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  • 8/7/2019 tour guiding major




    In this project there are the steps that were taken when planning and and conducting a two

    day tour in Gaborone, the definition and examples of stereotyping and ethnocentrism and

    how a tour guide has to react when faced with different situations.

  • 8/7/2019 tour guiding major



    1. Two Day City Tour of Gaborone

    The tour is going to be conducted in Gaborone for two days. The tour group will consist of

    thirty people, British and German tourists. Attractions that will be visited are the national

    museum and art gallery, main mall, the parliament building, Sir Seretse Khama statue, the

    village, game city, Kgale hill, Gaborone dam, Mokolodi nature reserve and Gaborone game

    reserve. Since the tour is taking place in a city it is a city guided tour. According to Mancini

    (2001) a city guided tour is when a tour guide leads and gives information to tourists about

    attractions in a city.

    Before the tour

    A month or two before the tour manager is supposed to make all the necessary payments in

    preparation for the city tour. The tourists will be staying in Gaborone Sun hotel. Sun

    International's luxury Hotel, Casino and Conference Centre in Botswana is another glittering

    diamond. The Gaborone Sun located in the capital City of Gaborone, offers world travellers

    and business people a home-from-home feel and meeting place with the added advantage of a

    premium casino. The manager has to ensure that the correct rooms as per each client`s

    request are booked. The manager will submit a list of all the thirty tourists to the hotel. The

    front office personnel will give the manager a rooming list once the tourists have checked in.

    a rooming list is a list of the tourists and the rooms that will be allocated to them.

    The manager also has to seek for approval and pay for the sites that need to be viewed for

    example the manager has to book for an appointment at the parliament well in advance. The

    tourists will be using a motor coach for the tour; it is the duty of the manager to hire a motor

    coach for the tour. The group compromises of people who speak two different languages. It is

    vital to employ an interpreter for good communication between the guide and the group and

    the tourists themselves. The guide should compile a list of the passengers and try to come up

    with seating arrangements to avoid any problems. The tour guide should memorise the names

    of the tourists. The list should contain their next of kin and physical addresses in case of

    emergency. When compiling the seating arrangements the guide should take note of spouses,

    friends and relatives who might want to seat with each other and again people who speak the

    same language should be seated together. The guide should do a pre tour to make sure he or

    she has enough information about the tour. All the receipts forms, vouchers and other

    important paper work should be kept safely in case of any problem.

  • 8/7/2019 tour guiding major



    During the tour

    The tour guide should always be punctual; the tourists have paid for the tour they deserve to

    be treated with respect. When visiting the sites the tourists should be given ample time to

    view the sites and be given room to ask questions. The guide should be able to settle all the

    disputes that are likely to arise between the tourists. The group should always travel with a

    medical aid kit during the course of the tour as a safety precaution. The guide should walk

    with a briefcase which has some stationery and reference material about the site being visited.

    The tourists must be given handouts with information about the tour something to take home

    and remember the tour with it. In case one of the tour members has a birthday or anniversary

    the guide should give them a card.

    After the tour

    The tour group should be given feedback forms to fill so that the company will know which

    parts to improve. The tour guide should present a report to the tour manager about the whole

    tour stating any problems and complaints from the tourists. The guide has to escort the group

    to the airport he or she has to bid them farewell and tell them to come back again.


    The itinerary used will be the hub and spoke. This means the group will fly to a destination

    and stay there for the entire trip taking one day trips but always retuning to the originalposition. In this case the tourists will be staying in the Gaborone sun Hotel taking day trips. A

    thing to do list is drafted with the itinerary so that the guide keeps track of the activities not

    yet done.

    Thursday: 1900hrs-1930hrs: The tour guide, the tour manager, interpreter wait at the

    airport thirty minutes before the plane arrives so that they do not keep the tourists waiting

    upon arrival. The guide and manager should be caring cards containing the company`s name

    so that the tourists can identify them.

    1930hrs-2030hrs: The tourists arrive at the Sir Seretse Khama airport. The manager, tour and

    interpreter will assemble the tourists and introduce themselves to the group and welcome

    them to Botswana. They will assure them that they will try their level based to make the trip

    unforgettable. The tour guide and manager should make sure that everyone has their luggage

    and they will be escorted to the motor coach then leave for the hotel.

  • 8/7/2019 tour guiding major



    20.30hrs-2100hrs: The coach departs from the airport. When in the motor coach, the guide

    and interpreter should explain the next day`s activities. On the first day, the tour will be about

    the culture and heritage of Botswana. They are going to visit the art gallery and museum, the

    village, main mall, parliament, statues, game city mall. The tourists will be collected from the

    hotel after breakfast at 08.30hrs. The guide should tell them that they are taking them to the

    hotel to check in. The guide will ask for everyone`s cooperation during the tour.

    21.00hrs-2200hrs: the tourists arrive at the hotel and they check in. the guide, the manager,

    interpreter ensure that every one has checked in. The tour manager is given the rooming list

    by the front desk personnel once all the tourists have checked. The list contains all the names

    of tourists and their rooms. The tour guide wishes them a good night and reminds them that

    breakfast will be at 07:30hrs, they will be collected at 08.15hrs everyone should be done. The

    tourist will find some food in their rooms they will have to warm it up with the microwaves

    in the rooms

    The Two Day tour

    Day One

    Friday: 07:30hrs-08:00hrs: The tourists have breakfast at the hotel.

    08:15hrs-08:30hrs: The guide and interpreter come to take the tourists. They ensure that

    every one is present.T

    hey use a passenger list to allocate seats to the tourists. Once this isdone the coach departs for the village.

    08:30hrs-08:45hrs: On the way the tour guide points out the University of Botswana to the

    tourists. It is the largest tertiary education institution in the country. The interpreter who will

    be speaking in Deutsh.

    08:45hrs- 09:15hrs: the group arrives at the village. The guide will direct and give the group

    information about the village. The village is an old part of the city. it has remnants of

    Botswana`s colonial history such as the remains of the old government rest house where theJameson Raid was believed to have been planned. It is where Cecil john Rhodes used to stay.

    The guide gives tourists enough time to see the village and take photos. When answering

    questions the guide should be patient and treat them fairly.

    09:15hrs-09:30hrs: the coach departs for the national museum and art gallery

  • 8/7/2019 tour guiding major



    09:30hrs-10:30hrs: The group arrives at the national museum and art gallery. It is in the

    centre of the city the museum has a splendid permanent exhibition of life and animals in

    earlier times. There is also a fine collection of traditional native art, craft and sculptor. The

    tourists get a chance to see the history of Botswana. The guide should ensure that no one

    breaks anything and give them room to ask questions. He or she should ensure that the group

    is happy by passing some jokes where relevant they should be sensitive and not offend

    anyone in the group. They depart for the main mall

    10:30hrs-10:35hrs: They arrive at the main mall

    10:35hrs-11:00hrs: The main shopping mall in the centre of Gaborone. This was one of the

    more successful features of the original city design. Locals sell bowls and animals made of

    wood, baskets made of reef which make lovely souvenirs. The group will get the chance to

    see Batswana and can talk to the vendors and even buy some things. The guide should assist

    with changing the money to Pula at the Money Exchange

    11:00hrs-11:15hrs: the group will take a break in the couch. The guide with the help of an

    assistant will give them some refreshments. The group will then walk to the parliament

    building which is just opposite the main mall.

    11:15hrs-12:00hrs: The parliament is where all the laws of Botswana are debated. Outside the

    parliament there are some statutes one of them is the Sir Seretse Khama statue a man who

  • 8/7/2019 tour guiding major



    played a role in the liberation of the country. The guide