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  • 7/27/2019 The Uprising Finalized


    The Story of


  • 7/27/2019 The Uprising Finalized



    Chapter1: The Invasion

    1.1 Humble Beginnings 1.2 The Landing

    1.3 Battle ofLal Pahar


    Chapter2: Habituation 2.1 Silent Cartographers

    2.2 Time

    2.3 Growing Deviance

    2.4 Hope

    Chapter3: Secrets

    3.1 Realization 3.2 The Imperius Curse

    3.3 Houses of Tembusu

    Chapter4: The Fellows

    Chapter5: The Prophecy

    Chapter6: The Uprising

  • 7/27/2019 The Uprising Finalized


    IChapter1: Invasion

    Humble beginnings

    Hidden in the world of Arda is a magical place named Tembusu home of the

    Browns. Exactly why Tembusu was magical was something that nobody, not even

    the Browns, had actually established. Not formally at least.

    Perhaps it is the crisp, clean air that greets you every day; perhaps the pure,

    sparkling water; or perhaps it was the people warm, friendly, and welcoming to

    everybody who came.

    The rest of Arda was sparsely populated. Tembusu was the only visible sign of

    civilization in the explored parts of the planet. Immense segments of Arda remained

    untouched, simply because what resources the Browns had was plentiful and

    sufficient to sustain them.

    They were highly intelligent beings, but the Browns were not the only ones that

    lived on Arda. There were a few other races that dwelled in small numbers on the

    resource rich planet. However, instead of typically marginalizing and governing

    these minority races, the Browns included them in their society, and they bonded

    together as one cohesive community. Everyone was happy and content the

    harmonious equilibrium that existed in Tembusu was indeed sui generis.

  • 7/27/2019 The Uprising Finalized


    The Landing

    One night, a night that seemed like any other night, there was a bright flash in the

    sky one quite unlike those meteors or comets that occasionally passed by. This one

    was different it lasted longer; it was brighter too, and had a strange after-glow to


    As the Guardians neared Arda, they huddled together in the assembly room of the

    Albatross. It was an ancient ritual that had been practiced before every invasion

    theyd embarked upon. This wasnt any different, except maybe the stakes were

    higher. As the Albatross elegantly floated through Ardas outer sphere and into the

    stratosphere, the green and brown land was easily visible from the blue bodies of


    Slightly less than a month ago, the Guardians had commissioned the Albatross a

    state of the art battleship with unmatched capabilities across the known universe.

    Arda had recently been discovered by one of the Guardians Scouts. It was a rare

    find. So many minerals and in such vast quantities, particularly vauxite. Vauxite was

    depleting rapidly due to its intense mining in the other Guardian kingdoms; andthey were desperate to replenish their reserves.

    Capturing Arda was classified high priority. The Guardians had no idea if the

    creatures on Arda were intelligent beings or would bow down. But failure was not

    an option, not this time. The decision was made to err on the side of caution and the

    Albatross was built specifically for this mission.

    Tembusus vauxite fields sparkled in the sun. The massive ship slowed down and

    docked itself on a plateau the vertical take-off and landing gear scorching the

    grass in four neat, circular patches. After a cursory scan for hostiles, the Guardians


    They savoured the environment. Inhaling air that could actually be described as

    beautiful, they basked in the soothing ambient temperature. There was not a soul to

    be seen for miles. The Guardians exited the Albatross and brought out their mobile

    command base, the Ranger.

    Chapter1: Invasion


  • 7/27/2019 The Uprising Finalized


    Vendetta, the head of the Guardians contingent directed his elite guards to pile into

    the Ranger. According to the report from their scouts, there was an academy where

    the largest community of Arda resided. It had an odd name Tembusu.

    Decrypting the name was not foremost on Vendettas mind. With a glance at

    Albatross, he directed his men towards Tembusu and the Ranger silently moved off,

    a barely-noticeable dust trail in its wake.

    Chapter1: Invasion


  • 7/27/2019 The Uprising Finalized


    Battle of Lal Pahar

    There were signs after that night. An odd sense of foreboding was brooding in the

    hearts and minds of the Browns. Not even a day had gone by before the Ranger

    entered Tembusu Academy. Confirming the scouts report and map sketches,

    Vendetta directed his reinforcements towards a rendezvous point just outside


    It was an open grassy space flanked by a hill. The Browns had no weapons or

    ammunition. They came to what they knew as Town Green to see half a dozen

    airships flying in.

    The intruders wore a sort of armour that covered their faces with a ridiculous smile.

    Some of the more nave Browns had brought fruit and flowers to welcome the new


    Without any warning, Vendettas Guardians fired mercilessly A few Browns tried to

    run for shelter. But few escaped. The hill bordering Town Green was re-coloured

    crimson red, henceforth to be known as Lal Pahar, or Red Hill.

    Chapter1: Invasion


  • 7/27/2019 The Uprising Finalized



    Vendettas clean-up crew had the hardest job. Nevertheless, by dawn, the Town

    Green had been restored. It looked as if nothing had ever taken place there. Except

    that something had.

    While clean-up operations were on-going, the scouts were scouring the rest of Arda.

    Throughout the rest of the night, they patrolled and rounded up the rest of the

    inhabitants that were living in secluded pockets of the planet the fortunate ones.

    They were brought down to the study, where Vendetta was lazily browsing

    Brownian literature. As the door of the reading room opened, Vendetta cursorily

    glanced upwards. Ten creatures stood before him. None of them was a Brown.

    His second in command handed him a clipboard with the list of races: Bloodelf,

    Beast, Naturekin, Warlock, High Elf, Shifter, Ogre, Orc, Dwarf, Fallohide. He grinned,

    addressing them.

    Their lives would be spared if they managed Arda for the Guardians.

    Chapter1: Invasion


  • 7/27/2019 The Uprising Finalized


  • 7/27/2019 The Uprising Finalized


    IIChapter2: Habituation

    Silent Cartographers

    The Ranger nestled into the vehicle bay of the Albatross. Vendetta dismounted,

    strutted off, while the rest of his guardsmen scuttled to their posts. Motioning to the

    pilot, he swiped in his arm in a circular motion, signaling that it was time to return

    back to headquarters. As the engines revved and the ship began to ascend gently,

    Vendetta allowed himself a smile of triumph. He felt reinvigorated by his latest


    Dawn was approaching. The unforgiving rays of the sun were penetrating Tembusu.

    An eerie sound resonated from somewhere. It seemed to be coming from the link-

    bridge. The link-bridge connected the Academy to its Great Hall. Some rolls of paper

    were levitating at the edge of the bridge. Upon closer inspection, the Ogre

    proclaimed that it contained Vendettas instructions.

    The paper showed the locations of Tembusus numerous vauxite mines. However, it

    wasnt as easy as it seemed. Accessibility to the mines was restricted. In order to

    gain access to the mines, they could take only certain routes deemed safe by

    Vendettas scouts. They had until sundown to hand over the vauxite daily.


  • 7/27/2019 The Uprising Finalized



    Was a routine. Waking up to the eerie sound that signaled the scrolls were ready;

    collecting that damned piece of paper; letting it dictate the rest of the day. The days

    seemed longer and nights seemed shorter. The sound had become a beckoning.

    However, as time passed, the survivors found what the scouts had missed. More of

    their own. More of each of their races in small pockets of land around the unexplored

    parts of Arda. Eventually, they too were integrated into their respective clans and

    the races began to grow.

    The Guardians didnt bother this just meant more vauxite each day. As the

    survivors got better and better at mining, they often met their daily quota before

    sunset, and they gradually began to end their daily labour whilst it was still bright.

    Days slowly started to show glimpses of life.

    Chapter2: Habituation


  • 7/27/2019 The Uprising Finalized


    Growing Deviance

    Unrest was brewing. With more time to talk, people started getting ideas. And ideas

    were dangerous. The Shifters had everything to do with it. They had invited

    everyone to be present in the Great Hall for a town meeting, just like the old days,

    like the Browns used to do it.

    The leader of the Shifters glid to the front. As she cleared her throat, silence fell. She

    began by thanking everyone in a shrill voice before slipping into a muttered

    monotone. The crux of her speech revolved around increasing the combined vauxite

    output to amass goodwill with the Guardians.

    Unfolding a piece of pape