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  1. 1. Meet Tricia Harris Sales Marketing Project Management Customer Service Team Leadership P & L Responsibility
  2. 2. Contact and explore opportunities with cold leads. Develop relationships and close warm leads. Manage requests for speakers, negotiate fees, and close sale. Accurately forecast opportunities. Uncover and understand the customers decision making process. Price international and domestic items ensuring timelines, price point, and margin goals are met. SALES
  3. 3. Perform research, discuss product solutions, and create delivery timelines. Draft pricing estimates, discussion documents and proposals. Create PowerPoint slides and supporting promotional materials as needed. Research prospective businesses and clients. Participate in and document C-suite sales calls in CRM. Coordinate internal meetings and investigate non-standard solutions as appropriate. Manage RFI/RFP responses and initial roll-out plans. Create and manage Non-Disclosure Agreements, Master Service Agreements, and Initial Statements of Work. Coordinate and co-lead the internal hand-off meeting to ensure the successful hand off and implementation. SALES SUPPORT
  4. 4. Maintain, and improve client relationships. Identified additional sales opportunities an proposed solutions. Request referrals and warm call new contacts within the client, introducing them to our services and products. Proactively monitored the client's organizational changes and initiatives. Resolve client concerns and complaints. ACCOUNT MANAGER
  5. 5. P & L Responsibility Led and collaborate with multiple departments to develop new product proposals. Present and persuade the Executive Committee to approve production of new products. Guide new and existing product development per customer needs. Manage and troubleshoot product issues. Write and produce promotional materials and website copy. Create and implement marketing plans. Stayed abreast of market trends including federal and state legislation in order to anticipate change and meet legislative mandates. Conduct competitive research and analysis. Managed customer issues. Train sales and customer service on product benefits and features. ASSOCIATE PRODUCT MANAGER
  6. 6. Coordinate with Marketing to plan lead capture for speaking events. Implement marketing plans, direct mail campaigns, trade show events and product marketing promotions. Represent and deliver Marketings point of view at meetings concerning products and policies. Create and develop all aspects of promotional materials including writing copy, specifying paper, managing designer, and obtaining manufacturing costs. Manage publication of yearly Education Assessment Catalog. Coordinate all aspects of national exhibits, conference events and other special event marketing functions. Create and manage timelines and budgets for multi-state seminars, virtual seminars and table top trade shows. Review and purchase mailing lists, coordinate design, print, and mail of direct-mail campaigns. Research and secure venues, arrange for appropriate catering and audiovisual equipment, coordinated materials and appropriate staff for event. Coordinate meetings to support the launch of new software products; an average of 15 meetings per year for three years for an average of 350 guests per meeting. MARKETING COORDINATOR
  7. 7. Manage open training sessionsP&L responsibilities. Build and cultivate positive relationships with clients and implementation teams. Manage and communicate project timelines and important deadlines to the client and internal teams--troubleshoot issues as required. Followed up with event contact and facilitators to ensure all was well and solicit testimonials when appropriate. Spent 4 weeks in Guangzhou, China managing a critical project. Work with client, China sourcing, testing, QC and India team to develop new products and programs. Track delivery and completion of pre-work, reports, and other promised deliverables. Produced invoices, contracts, provided invitations, confirmations, product overviews, and other support materials as required. PROJECT MANAGEMENT
  8. 8. Assisted with the transition from Profit Maker to SAP. Worked with consultants to implement changes to SAP. Identified requirements and specifications for a variety of configuration changes to SAP. Investigated reports of SAP issues and if necessary worked with consultants to make appropriate changes. Tested and validated changes to SAP were safe to move to the live system. Performed basic configuration in SAP. Worked with SAP tables to pull custom reports. OPERATIONS SPECIALIST
  9. 9. Create, provide, and present on-boarding materials to Revenue Storm employees in- person and via webinars. Developed curriculum and training materials for the SAP computer system. Planned, organized, and implemented SAP training on-site and via webinars for Imagemark employees. Developed the Sales Center Training Binder. TRAINING
  10. 10. Bachelor of Business, Western Illinois University Speakers Academy, NSA-IL EDUCATION
  11. 11. Most Valuable Team Player, Runner Up 2013 Strategic Achievement Reward September 1998 Strategic Achievement Reward March 1998 Outstanding Team Player 1994 Customer Service Representative of the Month December 1992 Customer Service Representative of the Month October 1992 HONORS
  12. 12. Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint COMPUTER COMPETENCIES COMPUTER EXPERIENCE SAP Great Plaines Lotus Notes and 1-2-3
  13. 13. IT WAS A PLEASURE TO MEET YOU Email: Cell: 414.759.4154