Unit 2 Football P1 listening and Speaking P2 Reading Comprehension P3 Extended Activities

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Transcript of Unit 2 Football P1 listening and Speaking P2 Reading Comprehension P3 Extended Activities

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  • Unit 2 Football P1 listening and Speaking P2 Reading Comprehension P3 Extended Activities
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  • P1 listening and Speaking 1Introduction of functions 2 Listen and speak 3 Try to speak more 4 Make your own dialogue
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  • It is always desirable to express ones concerns and worries in search of supportive action from your friends or teachers. Write down your concerns or worries if you have any. 1 About my family Example My father is over 80 years old, but he is still so independent that he always tries to do farm work in order to help the family. I am concerned about his health. I hope that he would stop working and enjoy the later part of his life. _________________________________________________________ 2 About my future career _________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ___ 3 About my friend _________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ___________________________
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  • Listen and speak answer to the questions 1b 2b 3c 4a
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  • Listen and speak Listen to the conversation and tick the correct answer to each question. Turn to p. 1, and lets listen. 1. What does the coach want to tell Sam? b 2. What does Sam hope to hear? b 3. Why cant Sam play the game on Saturday? c 4. Sam is about the decision. a
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  • Try to speak more Note: trying some new blood: trying some new players on the team drop me: not allow me to play the game put it straight: be frank; tell the truth; say what one thinks break the news gently: be careful when giving disappointing or sad news taking the game away from somebody: destroy ones chance to play the game; ruin someones fun take it easy: not to take the matter too seriously
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  • Make your own dialogue Suppose you are the coach of the football team, and your partner is called Martin, a bench player for many months. You are telephoning him a piece of good new. Make a conversation with your partner according to the following cues.
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  • A say you have a basketball match this Friday. B Say you hope to play forward this time A Break the news gently. Bs not playing, reason: injured last time. B Say no problem, no need to worry about his leg. A Say the opposing team is strong, hard game, need to try new players. B Say no whit protest, taking the game away from you, get very angry. A Advise him to take it easy. Tell the truth, he wasnt active enough last match B Explain why not active last time. Couldnt play well under too much pressure from fans. A Say decision cant be changed. A Hi B I want o talk with you about the match on Friday. B What position shall I be playing? May I play forward this time? A But I was thinking, you got injured last time. So Im concerned about your leg. B There is no problem with my leg. You dont worry. A But the opposing team is a bit strong,It will be a hard game. We are thinking about trying some new bloods this time. B Oh, no! you cant take the game away from me, basketball is my life. You know, I practice very hard. A Take it easy, B. Lets be frank, you should have been more active last game. B Oh, I know. It was the fans. I felt under too much pressure from the fans. A Well, the decision has been made, hope you understand. Im sorry. B.
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  • Look at the cartoons, what is funny about them? Make a story on the basis of the pictures and then tell it to your classmates. Phrases for reference: (1)the goal keeper goofed (2)fiasico (3) joke (4)crossbar (5) ridiculous game
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  • Part II Reading Comprehension and Language Activities Pre-reading Tasks Notes Translation Comprehension work Language work
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  • Do you like to play sports? What do you think of these sports in the list? Name just one sport which can be described by the following words. Names of events: spectacular impressive boring sensational dull fast-moving dangerous thrilling violent barbarous exciting slow 1. 100m dash 2.canoe/kayak 3.boxing 4.volleyball 5.skating 6.football 7.weightlifting 8.table tennis 9.equestrian 10.archery 11. Badminton 12.balance beam 13. basketball 14. Hockey 15. tennis 16. baseball
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  • Read the following list of events or issues, underline the event or issue which directly related to the development of the modern football game. Neglect those that had no direct impact on the development of the modern version. horse racing, hunting and fishing a weekend pastime Queen Victoria banned football. Rugby outlawing the carrying of the ball in the hands in the 19th The king of England once banned football. Mexican culture village greens as playground Oliver Cromwell was a football fan. a war game in ancient Rome the slavery system the founding of the Football Association in the 19th century
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  • long since: if something has long since happened, it happened a long time ago e.g. I've long since forgiven her for what she did. Ive long since forgotten what our quarrel was about. Other staff had long since gone home
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  • ban: vt. to officially forbid sth e.g. 1.Smoking is banned in the building 2.ban sb from doing sth Charlie's been banned from driving for a year
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  • nevertheless: adv. (formal) in spite of a fact that you have just mentioned e.g. 1.It was a terrible accident. Nevertheless, air travel is still the safest form of transportation. 2.What you said was true. It was, nevertheless, a little unkind
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  • be in danger of (doing) sth: be in a situation when it is possible you may be killed or injured by sth dangerous e.g. 1.Some of the children were in danger of starvation 2.My friend is in danger of losing life. ( = My friends life is in danger.)
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  • save sb/sth (from sth/doing sth): make or keep sb/sth safe ( from death, harm, loss, etc e.g. 1.The policeman saved the children from the fire 2.It is almost too late to save the rainforest from destruction.
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  • come into being/existence: enter into a state, activity e.g. 1.This first workers league came into being 2.The Red Army came into being after the defeat of the first great revolution.
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  • object: vi. to feel or say that you oppose or disapprove of something e.g. 1.His supporters will certainly object if he is fired. 2. object to such treatment/to being treated like this.
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  • outlaw: to completely stop something by making it illegal e.g. 1.Drugs like opium have been outlawed except for medical purposes 2.Slavery was not officially outlawed in Australia until 1898.
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  • in the process: while you are doing something or something is happening e.g. 1.I started moving the China ornaments but dropped a vase in the proces. 2.I spilt the coffee, burning myself in the process.
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  • 300 1613
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  • 18 Rugby rugby
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  • 1863 19 70
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  • Part III Extended Activities Dictation Read more Grammar work Word formation Vocabulary work Translation
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  • Dictation Script of the Dictation In the 1970s, Pele retired from the national team of Brazil and became a professional player for a team in New York. Soccer wasnt very popular in the United States at that time. Few North Americans knew about this fast-moving sport. There was no money to pay professional players, and there was little interest in soccer in the high schools and colleges. When Pele and other international stars began playing in various U.S. cities, people saw how interesting the game was and began to go to the matches. Today there is a professional league called the North American Soccer League. It is common for important games to have fifty to sixty thousand fans.
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  • Read more True/False/Not Mentioned Answers: F, F, NM, NM, T, F, T, F Topics for discussion 1. What is the most important factor that makes football a popular sport in the world in the present day? 2. Comment on the future of football in China. 3. What is your opinion about football as a professional sport?
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  • Grammar work 1.Original: The apple trees in our new garden look like not more than a branch. They are too young to bear fruit. Correct: The apple trees in our new garden look like no more than (or nothing more than/ not much more than) a branch. They are too young to bear fruit. 2.Original: We met Jane but no Elizabeth. Correct: We met Jane but not Elizabeth. 3.Original: The FA developed football and standardised. Correct: The FA developed and standardized football.
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  • Grammar work 4.Original: You may speak both English and Chinese at the meeting. Correct: You may speak either English or Chinese at the meeting. 5.Original: These boys not only play football very well, but rugby. Correct: These boys not only play football, but play rugby as well/too. 6.Original: James is not a good player as his father. Correct: James is not as good a player as his father is. 7.Original: Either Tom and Jim has your pen. Correct: Either Tom or Jim has your pen.
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  • Word formation Answe