Unity Church UNITY CHURCH OF PALMYRAUNITY 8 Page Unity Church Unity Church 37 E. Main Street ... He

Unity Church UNITY CHURCH OF PALMYRAUNITY 8 Page Unity Church Unity Church 37 E. Main Street ... He
Unity Church UNITY CHURCH OF PALMYRAUNITY 8 Page Unity Church Unity Church 37 E. Main Street ... He
Unity Church UNITY CHURCH OF PALMYRAUNITY 8 Page Unity Church Unity Church 37 E. Main Street ... He
Unity Church UNITY CHURCH OF PALMYRAUNITY 8 Page Unity Church Unity Church 37 E. Main Street ... He
download Unity Church UNITY CHURCH OF PALMYRAUNITY 8 Page Unity Church Unity Church 37 E. Main Street ... He

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Transcript of Unity Church UNITY CHURCH OF PALMYRAUNITY 8 Page Unity Church Unity Church 37 E. Main Street ... He

  • Page 8 Unity Church

    Unity Church

    37 E. Main Street

    Palmyra, PA 17078

    Unity Church

    Reverend Julie A. Vance

    Jake Meyer, Admin. Assistant

    Julian Gerace, Music Director Sunday Service & Youth Education

    10:30 am

    Tel/Fax: 717-838-7808

    Email: unityofpalmyra@verizon.net

    www . u n i t y o f p a lm y r a . o r g

    Interim Council: President: Charles Lee Vice-President: Laurie Nelson

    Secretary: Sherri Freas Treasurer: Linda Haldeman

    Member at Large: Angie Hernandez

    Reverend Julie Vance

    Chairpersons: Building & Maintenance: Dan Christopher

    Caring Friends: Helene Heisey

    Hospitality: Kendra Siemers

    Newsletter Editor: Jake Meyer Website Editor: Dave Freas

    Prayer Ministry: Bobbi Gouch

    Sound Techs: Dan Christopher

    Welcoming Ministry: Vicki Smith


    Our purpose is to know and

    express Gods peace, joy and love!


    Open to Spirit

    Connected with Spirit

    Transformed by Spirit

    Page 1 Unity Church

    July/August 2015

    UNITY CHURCH OF PALMYRAUNITY CHURCH OF PALMYRA A P o s i t i v e P a t h f o r S p i r i t u a l L i v i n gA P o s i t i v e P a t h f o r S p i r i t u a l L i v i n g

    For a message of peace, call Unity Churchs Dial-A-Prayer daily 24 hours

    a day at 717-520-9710. Messages are changed each day by Rev. Julie.

    w w w . u n i t y o f p a l m y r a . o r g

    Thoughts From Our Minister

    A Sizzling Summer

    Dear Unity Family,

    What is your favorite summer activity? Perhaps it is getting together with family and friends for a summer picnic, relaxing and reading a good book, listening to your favorite music, or experiencing something new and different.

    This July and August we have a variety of sizzling summer activities to entice you to participate with your Unity family - everything from an outdoor Sunday service/picnic at Memorial Lake to a Sound Healing Experience to the music of Frank Sinatra.

    As you discover the opportunities within the pages of this newsletter, mark your calendars for a summer of fun, food for your soul, and fellowship!

    Happy Summer!

    Rev. Julie

    Meet Julian

    Outdoor Service


    Michael Minor


    Lunch Bunch &

    Community Gathering


    Janet Rozzi 4

    Rev. Denise DeSimone 5/6

    PACC Blood Bank 6




    Inside This


  • Page 2 Unity Church

    Our New Music Director.

    Julian Gerace is an Audio Engineer/Composer based out of

    central Pennsylvania. He is currently enrolled at Lebanon Valley Col-

    lege, pursuing degrees in both Music Recording Technology (B.M.)

    and Music with a Composition concentration (B.A.). Julian currently

    arranges for and conducts the Iota Kappa Chapter of Phi Mu Alpha

    Sinfonia, a national men's music fraternity. He also serves on the

    Province level as music director for the 10 colleges in Province 21.

    He lives at 44 College Avenue in Annville and enjoys painting

    in his spare time. He is very excited to be working as music director

    at Unity and hopes to bring exciting new music to the services each

    Sunday. Feel free to contact Julian at jag006@lvc.edu for questions or

    information about performing.

    Service at Memorial Lake





    Sunday, August 9th Memorial Lake State Park


    Middle Pavilion

    (located by Middle Road parking area)

    Join your Unity Family for a great time of fellowship and food at our summertime picnic. A pavilion has been

    reserved for the event at Memorial Lake State Park in Grantville. Picnic tables, grills, electric outlets, nearby

    parking & restroom facilities, a beautiful lake, opportunities for canoeing/boating, games will be available for the

    event. In addition to the picnic, the Sunday morning church service will be held outdoors at 10:30am prior to the

    picnic. Lets partake of the beauty of nature and have a memorable time of worship outdoors.

    Please bring lawn chairs. Check sign-up sheets in the information room.

    Thank you for your support!!

    We thank you for your support of our ministry during the busy summer months.

    Your love offerings and tithes sent or brought to Unity when you cannot be

    here with us are greatly appreciated!

    Have a wonderful summer!

    Page 7 Unity Church

    Ongoing Groups & Classes

    Womens Spirituality Group: The Womens Spirituality Group meets every Wednesday morning from

    10:00-11:30am in the Rose Room. Please join us for lively and challenging discussions! We currently support

    the Womens Shelter in Lebanon with prayers and weekly food donations.

    Contact Linda Gettle at (717) 964-2292 for further information.

    Yoga Classes: Monday evenings from 6:30-8pm

    Kimberly Joy Hitchcock, Facilitator.

    First Class is FREE; Individual Class Rate - $7.00; Class Card for 8 Classes - $40.00

    (Detailed information at http://yogajoystudio.com)

    If your birthday is not currently listed, please let us know so that we can add you to the list.


    6 Shirley Putt

    7 Helene Heisey

    8 Natalie Keil

    9 Mary Witmer

    11 Bobbi Gouch

    16 Charles Lee

    23 Vicki Smith

    25 Jan Glatfelter

    27 Robin Wengert



    19 Jake Meyer

    19 Valerie Henry

    21 Chris Dolan

    23 Linda Gettle

    27 Karl Gettle

    Reminder: Newsletter information and articles must be sent to unityofpalmyra@verizon.net by the first Sunday of each even-numbered month.

    The next deadline is Sunday, August 2, 2015 for the September/October 2015 newsletter. Articles not received by this date will be included in the following

    newsletter, if appropriate.

    A New Group Possibility...

    Meditation Group Information Gathering Meeting

    Sunday August 30th

    Following fellowship time.

    This meeting is for informational purposes regarding the formation of a meditation group for those who

    would like to have a more consistent meditation practice. The intent for this meeting is to discuss what we

    would like, how often we wish to meet and general feedback. Please join Elaine Torrance-Gingrich in the Rose

    Room at Unity for this open discussion as we co-create this group.


  • Page 6 Unity Church

    PODCASTS of our Sunday Services are available to listen to or download from our website or CDS

    may be purchased for $5.00 each by signing up in the Rose room.

    SPIRITUAL COUNSELING is available on a love offering basis with Rev. Julie Vance. Please call the

    church office at (717) 838-7808 to schedule an appointment.

    MINISTERIAL SERVICES - Rev. Julie is also available for weddings, baptisms and memorial services.

    PACC Blood Bank

    Good Samaritan Hospital, Hershey Medical Center, Pinnacle Health Systems, Carlisle Regional

    Hospital, Ephrata Community Hospital, Hanover Hospital and several other area hospitals.

    What do they all have in common???

    They are all served by the Central Pennsylvania Blood Bank for their blood needs. Perhaps a loved one, a

    neighbor or a friend was admitted to one of these medical facilities, and it is most likely they .1 out of 7

    do.received several units of life saving blood during their hospital stay. PACC Palmyra-A Caring Community

    sponsors a local Blood Bank and Unity Church is a long time supporting PACC member. So if you are able and

    willing to be a life saver with your blood, please consider joining the hundreds of your Palmyra area neighbors

    that make a blood donation throughout the year. Its easy and only takes about an hour of your time to be that

    life saving neighbor. If you have questions, please contact Ron Fouche at 838-2569 or 838-6336 Extension106.

    Thank you for your support and blood!!!

    Coming in August - Rev. Denise DeSimone

    From a medical standpoint, Denise is a walking, talking, singing, speaking

    miracle having survived Stage IV throat and neck cancer. A journey which led her

    to author her new book entitled From Stage IV to Center Stage. Twenty two

    months after being warned she may never sing again, Denise sang to a sell out

    crowd of 37,000 Red Sox fans at Bostons Fenway Park.

    Denise's inspirational and motivational speaking engagements offer a

    paradigm shift in how to approach life's challenges. Her message is inspiring, heart

    -warming, and useful to everyone. She offers instruction and proven techniques in

    how to access the all time greatest healer...Self Love.

    About the Author

    Denise DeSimone is an ordained interfaith minister, an inspirational and motivational speaker and a singer/

    songwriter. She is certified in multiple al