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    Tricia A. Seifert

    Adult & Higher Education 133 Reid Hall, Montana State University Bozeman, MT 59715 Email: Research blog: Youth outreach website: Twitter: @TriciaSeifert; @CdnStdntSuccess Facebook: Supporting Student Success DEGREE, UNIVERSITY, DEPARTMENT YEAR Ph.D., University of Iowa: Counseling, Rehabilitation & Student Development 2006 Supervisors: Ernest T. Pascarella and Paul D. Umbach M.S., Oregon State University: College Student Services Administration 2003 Supervisor: Jessica E. White B.A., Illinois Wesleyan University: Sociology and Political Science 1996 ACADEMIC AND PROFESSIONAL APPOINTMENTS 2015-present Associate Professor and Program Leader, Adult & Higher Education Montana State University 2014-2015 Assistant Professor, Adult & Higher Education Montana State University 2014-present Associate Professor (status-only), Leadership, Higher & Adult Education Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto 2009-2014 Assistant Professor, Leadership, Higher & Adult Education Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto 2007-2009 Postdoctoral Research Scholar, Center for Research in Undergraduate Education

    Adjunct Instructor, University of Iowa 2003-2006 Graduate Research Assistant, University of Iowa 2001-2003 Graduate Assistant, Office of Greek Life, Oregon State University 2000-2001 Associate Director of Residential Life, College of Santa Fe 1999-2000 Assistant Director of Residential Life, College of Santa Fe HONORS: ACADEMIC, SCHOLARLY AND PROFESSIONAL 2015 CACUSS Award of Honour, Canadian Association of College and University Student

    Services 2015 Distinguished Commission Directorate Member Award, ACPA, College Student

    Educators International 2015 Service to the Commission for the Global Dimensions of Student Development and to

    ACPA award, ACPA, College Student Educators International 2013 Nominated for David E. Hunt Award for Excellence in Graduate Education

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    HONOURS: ACADEMIC, SCHOLARLY AND PROFESSIONAL, continued 2012 Early Researcher Award, Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation 2011 Connaught New Researcher Award, University of Toronto 2010 Emerging Scholar Award, ACPA, College Student Educators International 2009 Oracle Research Article of the Year Award, Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors Co-authored with Ashley Asel and Ernest Pascarella 2006 2nd place James F. Jakobsen Conference, Social Sciences and Education division,

    University of Iowa 2005 Association for Institutional Research National Summer Data Policy Institute Fellowship 2005 2nd place Martin Luther King, Jr. Diversity Symposium, University of Iowa 2005 3rd place Martin Luther King, Jr. Diversity Symposium with Jerri Drummond,

    University of Iowa 2003 Norman K. Russell Scholarship, National Orientation Directors Association 2003 Iowa Student Personnel Association Scholar 2003 1st place Graduate Student Conference, Liberal Arts and Education

    Oregon State University 2002 2nd place in ACPA, College Student Educators International Case Study Competition

    with Nikki Perez 1996 B.A., magna cum laude, Sociology and Political Science, Illinois Wesleyan University SCHOLARLY AND PROFESSIONAL SERVICE ACTIVITIES 2015-present Associate Editor, International Research and Scholarship, Journal of College Student Development 2001-present ACPA, College Student Educators International

    Conference Planning committee (2015-2016) Faculty in Residence, Commission for Global Dimensions of Student Development (Summer 2012-2015) Commission for Assessment and Evaluation Commission for Professional Preparation Commission for Spirituality, Faith, Religion, and Meaning

    2014-2015 Conference Section Co-Chair, Association for the Study of Higher Education, International

    2009-2013 Editorial Board, Sociology of Education 2011-2013 Assistant Editor, New Directions for Institutional Research 2007-2013 Editorial Board, Journal of College Student Development 2012-2013 Conference Section Co-Chair, AERA Division J, Student Success and Outcomes

    Reviewer Journal of College Student Development, Sociology of Education, Research in Higher Education Journal of Higher Education, Education Evaluation and Policy Analysis, College Quarterly SIGNIFICANT UNIVERSITY SERVICE ACTIVITIES 2016 Presidential Task Force on Graduate Student Admissions & Degree Completion,

    Montana State University 2015-16 University Promotion and Tenure Committee, Montana State University

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    SIGNIFICANT UNIVERSITY SERVICE ACTIVITIES, continued 2015-16 University Planning Council, Montana State University 2015 Search committee, Non-Tenure-Track faculty member, Adult and Higher Education,

    Montana State University 2014-15 Honorary Doctorate Degree Committee, Montana State University 2014-15 UPdating Advising, Montana State University 2014-15 Phi Kappa Phi chapter at Montana State University 2014 Search committee, Open rank, Economics of Education, OISE 2014 Search committee, Open rank, Large Scale Data Analysis, OISE 2013 Member, Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education, University of

    Toronto 2012-14 Member, Departmental Curriculum Committee, OISE 2012 Search committee, Associate Dean, Research, OISE 2011 Search committee, Assistant/Associate Professor, Educational Administration, OISE 2010 Member, University of Toronto Job Satisfaction Survey Committee 2010 Member, Re-invisioning OISE Task Force SUPERVISIONS Completed In Progress A. DOCTORAL THESIS SUPERVISIONS 1 13 B. MASTER'S THESIS SUPERVISIONS 2 0 C. GRADUATE RESEARCH PROJECTS 6 0 D. DOCTORAL COMMITTEE MEMBERSHIPS 14 14 COURSES TAUGHT Graduate 1. Educators Search for Purpose and Meaning Montana State University: Spring 2016 2. International & Comparative Issues in Higher Education Montana State University: Spring

    2016 3. Quantitative Educational Research Montana State University: Fall 2015 4. Intermediate Statistics Montana State University: Fall 2015 5. College Students Montana State University: Spring 2015 6. Quantitative Research Process and Design - OISE: Fall 2009, 2011, 2012; Winter 2011

    University of Iowa: Spring 2007 7. Survey Methodology - OISE: Winter 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014 8. (Introduction to) Student Services Montana State University: Fall 2014

    OISE: Winter 2010, Summer 2012, 2013 University of Iowa: Fall 2007, 2008

    9. Recurring Issues in Postsecondary Education - OISE: 2010/11, Fall 2011, 2013 10. Engaging Issues in Postsecondary Education - OISE/UT: Winter 2012 11. College Teaching Practicum - University of Iowa: Fall 2007, 2008 Undergraduate all courses taught at Oregon State University 1. Academic Success Seminar Spring 2003

  • Seifert C.V. 4

    2. OSU Odyssey Orientation Seminar Fall 2002 3. Greek Leadership Recruitment Seminar Spring 2002, 2003 EXTERNALLY-AWARDED GRANTS, CONTRACTS AND AWARDS Year Role Grantor Purpose Amount

    2016 2013-2015



    College of Education, Health, & Human Development Association of Registrars of the Universities and Colleges of Canada

    Outreach Research



    2012-2015 PI Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation

    Research $150,000

    2012 PI SSHRC SIG grant Research $2,000 2011-2013 PI SSHRC

    Research $48,100

    2011 PI SSHRC SIG grant Research $780.00 2011-2013 Collaborator HEQCO Contract $32,300 2011 PI University of Toronto Research $10,000 2010-2011 PI HEQCO Contract $32,020 2009-2010 Co-PI Association for Institutional

    Research Research $40,000

    2007-2008 Co-PI ACPA Educational Leadership Foundation

    Research $1,500

    2004-2005 Co-PI ACPA Commission for Assessment and Evaluation

    Research $1,000

    Total: $348,635 PUBLICATIONS * Denotes publication with a graduate student BOOKS/MONOGRAPHS Mayhew, M. J., Rockenbach, A. N., Bowman, N. A., Seifert, T., Wolniak, G., Pascarella, E., & Terenzini, P. (under contract). How college affects students: 21st century evidence that higher education works (Vol. 3). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

    Seifert, T. (Ed.) (2010). Longitudinal assessment for institutional improvement. New Directions in Institutional Research (2010), Assessment Supplement.

    Pascarella, E., Wolniak, G., Seifert, T., Cruce, T., & Blaich, C. (2005). Liberal arts colleges and liberal arts education: New evidence on impacts. ASHE-ERIC Monograph Series. CHAPTERS IN BOOKS Seifert, T. (forthcoming). Well-being and persistence: Re-framing student success. In D. Howard (Ed.), Well-being and higher education: A strategy for change and the realization of educations greater purposes.

  • Seifert C.V. 5

    Seifert, T., Perozzi, B., & Li, W. (forthcoming). Two sides of the coin: Educational pathways and professional learning. In K. Osfield, B. Perozzi, L. Bardill Moscaritolo, & R. Shea (Eds.), Internationalizing student affairs and services: Providing support to students globally in higher education. Washington, DC: NASPA. Perozzi, B., Seifert, T., & Bodine al-Sharif, M. (forthcoming). Staffing for success. In D. Roberts & S. Komives (Eds.), Enhancing student learning and development in cross-border higher education. New Directions in Higher Education. Seifert, T. (2015). Whats so funny about peace, love and understanding? Or why higher education is finally talking about faith, belief, meaning and purpose (pp. 58-80). In J. Small (Ed.), Making meaning: Embracing spirituality, faith, religion, and life purpose in student affairs. Wa