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Tweet, Post, Like, Share, REPEATNovember 17, 2014@NikkiSunstrum@NikkiSunstrum

@UMich Director of Social MediaFormer State of Michigan @MIGov SM CoordinatorB.S. in PoliSci & M.A. in EdSkilled in making dull things interestingMaster manipulator of content & small childrenFormer Elected official Throws parades for fun#UMSocial

92,800+ Followers @UMich

627,150 Followers /universityofmichigan

45,357 Followers @UofMichigan

17,0424 Followers /uofmichigan3000+ Followers @UofMichigan

7,051 Followers @UMich

55,943 Followers /universityofmichiganLinkedin EDU 269,197

6,556 Followers +universityofmichiganHow we stack up

Most influential college in social media Most engaged college in social media

Most influential on Facebook Most influential on Instagram

Most influential on Twitter

Most influential on Linkedin

University to use Snapchat

#11 #3#2#5#2#5How students use social

So you want to do social?

The Stats1 in 4 people use social networking sites

Globally, in 2012 over 1.73B registered users of social By 2017 2.55B

73% of adults are using social media 56% in America

43% of senior citizens in the U.S. now use social media

There are now more smart devices than people

57% of people are talking more online than they do in real life

Nearly two-thirds of Americans sleep with their cell phones

SOCIAL MEDIA IS NOT NEWTweeting the ninety-five thesesThe way in which we get our point across has changed, not the concept or necessity of information distribution.


Customer Service

Promotion and Marketing


Be InsightfulWho, what, when, where, why?

Im here, now what?Assessing sentimentIdentifying influencers

Studying successComparing like minds

Look at the bigger picture

Assess long term strategy

Embrace collaborative opportunities

CONTENT OVERCREATION@ArionTSun why do you keep putting the poop emoji on everything? Its weird.

ATS: What? Thats chocolate ice cream! #kidswithtech #fail

How students use social

Change the world, one #hashtag at a timeInnovateCollaborateStreamlineProvide ValueBuild a Toolbox

Posting Date: 4/23/14Posting Time:1:00pmReach:16,944Post Clicks:1,375Likes:236Comments:33Shares:22Primarily dominated by appreciative comments, with some out of state input for comparative rewards

Posting Date: 4/16/14Posting Time:11:00amReach:22,256Post Clicks:1,442Likes:532Comments:37Shares:77Only a couple of negative comments, primarily dominated by constructive discussion between audience members Posting Date: 4/10/14Posting Time:11:00amReach:21,616Post Clicks:1,903Likes:172Comments:41Shares:31Many people commented on this post with their appreciation for aid, others about how they were unfairly unqualified. 2nd most popular, most comments.If the goal is followers

Focus on your strengths

Identify where your audience is

Drive the message

Engage, Inform, Educate


But first, Let Mary Sue take a #selfie.Almost 400 retweets and 476 favorites3X larger reach than any other piece of content produced in the past month. Most liked photo Instagram photo ever, earned it a spot on the Popular page for over an hour. Organically app in the newsfeed of over 100,000 Facebook users, resulting in 4,091 likes and 416 shares.29Bottom LineGreat social is about seizing the available opportunity to elevate the perception of your programs and overall success.


1,524 UsesTotal Reach 2,397,2002,893 Likes2,893 Retweets Pin Me

Snap Me

SNAP to the #Victors

5 Hours150 Submissions100 New Followers1000+ Views per SnapInnovation


Leveraging Success

Promoting a unified message

LETS GET REALWho are you online?Over 90% of employers will Google youTwitter is NOT the water coolerGrammar matters outside the classroomDont take your LinkedIn photo in the bathroom mirrorShare information with a purposeNetwork strategicallyPrivacy settings are there for a reason

Who do you want to be?Your digital footprint will last a lifetimeThe Library of Congress has been cataloging every tweet since 2010Even Snapchat was subject to the FTCSocial Media can get you firedDifferentiate between personal and professionalBe consistent

Its still just marketingB2B, B2C and H2H: the what v. the howPeople require great contentTalk to them IRLEmotion sellsPut a face to your brandKill them with contentTarget and compelGive me a boostWho are you targeting?What is your desired outcome?Is your advertisement social?

Optimize for short attention spansMake them an offer they cant refuse

Words of Caution

Only connect with the intent to sellConnect but never interactSpamCopy and paste across networksForget who you are and why you are hereEstablish Rules of EngagementPolicyStyle, Images, ContentCommunity RulesDisclaimersFOIA

There is no expectation of privacyConfidential information, defamatory or derogatory postingsReinforce proper usage, activities, professionalism, no advertisingTAKE AWAYSThe method is new, not the conceptWe cant all be red skittlesEmbrace opportunities for collaborationDont get caught thinking poop is ice creamRunning with a bed sheet sells nothingTAKE AWAYSNever underestimate the power of strategyMake sure everyone is on the same page, literally.Put the proper resources in place for successCompose guidelines and set expectations Evaluate, measure and renew