main door should not be opposite the main door of another house.

While swabbing the floor with any disinfectant, a little saindhava lavana or sea salt should be added.

Students should study facing the north or east.


Do not sit or sleep under a beam.


Do not hang a painting depicting war, crime, unrest, agony or distress.


Do not have any cactus in the house Having it outside the boundary is good.


Do not have a toilet or a puja room under a staircase.

Blocking of the North -east (Ishan) portion of the house or industry restricts the inflow of the blessings of God. It leads to tension quarrel and insufficient growth of the inhabitants; especially children of the owner.

In an industry any fault, ditch or broken part in the direction of north - east will get handicapped child to the industrialist.

Improper position of the bed-room/bed brings unhappiness in the married life and causes disturbed sleep. Having a toilet/fireplace in north - east corner of the house or industry can ruin it financially besides mental tension & quarrel amongst people.

A water b