Unit 6 Suffering to Be Beautiful Part I Listening and Speaking ActivitiesListening and Speaking...

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Transcript of Unit 6 Suffering to Be Beautiful Part I Listening and Speaking ActivitiesListening and Speaking...

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  • Unit 6 Suffering to Be Beautiful Part I Listening and Speaking ActivitiesListening and Speaking Activities Part II Reading Comprehension and Language ActivitiesReading Comprehension and Language Activities Part III Extended ActivitiesExtended Activities
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  • Part I Listening and Speaking Activities Introduction of functions Listen and speak Try to speak more Make your own dialogue What are they for?
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  • Introduction of functions Express satisfactory be pleased /satisfied /happy/ content with It is very satisfactory. feel completely thrilled. to ones own satisfaction, Ive never been happier. Its just what I had in mind/ need/ wanted/meant/was looking for. Everything is to my satisfactory. Express dissatisfactory I dont see why be angry/mad at Well, to tell the truth, I was a little disappointed. Honestly, I wasnt very pleased with it. To be honest (with you), it was (a little) disappointing. Why dont you ? This is not what I wanted/ need/ had in mind, Im afraid.
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  • Listen and speak Listen to the conversation and tick the correct answer to each question. 1. Why is Kathy unhappy? Key: b 2. What is Daisys attitude towards womens putting on weight? Key: c 3. In Daisys opinion,. Key: c 4. Daisy holds the view that to be healthy and beautiful on should first of all. Key: a
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  • Note: 1.be a slave to/of something: to be so strongly influenced by something that you cannot make your own decisions - used to show disapproval 2.fashion: something that is popular or thought to be good at a particular time e.g. go out of fashion: stop being fashionable be out of fashion now: it is no longer fashionable all the fashion: they are very fashionable the latest fashions: the most recent fashions be in fashion: they are fashionable Try to speak more
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  • 1. Jack and Mary are friends. They are eating out in a Chinese restaurant. Use the following cues to make a dialogue (Turn to page 77) 2. Study the following cartoons to find what is funny about them. Make a story on the basis of the pictures and then tell your classmates. (Turn to page 77) Make your own dialogue
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  • Part II Reading Comprehension and Language Activities Pre-reading Tasks Background information Language points
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  • Part II Reading Comprehension and Language Activities Pre-reading Tasks What is your definition of beauty and beautiful? What are the underlying reasons why a woman/girl goes to great lengths to make herself beautiful? How would you interpret the following two sayings? A. Beauty is only skin deep B. Dont judge a book by its cover.
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  • Background information Head to head: a talk show program on the TV. A talk show (or chat show) is a program on the radio or television in which well-known people are invited to talk or asked questions on a particular, popular topic.
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  • Turn to p.79, and listen to the text Suffering to Be Beautiful
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  • Language points 1. current: adj. [only before noun] happening or existing now: e.g. -- the current President -- In its current state, the car is worth 1,000. n. [countable] 1). a continuous movement of water in a river, lake, or sea [tide] e.g. -- ocean/sea/tidal etc current -- Strong currents can be very dangerous for swimmers. 2). a continuous movement of air: e.g. -- Some birds use warm air currents to help them fly. --- current of e.g. -- currents of warm air rising from the plain 3). a flow of electricity through a wire: e.g. -- an electrical current -- alternating current, direct current 4). an idea, feeling, or opinion that a particular group of people has: e.g. -- The committee reflects the different political currents within the organization. --- current of e.g. -- There was an underlying current of discontent among teachers. -- Do not confuse with currant (=small dried fruit).
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  • 2. ensure: especially British English also insure American English [transitive] to make certain that something will happen properly [= make sure]: e.g. -- facilities to ensure the safety of cyclists --- ensure (that) e.g. -- The hospital tries to ensure that people are seen quickly.
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  • 3. considerable: fairly large, especially large enough to have an effect or be important [inconsiderable] e.g. -- considerable amount/number etc of something -- We've saved a considerable amount of money. -- Michael has already spent considerable time in Barcelona. -- issues of considerable importance -- The series has aroused considerable interest.
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  • 4. go to great length to do: be willing to use any methods to achieve sth you are very determined to achieve. e.g. -- Susan is prepared to go to any lengths to get her daughter back. -- He went to great lengths to keep their name out of the papers. -- Bella would go to any lengths to fulfill her ambition.
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  • 5. the way I see it: also to my way of thinking, used before telling someone your opinion e.g. -- The way I see it, it was a fair trade.
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  • 6. its up to sb to do sth: a) used to say that someone can decide about something: e.g. -- You can pay weekly or monthly - it's up to you. b) used to say that someone is responsible for a particular duty: e.g. -- It's up to the travel companies to warn customers of any possible dangers.
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  • 7. perspective: 1). [countable] a way of thinking about something, especially one which is influenced by the type of person you are or by your experiences [viewpoint] perspective on e.g. -- His father's death gave him a whole new perspective on life. from somebody's perspective e.g. -- The novel is written from a child's perspective. from a feminist/Christian/global etc perspective e.g. -- We have to look at everything from an international perspective. a much-needed historical perspective wider / broader perspective e.g. -- Our work in Uganda and Romania adds a wider perspective. 2). [uncountable] a sensible way of judging and comparing situations so that you do not imagine that something is more serious than it really is: e.g. -- I think Viv's lost all sense of perspective. -- The figures have to be put into perspective. get / keep something in perspective (=judge the importance of something correctly) 3). [uncountable] a method of drawing a picture that makes objects look solid and shows distance and depth, or the effect this method produces in a picture: e.g. -- the artist's use of perspective
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  • 8. horrendous: 1). frightening and terrible [= horrific]: e.g. -- a horrendous experience -- She suffered horrendous injuries. 2). Informal, extremely unreasonable or unpleasant: e.g. -- horrendous debts -- The traffic was horrendous.
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  • 9. go in for: 1). to do an examination or take part in a competition: e.g. -- I go in for all the competitions. 2). to do or use something often because you enjoy it or like it: e.g. -- I never really went in for sports. 3). to choose something as your job: e.g. -- I suppose I could go in for advertising.
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  • 10. ridiculous: very silly or unreasonable: e.g. -- That's a ridiculous idea! -- Don't be ridiculous! -- I'd look ridiculous in a dress like that. --- absolutely / totally / utterly ridiculous e.g. -- It's an absolutely ridiculous decision. --- it is ridiculous that e.g. -- It's ridiculous that we have to wait six weeks.
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  • 11.there is no point in doing sth: its meaningless to do sth e.g. There's no point in worrying. There is no point in waiting for her. She is probably not coming.
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  • Comprehension work (Questions for discussion ) What does Mary do? What business does Sue own? And what is Elizabeths profession? What is the topic of the show? What is Sues opinion about the question Do you think people should try to be beautiful? How does Elizabeth see the issue?
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  • Comprehension work (Questions for discussion ) Why does Elizabeth cite examples from history? And what are the examples? Why does Elizabeth want to use the word beautiful in quotation marks? And what comments does she make on these extreme cases? How does Sues view differ form Elizabeths on these historical cases? How does Elizabeth relate the historical examples to the present situation? And what conclusion does Elizabeth draw? Did Mary give her view in the programme? And what is your point of view?
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  • Part III Extended Activities Translation
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  • I find it difficult to keep up with the changes in fashion. He doesn't go in for outdoor sports much. My English is poor so I'm not up to translating the poem. People usually judge a person by his/her appearance. She looked as if she hadn't slept all night. He was determined to go to great lengths to fulfill his ambition He sat in the front so as to hear clearly.