Unit1 Someone Waiting P1 Listening and Speaking Activities P2 Reading Comprehension and language...

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Transcript of Unit1 Someone Waiting P1 Listening and Speaking Activities P2 Reading Comprehension and language...

  • Unit1 Someone WaitingP1 Listening and Speaking ActivitiesP2 Reading Comprehension and language ActivitiesP3 Extended Activities

  • P1 Listening and Speaking Activities1.Introduction of the functions2.Listen and speak3.Try to speak more4.make your own dialogue5.what are they for?6.If you want to learn more

  • P1 Listening and Speaking Activities

    Talk about your impressions of the following people:(1)your college president(2)a local political figure(3)a well-known pop star

  • Respond to the following questions(1)What do you think of ?(2)How does his performance strike you?(3)Are you impressed with his/her speech?

  • Learn the following functional sentences(1) Sometimes he seems strange, doesnt he?(2)We are impressed by his speech.(3)His new hairstyle looks awful, but his performance is wonderful.

  • 2 Listen and speakListen to the conversation

  • Listen and speakListen to the conversation and choose the correct answer to each question.

    Turn to p. 1, and lets listen. 1.What is Sue doing? b2.According to Linda, Michael .a3.Sue likes Michael because .a4.What does Linda think of Michael? c

  • Learn the following expressions;See somebody off: say goodbye to somebodyTurn up: arriveLet somebody down: disappoint somebodyHes nowhere to be found: people cant find himOh, that sounds interesting: Sue shows reserved disagreement in opinion

  • Make a similar conversationA greet BB Greet A. Ask if Tom has come.A Say no. Complain that Tom is never on timeB Say many people are not impressed by him.A Tell B your impress of Tom: busy, running everywhere, knowing almost everyone, like a popular person.B Say you dont like Tom. Because he looks arrogantA Ask about Bs impression of Tom as a monitor.B A good monitor in general but not considerate.A Say it sounds true.B Say its time to leave, you cant wait for Tom any longer.A Hi B. Fancy meeting you here.B Hi A. Has he come yet?A Not. You know Tom is never on time. Im afraid we have to wait for him.B Seems that many people are not impressed by him. A Really? But he seems to me that he is a busy guy, running everywhere, knowing almost everyone. He is like a popular personB Oh, come on, B! I dont like him. He always looks arrogant.A How does he strike you as a monitor?B It seems to me that he is a good monitor in general, but not considerate enough.A That sounds true.B Oh, its 10:30. We cant wait for Tom any longer. Lets go. A

  • 4 Make your own dialogue Suppose it is your first day at college. You and your partner meet at lunch and talk about your impressions of your new teacher, Mr. Johnson. Make a dialogue using the following cues.

  • A: Ask how B feels about his/her first day at school. B: Quite good. Ask about As impression of the new teacher.A: Dont know him well. Seems very nice.B; Agree, having a good sense of humor.A: Agree, like telling jokes.B Say ,second year students say hes strict. Sometimes even rude.A: Say its only words by mouth, have to find the truth by ourselves.B: Agree, wait and see.A: Say, anyway, you like his lecture very Instructive and not boringA: Hello, B. Fancy meeting you here How do you feel your first day at school?B: Its quite good, What do you think of Mr. Smith, our new teacher?A : I dont know him well. He seems very nice.B: Yes, he does. He seems having a good sense of humor.A: You are right, he likes telling jokes.B: But the second year students say hes strict, sometimes even rude.A: Oh, come on, B. dont believe gossipYou heard. Its only words of mouth, We have to find the truth by ourselves.B: Yes, you are right . Lets wait and see.A: Anyway, I like his lecture which is very Instructive and not boring. B: Me too. But he doesnt seem to be very experiencedhe did not even to introduced himself.

  • Talk on the pictureDraft answers to the following questions1.How does the picture strike you?2.Why is the man half-kneeling?3.What does the man seem to be doing? Readjusting his luggage or doing something else?4.Where is he and why is he there?5.Does he seem to be leaving or he just arrived?

  • Vocabulary for reference(1)Lampost (2) pavement (3) suitcase(4) backpack (5) bulging (6) overstuffed(7) traffic (8) roadside (9)Searching the suitcase for something (10)oblivous to the busy traffic on the street(11)on the journey

  • Text Someone Waiting1.Pre-reading Tasks2.Comprehension work3. Language work4. Translationnext

  • Discuss the following questions:1.How do you feel when you, after long journey, see somebody waiting for you at the railway station?2 . Which words or phrases can apply to your feeling if someone see you off when you left for college?

    Nervous upset sad mixed feeling

  • The lesson that the narrator learn from her experience of waiting for her flight at the airport:Those little things such as seeing someone off or meeting somebody at the airport are important moments in life. They reflect deed love between human beings. 2. Life is just like a journey, dying is not frightening any more with someone to see you off or meet with you at the other end. Yes. Our uncertainties aboutThe unknown future are always a source of fear in our life. We will feel much better about our life if we know someone dear to us is always with us.

  • Notes:boarding: getting on an airplane. Usually, passengers should first check in and then take a boarding card which indicates the seat number of the airplane.The moment is charged: the moment is loaded with emotion.Poignant: giving you feeling of sadnessThe arrivals folds into the mix of people: The arrivals come into the crowdsand join the waiting people as if different cooking ingredient were being mixed up.The expression fold in/into was originally used in cooking to mean to blend cooking ingredients into a mixture by gentle turning.5. Because the ones I love have a different schedule from mine: the ones refer to the narrators husband and her daughter, neither of whom is seeing her off at the moment she is leaving.6. backpack: a sack or pack to be carried on ones back during a trip.7. oblivious; not noticing something or knowing about it8. carry-on: luggage carried on the plane by the passengers9. newlywed: a man or a woman who has not been married for very long

  • Study the following words and expressions:

    1.head toward: To move in a directione.g. When the rescue operation began, military troops immediately headed toward the earthquake site.2. Pick up: go to a place to take someone homee.g; Since her child is still in the kindergarten, the mother must go there to pick him up. 3. be supposed to: expect to doe.g: Its after three oclock now. But she was supposed to meet me here at two aclock..

  • 4 intense: adj. having a very strong effect or felt very stronglye.g. The pain was so intense that I couldn't sleep. He took an intense interest in all religious matters. a look of intense dislike 5.wrap: v.a) to cover sth completely in paper or other material b) to put sth firmly around sth/sbe.g. He spent the evening wrapping up the Christmas presents.A scarf was wrapped around his neck.

  • 6.embrace: a) v. hugb) n. the act of holding someone close to you, especially as a sign of lovee.g. 1.The child embraced his parents2.She gave her son a tender brace when he came home after ten years' absence. give sb an embrace7.glanceat sth: take a quick look at sthe.g. 1.She glanced along the road to see if he was coming.2.The Personnel Manager glanced down the list of names of the applicants.

  • 8.oblivious: adj.~ (of/to sth) not aware of sth; not noticing/not knowing aboute.g. She was oblivious to our warnings.She gradually became oblivious to the noise.

    9.capture: to succeed in recording, showing, or describing a situation or feeling, using words or picturese.g. The article captured the mood of the nation. In his traveling report, he tried to capture the beauty of the Great Waterfalls.

  • 10.out of place: adv. a) not in the correct placeb) not suitable for a particular situatione.g. 1.Some of these files seem to be out of place. 2.Her remarks were out of place.3.I felt completely out of place among all these successful people.

  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • 1. Describe the acts of love in sufficient detail as noticed or experienced by the narrator in the story. a_____________________________________________________________b_____________________________________________________________c____________________________________________________________d_____________________________________________________________e_____________________________________________________________f_____________________________________________________________g_____________________________________________________________h_____________________________________________________________2. Describe the acts of love in sufficient detail as observed or experienced by you in your life. a_____________________________________________________________b_____________________________________________________________c_____________________________________________________________d_____________________________________________________________e_____________________________________________________________f_____________________________________________________________g_____________________________________________________________h_____________________________________________________________

  • Unit One

  • Someone Waiting

  • Worksheet 1

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  • Work with your partner on any one of the following topics.

    What is your impression of the scenic spot in the picture?

  • What is your impression of the students dormito