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1. @GwynethJonesThe Daring Librarian Tweet Like a Ninja Education Edition In 6 Easy Steps! 2. Twitter: Profound and Rich Global Professional Development & Community Building Tool @GwynethJones The Daring Librarian 3. Global @GwynethJones The Daring Librarian Community Builder #DescribeTwitterIn3Wor ds 4. Effective content sharing tool 5. Effective communication tool 6. Effective connecting tool 7. A tool that should be wielded with precision, 8. No matter if you join Twitter 9. No matter if you join Twitter 10. No matter if you join Twitter to share content, 11. Or build a personal learning network or PLN Or build a personal learning network or PLN 12. You can Tweet like a Ninja 6 In Easy steps 13. Disclaimer: To quote the wise Dalton from the cinematic oeuvre that is Roadhouse, "Opinions vary These are my opinions and yours may 14. Drink deeply my friends A deep & swift moving river of ed tech conversation goodness Drink deeply my friends Twitter:Twitter:Twitter:Twitter: 15. Carve Your Place 1. 16. Claim your professional name 17. Establish your own web presence 18. With your own name & not a school based 19. The shorter the name the better Every character 20. *Sorry if that cut ya close not Having a last name like Jones meant that I had to use my full name Ex: @GwynethJones Claimed in 2009 before that I was @CaptRed & @Bronwynne It took me a while to go Transparent! 21. *Sorry if that cuts ya close not If your real name is taken try: ItsYourName MrYourName MsYourName TheYourName MsYourNameClass TheRealYourName WhatYourNameSaid TweetingWithYourName FirstNameMiddleInitalLastName, Etc. Try to avoid numbers, Ex. Gwyneth87 Thats so 2001, AOL, & Geocities!* 22. *Sorry if that cut ya close not Avoid having your name tied to your work, school, or district. Ex: @MHMSEngish What if you build a following & then 23. *Sorry if that cut ya close not Avoid having your name tied to your family or children. Ex: @CalebsMommy Thats NOT professional 24. No one is an island. Dont protect your Tweets 25. Protected Tweets dont build bridges or a PLNBut I do realize that some schools or districts 26. Break that Twitter Egg 27. Upload a picture or avatar to represent 28. Not a group shot 29. Not your pets or your kids. You. 30. The profession al you. 31. Write a positive, professional, & fun, profile description 32. Include: Your title, level, area of interest, awards, certification, & 1 or 2 33. Doting wife & mommy of 3 adorbs kids, president of the fascist vegan tattoo club, & Satanist. ELA MS NoNo 34. HS English & Google Certified Teacher. Viner, Makerspace Maven, ISTE YEN, Kayaker, & Whovian YES 35. Think of Twitter like a dinner party, don't lead with politics or religion 36. Why risk alienating anyone from the get go? 37. Create a cool Twitter header graphic & Background 38. Your Free Professional Billboard with Personality! Cool Twitter Header & Background 39. Directions, dimensions, templates, & graphic design tips can be found on my blog! Google: Are you ready for the New Twitter Daring 40. Location, Location, Location! Not your street address but how about your city 41. Tweet globally, represent regionally, & connect locally Not your street address but how about your city 42. The Missing Link Link to your school webpage, blog, FB, or G+, something! 43. Profile Pic /Avatar of You Cool Twitter Header Your Real Name Positive Profile Real Location Recap 44. Twitter Tips That Show True Ninja Style & Technique! 45. And now for some not so pretty, maybe a little gritty 46. Real Tweet screenshot examples & informative slides 47. Killer Anatomy 2. 48. Reply Re-Tweet Favourit e Picture orAvatar Tweet Link RealNameTwitterName Hashtag More Send DM Embed Tweet Block/Report Anatomy of a TweetBy @GwynethJones Mention Expand Follow Lists 49. Follow wisely 3. 50. Find someone you respect & admire 51. And then follow who they follow! 52. Check out their lists & follow Those on it, too! 53. The Art of the Follow 54. Tweet With Technique 4. 55. Automatic ReTweets Dont Start Conversatio ns But they are a quick & expedient way to share 56. When you auto RT people get a small notification like Theyre always appreciated but mix it up a bit! 57. If you ReTweet, Always give credit & attribution 58. A direct quote RT will be seen in their @mention Twitter stream 59. As of April 6th Retweet with comment allows users to embed a Tweet in their own Tweets, which lets them get around Twitter's 140-character limit when they write their own commentary. 60. How to ReTweet 61. Mobile Quote Tweet 62. Quotes can also designate an RT but its best to add your 2 63. An RT with your 2 = added content & is a conversatio n starterIts a responsive & friendly interaction 64. Its can be as simple as, YES! Or, I agree! 65. Adding your opinion both shares + creates a 66. Pro Tip: Actually look at the link before you RT 67. Tweeting with via still gives credit but lets the 68. If you edit or change the Tweet for size or brevity you should add MT = Modified Tweet 69. See the original Tweet & observe the edit Sometimes you want to share but you need to short 70. MT Changes: Sneak Peek! Googles NEW iPhone Calendar App w/ Gmail, Photos, & Maps I used a Goog.l URL Shortener & took out the small group #njed & added the larger group #EdChatPs. Jimmy didnt really write tha 71. Consider using the vertical space, each 72. But dont overdo it or use excessive exclamations !!s like me & Elaine Bennis! 73. Youre My Favorite! 74. A favorite is a virtual bread crumb 75. A favorite is a bookmark 76. A favorite is a quiet like 77. A favorite is an endorsement 78. People can see what you favorite & vice versa 79. Keep it short 80. Tweets with less than 100 characters get 17% more engagement and RTs = 94 Characters 81. It also leaves people room to comment = 94 Characters 82. Tech Legend & Expert Tweeter Guy Kawasaki = 87 Characters 83. Picture this 84. Tweets with images get twice the RTs 85. Pin it! 86. You can now pin 1 Tweet at the top of your timeline Pin it! 87. Pinning allows you to showcase chosen content at the top of Pin it! 88. Adding a photo with that Tweet gives it even more impact! Pin it! 89. 1.Choose a Tweet you would like to pin 2.Click on the three dots 3.Select Pin to your profile page 4.Choose View Pin 5.The Tweet will now Pin it! 90. Use Real Words 91. Avoid Text, Chat, or Leet Speak 92. Though space is tight with 140 characters, try to avoid leet or text speakThx 4 ur gr8 tools to exp. what #K12 do 4 my @edwebnet webinar = 64/140 93. I'm in @ s grad class looking 2 connect w/ #tlchat 4 adv twrd running a sccsful Ssblog Though space is tight with 140 characters, try to avoid leet or text speak 94. Huh?! 95. If it takes 2-3 readings to decode the Tweet you will annoy some people. 96. Guy Kawasaki doesnt use leet or text speak 97. Tweet generously 5. 98. Be Thankful 99. When someone shares a Tweet or content of yours 100. Its really nice to thanks for an RT, mention, or kind words 101. Its good to be thankful. Being thankful creates PLN goodwill & builds relationships 102. Smart associations, companies, or groups will 103. Its good FREE PR for companies who thank for an 104. People who Tweet OUT but dont Tweet TO or WITH their followers, are just not getting it. Twitter is a conversation. 105. When someone mentions you in a #FF - Follow Friday, or a must follow, 106. @TheArtGuy only follows 100 people Im honored to be one of them! 107. Pay it forward 108. For every self- promotional Tweet ex: latest blog post or a link to your content Pay it Forward and 109. Quotes can also designate an RT Ok, that was a little bit gushy! But it *was* a cool tree & she did leave a comment on my blog! 110. Sometimes it turns into a bit of a love fest. And thats OK. 111. Killer conversations 6. 112. In summary, that was a Thanks for an RT, a quick convo, & a pay it forward blog comment! 113. Sometimes an RT with a comment can lead to a conversation, a new resource, & a new PLN friend! 114. Twitter names are very specific, get it wrong and it wont show up in their Twitter stream & theyll never know! Tweeting to someone? Get their name right or else they wont see it 115. Google will help you with spelling! Thank you, Google! 116. I had NO idea I was mentioned, until I searched Pinterest Problem? 117. Add the state, city, or country if you need to! 118. subject, level, or topic targeted LIVE Twitter chat 119. Every day, every week, & all month, there are literally HUNDREDS of live Twitter chats for #TLChat 2nd Monday of the month 120. Look at how many Education Hashtags there are! Thanks, Jerry Blumengarten aka @CybraryMan1! 121. Share informatio n thats personal but not private 122. Personal info makes you human, private info makes 123. Deep Thoughts from John Mayer 124. Deep Thoughts from a Kardashian 125. Dont Curse or RT an F-Bomb Bosses or Potential Employers Could See That! You are what you RT. Is that fair? Nope. But its a reality. 126. Likewise, Dont Drink & Tweet If you Tweet something inappropriate, you can and should, DELETE it. But remember, it WAS out 127. What is YOUR Twitter formula ? 128. Connect with your followers ! Create a conference badge with your Twitter profile 129. The Power of the Hashtag 130. A Hashtag is a search filt