Turkey Uprising

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PowerPoint Show by Andrew Turn on Speakers

Civilians reclaimed Turkey from their own military after helping to end coup to overthrow ruling President Erdogan.

Ordinary Turks confronted rifle-wielding soldiers and laid in front of tanksin an effort to take back control of country.

Some 104 plotters were killed, while 160 people - at least 41 of them police officers and 47 civilians - fell as 'martyrs'.

Erdogan has told civilians to 'keep on owning the streets' over fears that renewed military action could flare up.

At least 1,500 are wounded in the bloody uprising as Erdogan supporters clashed with the military rebels on Friday

Turkish civilians throw a tarpaulin over a tank to stop it from seizing control of key locations in Ankara.

One man throws himself onto the front of a moving tank. Supporters played a key role in stopping the military from taking control.

Supporters of Erdogan ambush a tank as it attempts to seize ground in Turkey's capital city of Ankara.

A man lays down in front of a tank on the approach to Ataturk airport in Istanbul as citizens took to the streets to oppose the military coup.

The man then stood up and took off his shirt in an effort the prevent the tank from taking position in the airport.

The police siege around the building of the General Staff, held by coup plotters who are in the process of negotiating their surrender.

Civilians take cover outside the building of the General Staff, held by coup plotters who are in the process of surrendering to police officers.

Civilians help police officers to arrest soldiers at Taksim Square in Istanbul after ordinary Turks helped to stop the attempted coup.

Clothes and weapons belonging to soldiers involved in the coup attempt that have now surrendered lie on the ground abandoned on Bosphorus Bridge.

People gather for celebration around Turkish police officers, loyal to the government, standing atop tanks abandoned by Turkish army officers.

A Turkish policeman and other people stand atop of a military vehicle in Ankara after crushing the rebellion.

Ordinary Turks confronted rifle-wielding soldiers, climbed atop tanks and laid in front of military vehicles in an effort to take back control of the country.

People climb on tanks after around a hundred soldiers occupying Bosphorus Bridge surrendered in Istanbul, Turkey.

Civilians launch an attack on an armored police car carrying Turkish soldiers who participated in the coup against President Erdogan.

A soldier cowers as he is confronted by plain-clothes police officers and civilians after the military surrenderedon Bosphorus Bridge.

Soldiers, who surrendered following the defeat of last night's attempted coup, are loaded onto a bus following their arrest by police officers and civilians.

People shout at the soldiers involved in the coup attempt who have surrendered on Bosphorus Bridge following their surrender.

More than 2,800 rebels have been detained after their failed military coup that killed at least 250 as Turkish President Erdogan vows revenge.

A Turkish civilian whips soldiers with his belt after they surrendered to police onBosphorus Bridge.

A civilian punches a Turkish soldier who took part in the failed military coup as he is led away by police having surrendered.

Police officers arrest a soldier after he was attacked by a mob of civilians following the surrender of 100 rebels on Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul.

A soldier lies dead underneath rubble following the defeat of a military coup by Turkey's army to overthrow President Erdogan.

A young girl joins police officers loyal to President Erdogan atop a tank abandoned by military personnel who surrendered.

People wave national flags as they march from Kizilay square to Turkish General Staff building to react against military coup attempt.

People celebrate on an abandoned military tank after they took over military position on the Bosphorus bridge in Istanbul.

People wave Turkish flags as they stand around the Republic Monument in Taksim Square in Istanbul, Turkey.