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Exhibitor briefing at Museums and the Web 2011, Philadelphia

Transcript of Using eHive to create custom sites and applications

  • 1. Using eHive to create custom sites and applications 1924-5 NZ Invincibles rugby team mascot, NZ Rugby Museum Paul Rowe Vernon Systems Museums and the Web Saturday 9 thApril 2011 Philadelphia

2. Paul Rowe Joint CEO, Vernon Systems Ltd Developers of collection management systems since 1985 3. Finding ways to tell your collections stories 4. eHive Software as a Service CMS Collections management and online access to collections 5. Data storage platform

  • Programming interfaces
  • Wordpress plugins 6. Staff in New Zealand, UK, and South Africa Focused on collections management software 7.

  • 600 museums worldwide


  • Worlds first Software as a Service CMS
  • Launched in 2008

9. A solution to common problems faced by small museums

    • Limited IT resources & budget
    • Complex software
    • Hard to publish to web
    • Run by volunteers who may want to contribute from home 10. eHive collection management system

  • Within eHive, eachcontributor has theirown login to create and edit object records and upload images

11. eHive web admin for collections management functions 12. eHive functions

  • Object cataloguing
  • Acquisition tracking

13. Communities 14.

  • Museum and collection info driven by eHive
  • Represents 400 museums
  • Collection records from 70 museums

15. 16. Whats an API and whats it doing to my museum data?

  • Application Programmable Interface
  • Websites or applications can talk to each other
  • Data can be reused

3 rdparty website Selected collection records redisplayed with different presentation/context . . . . .API the telephone line eHive Collection records . . . . . 17. Getting data in and out

  • Bulk import via XML or spreadsheet
  • Export in text, Excel, PDF and XML formats

18. 19. Example eHive user Champs Chapel Museum ofEast Hendred, UK 20. About the Trust, Museum and Village

  • Small volunteer run organisation
  • Mixed collection
  • Replacing an existing image database
  • Needed to reduce costs

21. East Hendred Museum on eHive

  • Images and data converted in July 2009

22. eHive forum and direct support 23. Sharing data 24. Sharing data

  • Copyright issues
  • Less control of where your data ends up
  • eHive - 3 rdparty search opt-out option


  • eHive supports Creative Commons licences + other categories

26. Current development

  • Programming interfaces forintegration with other websites and products
  • Wordpress plugins to enable eHive users tobuild their own museum websites

27. API

  • RESTful
  • Returns JSON objects
  • Object, Account and Community API calls:
  • Get record by id or keyword search
  • Get recent, interesting or popular records
  • Get tags
  • Object specific API calls
  • Put (add) tags
  • Get/Put (add) comments
  • e.g.

28. OAUTH allow access to content in eHive 29. One OAUTH key per app or site Wordpress site for your museum 3 rdparty application Regional website which harvest your data 30. eHive and Wordpress

  • Build your own museum website
  • 100 million sites built in Wordpress 31. 32. 33. Plugins

  • Add generic Wordpress widgets for contact forms, Flickr image feeds, embedded videos etc
  • Embed collection info from eHive 34. Old website that needed to be replaced 35. Key points for the DCGP Website is essential for data collection and publication Using eHive helped improve functionality and appearance 36. Built in 2001 No content management system (CMS), so background & project pages have remained static 37. Hard to navigate between the 3 different sections of the original website 38. Collection content needed to be preserved 39. Decision to move to eHive Update the website - add new caches and publications Fresh look New functionality tagging, commenting, contact form Vernon Systems understands museums collections Price - very competitive and good value! 40. Deliberately Concealed Garments Project (DCGP) new website 41. 42. 43. Tell your stories through Wordpress posts 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. Pages using the eHive plugins can include static content and eHive functions 49. Example of an eHive & Wordpress site with different theme 50. 51. Why use software as a service?

  • Simplifies public access
  • No need to buy servers or manage software
  • Automatic backups & updates
  • Fewer compatibility issues
  • Access from anywhere with a web connection
  • Smaller ongoing costs, no initial purchase cost

52. eHive pricing 53. 54. Find out more

  • Paul Rowe
  • Vernon Systems
  • [email_address]
  • Twitter: armchair_caver