The Qal Perfect

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The Qal Perfect. Weak Verbs. Gutterals make one. Weak. a [ h x. Gutterals. x. [. /. Weak Verbs. Type I Gutteral. Type II Gutteral. Type III Gutteral. dm;['. rx;B'. xq;l'. “to stand”. “to choose”. “to take”. a. Type III. Weak Verbs. T'l.j;q'. t'ac'm'. versus. ac'm'. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of The Qal Perfect

  • a [ h x

  • Type I GutteralType II GutteralType III Gutteraldm;['rx;B'xq;l'to standto chooseto take

  • ac'm'to find

  • hn'B'to buildbecomesht'n>B'hl'j.q'

  • hn'B'to buildT'l.j;q'becomest'ynIB'

  • hn'B'to buildyTil.j;q'becomesytiynIB'

  • ha'r'to seeDoubly Weak Verbs

  • bb;s'to go aroundGeminate Verbs

  • awOBTo go in

  • hn'B'To build

  • dl;y"To bear, bring forth

  • arey"To fear

  • dr;y"To descend

  • xq;l"To take, lay hold of

  • tWmTo die

  • lp;n"To fall

  • af'n"To lift, carry, take away

  • hl'['To go up; ascend

  • rb;['To go over; pass through

  • dm;['To stand

  • ~WqTo rise

  • ar'q'To call

  • ~yviTo set, lay, establish

  • bWvTo turn back

  • hPoHere, at this place