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inTago -Innovative Application for Mobile Interactive Marketing and Advertising

1FeaturesFree Bar Code Reader mobile application for Android and iPhone operational systems with extended functionality: Allows attachment of any multimedia content to the existing bar codeCustomer can leave an instant feedback and see other customers feedbackAllows creation of interactive scenarios for new customer experience2QR vs bar codesWe dont do QR. QR codes are great, but require additional labels.

We can use existing product bar codes to attach any multimedia content and scenarios.

3Using for customer

4Market applications (1)Attachment of extra/more detailed information to the productse.g. cheese producer can attach recipes that can be made using its' products;manufacturing process video;funny advertisement;greetings from the companys CEO.5Market applications (2) Virtual Feedback forms consumers can write instant comments, compliments and feedbacks, without leaving the shop by attaching their text or photo to the bar code;special bar codes can be generated for using in the cafes, clinics, supermarkets and so on as a stickers (Do you like or dislike our service? Write about it, just scan this barcode);interactive feedback service for museums, exhibition and galleries.6Market applications (3) Price comparison (campaign for discounters)e.g. for book discounter - Dont pay more! Scan any book in any shop and find out our price. Button Call and order right know can also be attached in the application.Personal messagesPersonal (or pseudo personal) message can be attached to a parcel.7Market applications (4)GamesScan our secret product and get 30% discount consumer has to find, take, see and scan all product of particular brand to find a secret product;Write the best compliment for our juice and get all users could see other customers compliments at the moment of purchase;Find 10 special products in our store in 7 minutes.8Market applications (5)GamesTake into consideration that such competitions provide a several functions of advertisement at once:It instantly informs customers about your product;Provide incentives to customers to engage in action, taking into account simple fact that in the most cases customer has to HOLD the product in order to scan it;It reminds customers and reinforce them to generate the desired behavior the advertiser wants from them- very effective in the long run.9Additional featuresWide range of additional interactive thingsSMS auto-creation;Call right know buttons with different numbers in accordance to a barcode, sequence of barcodes scanned before, time and others; Attaching audio and visual effects.10Trendy technologyBarcode scanning, which not long ago was a niche application, should now be top-of-mind for all retailers.According to Compete's findings, barcode scanning apps have been used by 28 percent of smartphone owners (link)10 Disruptive Trends That Will Shape Our World in 2011 (link): 2. QR Codes Everywhere:Thanks to smartphones and mobile innovation, QR codes have landed at the beaches and are storming the marketing hills. Expect a torrent of innovation, with QR codes linking to everything from instant promotions to just-in-time "how to" videos. we can do it without QR! 11Who we are?Innovative team from Saint-PetersburgSupported by Business incubator Ingria (in Forbes TOP-5 incubators over Russia)Winner of the Russia's biggest IT start-up contest ''Web Ready'' in 2010

12New interactive marketing tool1. Providing new customer experience2. No need to print QR. All QR features and much more in existing bar codes3. Huge variety of uses

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