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1 WSEMA Conference September 2013
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1WSEMA ConferenceSeptember 201312

Like, Share, Follow, Tweet23Social Media in the Puget Sound

3What is FirstToSee ?Designed and architected as a regional systemA Smartphone App to report incident information to a responderTrusted usersThe publicA System to filter social media for incident informationPresents data in a mapPresents data in a tabular view

44Smartphone AppSubmit a report of what you see:CategoryDescriptionPhotosLocation (x,y)Email confirmation that the report was receivedAgency (person) is emailed that a report has been submitted (by geography)

5The FirstToSee App

5The Smartphone AppiPhone and Android

Submit a report in 4 clicks


6FirstToSee System


Your Agencys Secure System Accessto View Reports and Tweets7Report Incidents in a Map View


8Report Incidents in Tabular View9

9Common Situational Awareness

Smartphone app and social media reportsTurn on or off layers of information, including buckets1010How Data is Categorized and FilteredIn Twitter, only view tweets about WAPre-plan Rivers and Buckets for drops (tweets)

FirstToSee will sort/filter drops into the buckets

11RIVER (media, agencies)BUCKETSFloodTrappedInjured



Create and List Rivers and BucketsView and manage drops.12

Step 713The System Architecture

FirstToSee AppFirstToSee Map InterfaceFirstToSee SystemCrowdMapSwiftRiverSocial MediaPublic & Trusted UsersDatabaseCloudTechnologyWeb Page14

Your Incident Command System

There are four ways to input data into the FirstToSee system:

The Smartphone app

From Twitter or RSS feed

A Web page interface for reports


Incident data can be viewed in tabular form as well as in a common map interface.14FirstToSee System ComponentsAmazon Web Services15The TechnologyCombination of smartphone technology with current open source tools. Can be integrated existing emergency management solutions to provide greater situational awareness.

16Smartphone App

Allows port users, from longshoremen to the general public to submit geo-tagged suspicious activity and damage assessments

Social Media Aggregator Ushahidis SwiftRiver

Gathers and maps photos and information sent out via social media and RSS feeds

Open source tools allow the system to be integrated with an Agencys incident management system or standalone as an easy to use incident management tool. The software is hosted on Amazon Cloud Services.

An important note is that CrowdMap has become an easy tool for the responders to use to get reports from the web and view data in a map. Use of Crowdmap during Sandy was creative and useful. Data from a crowdmap can be added to the situational map.1617



19-- QUICK BREAK --2020The Everett ExerciseAt the Everett EOCIncident commander, 3 staff18 trusted users195 reports filed, 300 tweetsFeedback:Easy to use submit a report, suggested changesMap and tabular display helped keep data organizedConclusions:Assign PIO/Ops to watch incoming data, no new staffWill be more immediate informationTrusted users will be important21

21FirstToSee Phase IIAdd video uploadsBuild redundancy and cybersecurity componentsSystem enhancements to all more filtering and other data segregating toolsAdvanced natural language translationMarketing to the PublicAllow agencies outside of WA to use the system

2222Thank You to Advisory Board PartnersUS Coast GuardPort of EverettEverett Emergency ManagementWA Fusion CenterPort of Bellingham

WA Ports AssociationJHOCWSDOT FerriesPNWERPierce County

2323System Governance24Ready to expand the Advisory BoardAll participating agenciesInfluence future direction of the system and appGovernance on policies and practiceParticipate in Phase II implementation24ImplementationInvite emergency response agenciesSend email to Eric Holdeman, view FirstToSee.orgPoint of contact for each agency to:Sign up trusted users and Receive incident reportsSign agency agreementEach agency is responsible for their own data & PRRNo agency liabilityParticipate in Advisory Board Governance meetingsTraining online or on-site

2525Cost to Use FirstToSeeDevelopment has been funded by FEMA Port Security Grant, FY08, Enhancing Maritime Security by Engaging Emergency Preparedness/Response Partners and the Public Through Social Media ApplicationsSustainmentPierce County will continue to supportFuture costs will be agency data storage and requested enhancements (or in Phase II) 2626Benefits from FirstToSeeEasy to use systemManage and use social media data during emergenciesTrusted users add valuable reportsGreater situational awareness, avoid rumorsMap and tabular display of dataRegional perspectiveLow to no costMore eyes on incident, immediate feedbackTrain the public to identify and report needed info

272728More Info on the FirstToSee.org site