The World's Best Aerial Photography :Top 20 Drone Photos of the Year

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  1. 1. Top 20 drone Photos of the Year The World's Best Aerial Photography
  2. 2. bachirm: Concrete Jungle
  3. 3. helios1412: A woman harvests water lilies in a pond in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam
  4. 4. DroneFilmsProject: Swimming with a Whale, Peninsula Valdes, Argentina
  5. 5. tahitiflyshoot: Stingray and girls, French Polynesia
  6. 6. jcourtial: The long stairway leading to one of the most beautiful beaches of the Algarve, Portugal
  7. 7. seksan saowarod: Gardeners collect morning marigolds in Sukhothai, Thailand
  8. 8. yannick68: Hippos in the Serengeti, Tanzania
  9. 9. tominspires: Two 2 scooters crossing a cycling bridge in Chiang Mai, Thailand
  10. 10. Florian Ledoux: 'The polar bear, or Nanuk in Inuktitut, is an impressive animal. In this photo we can see him crossing between two sea ice pieces in Nunavut Territory, Canada. Or we can imagine him trying to hold it as it melts away.'
  11. 11. marihenud: Girl at the Beach, Rio de Janeiro
  12. 12. ValentinValkov: Tropical island beach, Dominican Republic
  13. 13. helios1412: Salt fields in Bac Lieu, the salt basket of the Mekong Delta, divided into squares and rows with piles of white salt sparkling in the sunshine
  14. 14. LukeMaximoBell: Quad bikes riding through the huge Namibian sand dunes as the sun drops below the horizon
  15. 15. JustenSoule: Rising Waters. Alexandria Bay (on the US-Canada border) as the autumn colours begin to take hold
  16. 16. Alexey Goncharov: Dawn on Mercury Tower in Moscow
  17. 17. Raf Willems: Couple in a classic blue Ford Mustang Convertible, driving on the historic Route 66
  18. 18. Calin Stan: Exploring the Melissani Cave on the Greek island of Kefalonia by boat
  19. 19. MiloAllerton: Family boating on Burke Lake, Virginia, US. Edited to look like drying mud scene
  20. 20. smakadron: Sveti Stefan hotel on the Adriatic coast of Montenegro
  21. 21. Sound :Vangelis - Song Of The Seas END03-ENERO-2018