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    C H A P T E R T I T L E S U B C H A P T E R|


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    T A B L E O F C O N T E N T S



    14 History

    16 PT. Surya TOTO Indonesia

    18 Chronology


    22 Philosophy

    28 Easy Cleaning

    34 Space Saving

    38 TOTO Gallery MA


    40 Innovation

    42 Protecting the Environment

    50 Perfecting The Basics

    54 Pushing Boundaries


    62 Commitment

    66 Project Service




    96 Le Muse

    110 Toja

    122 Loop


    132 Toilet134 One Piece Toilet

    138 Close Coupled Toilet

    144 Single Bowl Toilet

    149 Squatting Toilet

    150 Washlet

    156 Lavatory158 Counter Lavatory

    164 Semi Recessed Lavatory

    168 Self Rimming Lavatory

    171 Under Counter Lavatory

    174 Pedestal Lavatory

    178 Wall Hung Lavatory

    182 Urinal

    190 Bidet

    196 Bathtubs

    205 Sinks






    212 Modern214 Mono

    224 Icon

    232 Natura

    238 Ego

    250 Ego II

    270 Ego III

    274 Plano

    278 Contemporary280 Cocktail

    286 Opus

    294 Fiore

    302 Rei

    312 Jazz

    316 Bella

    320 Helio

    324 Umi

    328 Donna

    332 Classic334 Gloria

    344 Curio

    354 Crown

    360 Satin

    366 Shower

    380 Single Faucet

    386 Kitchen Faucet

    390 Sink Tap

    394 Accessories

    426 Bath Spout

    228 Hand Dryer

    430 Shower Spray

    434 Supplementary Fittings

    446 Others







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  • C H A P T E R T I T L E S U B C H A P T E R|

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    In this day and age, the word technology is often

    associated with elaborate machines, micro devices

    and digital interaction. While they are programmed to

    expedite and potentially economize, their very efficacy

    could leave us feeling alienated, intimidated, and even

    fearful. Oftentimes, these attempts to reduce human

    error end up eliminating the human element all together.

    In the end, were left to wonder if theres purpose

    beneath the sleek faade and theatrical features.

    At TOTO, we believe in crafting technology that matters.

    We believe that technology is more than just robots and

    remotes. Much like art, technological advancements

    should also capture its zeitgeist. It should reflect the

    progress of its civilization, not dismiss it. It should

    enhance, not compromise comfort. It should make you

    feel understood. These thoughts inform our research and

    motivate us to do better. Our purpose is not to merely

    launch the latest technological breakthrough but to

    create thoughtful, innovative products that will enrich

    the human experience.



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    A B O U T T O T O H I S T O R Y|

    A B O U T TO TO

    Founded in 1917 by Kazuchika Okura, TOTO is the

    worlds largest toilet manufacturer. Driven by Japans

    spirit of perfection, the company has not only pioneered

    the development of modern sanitary ware, it has also

    changed the way we experience the bathroom. Over

    the years, its unparalleled commitment to quality and

    innovation has earned the company its reputation as

    a trendsetting and trustworthy go-to brand for private

    homes and commercial establishments alike.

    Guided by the four pillars of our company motto, TOTO

    continues to strive for perfection in everything we do:


    Take pride in your work, Strive to do your best,

    Quality and Uniformity, Service and Trust,

    Cooperation and Prosperity.

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    A B O U T T O T O P T . S U R Y A T O T O I N D O N E S I A|

    TOTOs first overseas factory was established in

    Indonesia in 1977 under PT. Surya Toto Indonesia.

    It is now one of the largest sanitary manufacturing

    facilities in the world with eight state-of-the-art kilns

    and a fully automated line.

    To highlight the companys commitment to the

    environment, our factories are ISO 14001 certified for

    its environmentally responsible management system.

    The facility recycles its own water supply and uses

    Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) to power its kilns,

    effectively minimizing exhaust emission.

    The adoption of advanced technology to make large-

    scale manufacturing an environmentally responsible

    practice once again highlights the companys philosophy

    of making both the home and the world a better place.

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    A B O U T T O T O C H R O N O L O G Y|

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    The company is established by Kazuchika Okura under the name of TOYO TOKI CO., Ltd., which is later renamed to TOTO. Five years previously, in 1912, Okura had set up a laboratory to develop the kind of sanitary ceramics that had become common in Europe and America. With its first sales, Okuras company begins challenging accepted notions of cleanliness, something that TOTO continues to do today.

    The Great Kanto Earthquake strikes, devastating Tokyo. A sewage system is built during the reconstruction and the demand for sanitary ware grows rapidly.

    After World War II, TOTO begins to manufacture metal fittings and faucets as well as ceramics. Ever since, innovation in the field of precision machining technology has gone hand-in-hand with developments in the firing and casting of sanitary ware as two of TOTOs core businesses.

    Japan is in the midst of its economic miracle when it hosts the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, and is enjoying the construction boom that accompanies it. TOTO is again at the forefront of bathroom technology, developing the prefabrication methods necessary to meet the need for mass production, which saves time and energy on construction. The modular prefabricated bathrooms TOTO creates for the 1,044 rooms in Tokyos Hotel New Otani, opened for the Olympics, shows how the company has perfected the combination of technology and design.

    TOTOs first overseas factory opens: PT. Surya TOTO Indonesia.

    TOTO launches the WASHLET, providing consumers with a whole new level of cleanliness and comfort. It quickly becomes a Japanese cultural and commercial sensation.

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    Following in the wake of the WASHLET, TOTO starts moving its advanced technology into other products by introducing high-end modular kitchens.

    TOTO begins trading in the USA, having already extended into Indonesia, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan and Hong Kong. TOTO expands business to China in 1994.

    The launch of the NEOREST toilet brings about the fullest realisation yet of the principle of Clean Technology, incorporating the WASHLET and a comprehensive range of TOTOs innovations into a bathroom of the highest aesthetic and performance quality.

    TOTO launches HYDROTECT, a patented photocatalytic technology. The materials surface self-cleans and breaks down pollutants in the air, making it ideal for external use. Easy to clean, it eliminates odours and bacteria making it ideal for internal use, too.

    The TOTO Universal Design Research Centre is built. Its purpose is to create new products through an extensive process of customer dialogue and feedback.

    TOTO launches in Europe at the ISH Exhibition in Frankfurt, 10-14 March.

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    D E S I G N P H I L O S O P H Y|

    Design has become an integral part in our everyday lives.

    It is more than a superfluous faade but a manifestation

    of superior creativity, one that blends beauty and

    function in one seamless form.

    At TOTO, design is not about adhering to trends but

    innovating a solution for modern living. Our designs

    are inspired and informed by your everyday routine

    to create a personal sanctuary where everything

    is exactly the way you want them.


    DE S IG N

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    D E S I G N R E S E A R C H A N D D E V E L O P M E N T|

    Our Research and Development center continues to

    create new and improved products that blend form and

    function. Located in Kokura, a port town on the northern

    edge of Japans Kyushu Island, TOTOs headquarters serve

    as the companys mother factory and main think tank.

    This is where TOTOs breakthrough innovations, such as

    the Washlet and Neorest were conceived. The company

    allocates at least 400 million dollars annually to R&D

    in an attempt to continually refine and revolutionize

    your bathroom experience.

    At TOTO, the design process is a thoughtful exploration

    of visual ideas that takes user experience into account.

    Every superfluous aspect is eradicated so that the

    appearance of a product never obscures its function.

    It is more than just add-on ornamentation. Over the years,

    we have registered countless groundbreaking patents ,

    all of which serve as a testam