Think Big, Dream Big

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Think Big, Dream Big

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2. APsychologyseries AP h li 3. How dreams comestrue? 4. WelcomeThinker W l Thi k 5. WelcomeDreamer W l D 6. Youhavemanyoutstandingqualities Y ht t diliticreativeideas,avividimagination; perhapsyouevenviewyourselfasa visionary. visionary 7. Yet,atthesametimeyouY t t th ti mayalsofeeldisappointedy ppinyourselforinlifeitself. 8. Ifyourcreativeideasusually Ifti id ll fizzleout,itmaybeduetoa, y lackofdedicatedwork. 9. Ifso,knowthatnoteven If kth t t AlbertEinsteincouldget g awaywiththat. 10. Einsteinsaid,Ei t iid "It'snotthatI'msosmart, , it'sjustthatIstaywith problemslonger. bl l 11. Don'tbelievethat? D 't b li th t? 12. ThomasJeffersonsaid,Th J ff id"IfindthattheharderI work,themoreluckIseem tohave.h 13. DreamershaveatendencyDreamers have a tendency toindulgein"magical thinking,"believingthatonedaygreatthingswillday great things will"magically"happenfor them. 14. Livinginaworldoflovely Living in a world of lovely fantasiescanseemsodesirous,yetit'snofun whenyouwinduplivingin when you wind up living inyourdreamsinsteadoflivingoutyourdreams. 15. Thisisnowayforacreative This is no way for a creative persontolive.Youdeservebetter.It'stimeforyoutocreateafuturethat willcreate a future that "willcometrue". 16. Here swhatyouneedto Here's what you need to keepinmind: 17. Becomemoreactiveand Become more active andlesspassive. 18. BecautiousoflettingBe cautious of letting yourselfbeseducedintoan excessofpassiveactivities. 19. RatherthanspendingagreatRather than spending a greatdealoftimelounginginbed, readingthepaper,watchingTVdi tht hi TV orsurfingtheNet,experimentwithmorephysicallyvigorousactivities.activities 20. Nothingsucceedslike Nothing succeeds like success. 21. Findanactivitythatyoulike Find an activity that you like todo 22. Takeprideinwhatyoudo. Take pride in what you do Andenjoyit! 23. SeeNewton'sfirstlawofmotion: "Anobjectatresttendstostay atrestandanobjectinmotion tendstostayinmotion tends to stay in motion. 24. Nexttimeyou resimply Next time you're simplysittingandstaringinto space,remindyourselfthat you reanobjectatrest. you're an object at rest 25. Untilyoufindawaytoshift Until you find a way to shift intomotion,you'lltendto stayatrest. 26. Sodiscoverthemotionthat So discover the motion that makesyoucomealive. 27. Thengetgoing!Then get going! Challengeyourselftopay moreattentiontodetails. 28. HaveyouhadtheHave you had the experienceoflearninga newwordandthen suddenlyyouseethatword suddenly you see that wordeverywhere? 29. Clearly,thewordhasbeenClearly the word has beenthereallthetime.Butyour antennaeneverpickeditup. 30. SincedreamerstendtoSince dreamers tend to focusonthe'whole'andglossoverthe'details', challengeyourselftoreverse challenge yourself to reversethatdirection. 31. Lookaroundyou. Look around you 32. Rightnow,withoutgetting Right now without getting upfromyourseat,notice somethingyouhadn't noticedbefore. noticed before 33. Lookwithwide openeyes. Look with wideopen eyes Observeeitheranewobject orobserveanewdetail aboutafamiliarobject. about a familiar object 34. Thisexerciseworkseven This exercise works even withyourownbody. 35. Putyourlefthandoutin Put your left hand out in frontofyou. 36. Pretendyou reaPretend you're a neurosurgeonspecializingin hands. 37. Whatdetailsdoyounotice What details do you notice aboutyourownhandthat youhadn'tnoticedbefore? 38. Nowputyourtwohands Now put your two hands nexttoeachother.Noticeat least3differencesbetween yourtwohands. your two hands 39. Yes,there salwaysmoreto Yes there's always more to observe. 40. Asadreamer,yourstrength As a dreamer your strengthisyourcreativity;yourweaknessisyourlackofattentiontodetails.attention to details 41. Onceyoubegintonotice Once you begin to notice thedetailsthatmakeupthe whole,they'llbenostoppingyou!stopping you! 42. Transformvague, Transform vague passivelanguageintoconcrete, language 43. Becomemoreattunedto Become more attuned to thesubtlewaysinwhichyou speakevasivelyoringeneralities 44. Makeitahabittoavoid Make it a habit to avoid Euphemisms. 45. Practicedeclaring'whatis'asclearlyandstraightforwardlyasyoucan.and straightforwardly as you can. 46. Youmayinitiallyfeeluncomfortable speakinginthisprecisemanner. speaking in this precise manner. 47. Butgiveitashot.Itbecomesmorenaturalwithpractice.natural with practice 48. Thankyou, [email protected]