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  2. 2. 2 Social Media Program ............................. 3 Online Display Banner Program...................... 5 Deals Listing on 9 E-mail Blast Program. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Print Program. .................................. 11 FY14 CO-OP ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITIES The Wisconsin Department of Tourism is pleased to continue to offer expanded co-op advertising opportunities through fiscal year 2014. These programs pool the resources of the Department and individual advertisers to generate a more powerful Wisconsin travel message. While Wisconsin Tourisms advertising messages increase the awareness of the state, your message allows you to close the sale. In addition, Wisconsin travel advertisers share in frequency and volume discounts that translate into dollar savings for each participant. Weve taken a close look at the program this year, and weve decided to freshen it up. These freshened opportunities include a NEW social media program, a revitalized e-mail program and refined print options. And as in past years, well still offer online display banner opportunities, as well as the deals listing on Read on for more information about each of these opportunities. All programs are facilitated by Laughlin Constable (LC), the Dept. of Tourisms advertising agency. Youll work directly with LC (Sarah Keller,, 414-270-7145) to place your advertising. The first step for any of these programs is to fill out the participation agreement. This agreement establishes you as a co-op advertiser and lets LC know that you understand the rules of the program. LC reserves the right to require new advertisers to prepay for their ads for the first six months of participation in the program in order to establish credit. TABLE OF CONTENTS
  3. 3. 3 SOCIAL MEDIA PROGRAM Brand new this year is a social media program, allowing advertisers to buy in to monthly social content posted on Travel Wisconsins Facebook and Twitter pages. You have two options: A GENERAL FACEBOOK AND /OR TWITTER POST Twitter Post: $100 Facebook Post: $200 Twitter AND Facebook: $250 Maximum of 7 advertisers per month per channel, sold on a first come, first serve basis A FEATURED FACEBOOK OR TWITTER POST Post is anchored to the top of our social channel for one week for maximum visibility Rich media (video / photo) required No logos. Accepted file formats include .JPG, .GIF, .PNG, .MOV, .AVI or link to video on YouTube. Please include photo credit. Featured Tweet: $200 Featured Facebook Post: $300 Featured Tweet AND Facebook Post: $450 Maximum of 1 advertiser per month per channel, sold on a first come, first serve basis BENEFITS TO YOU: Drive traffic to your website or social channel Increase reach of your message through Travel Wisconsins large Facebook and Twitter communities 235,000+ Facebook fans 43,000+ Twitter followers Social participation through best practices and a strategically-driven social approach Detailed post performance data from Travel Wisconsins paid analytics tools When selecting a topic, we strongly suggest you consider the following to ensure better results: Is the topic of high travel relevance based on proximity, size and appeal? Is the topic likely to be of high interest to the general public or only to a niche group? Will the topic be of interest to people outside of Wisconsin? Does the topic or event have limited tickets or a small venue capacity? Is there a risk of being sold-out? Is the topic overly promotional? Will it appear as spam once posted? Does the topic have a website or social page to which we can drive consumers? ONLINE OPPORTUNITIES
  4. 4. 4 Social posts will be drafted with your initial direction. Simply fill out the social media reservation form at specifying your desired destination, attraction or event to promote (please no product launches), and e-mail it to Sarah Keller ( Using your input, Laughlin Constable will draft a post that follows the Travel Wisconsin brand guidelines while also adhering to social media best practices. Well share the final post and tentative publish date with you ahead of time. Upon completion, youll receive a detailed report with social performance metrics such as clicks, likes, comments or retweets. All submissions must be received one month prior to the desired post date. Please note: 1. The Wisconsin Department of Tourism (Travel Wisconsin) reserves the right to refuse any topic at their discretion. Wisconsin Department of Tourism holds final creative direction on Facebook and Twitter copy and creative. Desired post dates are subject to availability and are secured on a first come first serve basis, with a maximum of 7 advertisers per month per channel for general posts and a maximum of 1 advertiser for featured posts. 2. Due to the complexities of dynamic marketing environments, any projections we supply are our best estimates. We believe the projections are reasonable based on the question(s) framed and the presumptions identified but do not guarantee actual results. We do not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage that may result from reliance on projections supplied by us. 3. We may provide you with information from third party analytics or tracking software that measures certain information related to web traffic. We are not responsible for the accuracy of the information or the metrics used such analytical or tracking software or any conclusions drawn from such information. 4. Any content posted by us to a third party platform (e.g., Facebook, Twitter or You Tube) shall be subject to the third partys terms of service. 5. We will not be responsible for client generated content (CGC) or user generated content (UGC) on your web site(s), internet portals such as Facebook, You Tube, Twitter, MySpace, blogs or other internet or wireless sources, and you shall be responsible for such content. You shall be responsible for any damages, claims or causes of action resulting from CGC or UGC regardless of the nature of the claim, which may include, without limitation, trademark or copyright infringement, violations of rights of publicity or privacy, offensive or inappropriate content, or disclosure of confidential information. You shall be responsible for monitoring or policing your web site(s), internet portals, blogs, or other internet or wireless sources for any inappropriate UGC. If you have any questions, please call Sarah Keller at 414.270.7145 or e-mail her at ONLINE OPPORTUNITIES
  5. 5. 5 ONLINE DISPLAY BANNER PROGRAM The online display banner program allows you to purchase advertising packages on many of the Midwests major newspaper websites at rates that have been negotiated on behalf of the WI Dept. of Tourism. Laughlin Constable (LC), the Wisconsin Department of Tourisms agency, coordinates the program between you and the sites to help advertise your message. The objective is to make the program as easy as possible for you. You work directly with LC (Sarah Keller) to place your ads. As the advertiser, you have the flexibility to decide which sites youd like to advertise on and how often. If you do not have the ability to create your own artwork, LC can create it for you. Package pricing and details are outlined below. After your campaign runs, you will receive a report that will include delivered impressions and the number of users who clicked your particular banners. Space is reserved by filling out an online space reservation form and e-mailing it back to Sarah Keller at LC. If you have any questions, please call Sarah Keller at 414.270.7145 or e-mail her at ONLINE OPPORTUNITIES
  6. 6. 6 PACKAGES & PRICING Opportunities are available on the sites listed below. All placements are scheduled through Sarah Keller at Laughlin Constable, by filling out an online space reservation form. All rates are net and can increase at any time. None of these prices include the development of your artwork, should you not have the ability to create it yourself. Banners can be created by LC, and additional fees may apply. Sizes required: 300x250, 728x90 and 160x600 pixels Package A - $5,075 (value: $8,450; 400,000 total impressions) 80,000 travel behaviorally-targeted impressions 250,000 targeted impressions in News, Travel & Entertainment 70,000 ROS geo-targeted impressions One listing/link in Travel Deals e-newsletter (approx. 65,000 subscribers) Package B - $2,550 (value: $4,500; 250,000 total impressions) 75,000 travel behaviorally-targeted impressions 125,000 targeted impressions in News, Travel & Entertainment 50,000 ROS geo-targeted impressions Package C - $1,575 (value: $2,520; 140,000 total impressions) 50,000 travel behaviorally-targeted impressions 65,000 targeted impressions in News, Travel & Entertainment 25,000 ROS geo-targeted impressions Sizes required: 300x250 and 728x90 pixels Package A - $3,850 (value: $5,440; 480,000 total impressions) *Must run over 4-6 week period 150,000 Yahoo travel behaviorally targeted big box & leaderboard banners 150,000 jsonline targeted section banners in News, Sports, Lifestyles & Entertainment with big box and leaderboard ad sizes section placement based on availability 180,000 jsonline ROS banners with big box and leaderboard ad sizes One listing/link in Travel Deals e-newsletter Pac