Tivit Interactive: Mobile Financial Services - Results

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Transcript of Tivit Interactive: Mobile Financial Services - Results

  1. 1. Tivit webinary presentation 8.12.2010Mobile Financial ServicesResults and future study itemsMikko ErkkilTietoProgram Managermikko.erkkila@tieto.com
  2. 2. State-of-the-art in Mr. SameGuy everyday life?What IF? ...many of these things like cash, payment cards, loyalty cards, tickets and workplace door keys can be replaced by using one tool. Mobile Financial Services Program Objective is to develop Safe and flexible authentication tool for mobile services Cost-efficient banking and payment tools for mobile services Breakthrough target Move traditional wallet to mobile device2
  3. 3. Mobile Financial Services MoFS has developed safe and flexible trust, banking and payment tools for mobileservices. Project has focused carry out trials. That means testing of mobile financeservice concepts and technical solutions in end user environments. Idea of pilotsis to find commercially robust models for public transportation ticketing andmobile banking services. MoFS provides the following: 1. Map best practices in mobile financial area 2. Create mobile financial service concepts for the future 3. Carry out pilots in real-world environment 4. Create research community for long term research consistency based on extensivecollaboration in mobile financial services research and development3
  4. 4. MoFS: Activities 2008 - 2010Pilot partner: Pilot partner:Remote Mobile ChannelCommercialProximity Mobile ChannelPersonal Everyday economy Pilots E-paymentsInvoice acceptance Autumn 2010 Card balances WP4: Mobile Ticketing WP3: Mobile BankingBusiness enablers:Mobile Authentication Industry verticals - identified clearmodels business potential in coming yearsSecurity Mechanisms Basic enablers and principles forWP2: Trust Servicessecure servicesService Value:Service ConceptsUser researchUnderstanding value of MobileMarket AnalysisWP1: Research & Financial ServicesConcepts 4
  5. 5. MoFS: Pilots 2008 - 2010 Pilot 1: Pro-active bankingPilot 2: Mobile Ticketing Filling the gap between public transportation companies and customers5
  6. 6. MoFS: Activities 2010 - 2012Industry verticalsWP1: Easy mobileWP2: Easy accessWP3: OpenWP4: Mobilepaymentsto the services transactionTicketingEasy mobile based On-Board CredentialsecosystemNFC-based e-ticketingpayments by pairing authenticationOwn financial data and supplementarythe phone and systems pilot in utilization and electronic services in publicpayment instrument. selected areas e.g. documentation storagetransportation area,P2P payments at first,public ransportation. services e.g. warranty based on MoFS-1P2B will follow.receipts.results. Academic research User experience Business model analysis Service conceptsNew SERTE (Services in the Real-Time Economy) program is on planning phase,MoFS-2 will continue as a part of it. 6
  7. 7. NEW PROGRAM 2011 SERTE Vision: SERTE will radically improve the productivity and value in adminstrativeprocesses, improve the level of service provided to other enterprises andconsumers, promote environmentally sustainable practices and improve the levelof usability with a special focus on mobile devices. Mission: Finland takes the leading position globally in this focused services in real-time economy category Structure illustration: Services in the Real-Time Economy (SERTE)Real-Time Mobile Financial New theme xNew theme yEconomy (RTE) Services (MoFS)Aims at promoting Aims at developingthe use of existing cost-efficient bankingand payment toolsWe are looking for We are looking forNew and technologies and new themes for new themes fordeveloping new toolsand also safe andpowerfulin the field of flexible SERTE! SERTE!industryelectronic financialauthentication toolsadministration. for mobile services.driven themes Wallet in a mobile!are needed! WP1: Research andWP1: Easy mobileconcepts paymentsWP2: Unified WP2: Easy access toReporting Code (URC) the servicesWP3: Fully IntegratedWP3: OpenPayroll (FIP)transaction ecosystemWP4: Automated WP4: Mobile ticketingAccounting (Ide-a) 7
  8. 8. Thank you! Mikko Erkkil Tieto Program Manager mikko.erkkila@tieto.com