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  • 1. Autobiography of

2. A story about a girl who is still discovering her identity but has made it through some of life's hardships and lives with the hope of making a difference in the life of someone.
3. Birth History
Born at Victoria hospital
Parents lived in Castries and had lost their first boy the year before.
4. Nuclear Family
Mother: PatriciaFerdinand
Father: Hubert Ferdinand
Two sisters: Tasha and Tessa Ferdinand
5. education
I attended the Desruisseaux Combined School and later succeeded in the Common Entrance Exam and went to Vieux Fort Comprehensive Secondary School. In 2007 I decided to pursue the A-Level programme at V.F.C.S.S. Presently attending the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College.
Best friends at A-Level
6. Life as a Teacher
I first taught at the Blanchard Combined School for a term.
Then I spent a year at the Ti-Rocher Micoud Combined School.
Grade Two at Ti- Rocher
7. What life means to me
Life is unpredictable in nature but in no way should one walk around all gloomy worrying about the unpredictable and when the unpredictable happens you deal with it as it comes. In the meantime, I choose to focus on the present and make the best of it or at least try. So I smile when someone smiles back andI pray when I think no one has my back, hoping that the good Lord hears and indeed he hears.
8. The Hopeful Future
In the next ten years I hope to be financially independent and have a simple but beautiful blue house. Ill be overjoyed to have a beautiful baby boy. God will decide on the husband but for now a prediction cannot really be made.
9. Video of my present life