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  • 1. QAL BOOK FAIR PLAN 2014Presented To: BhattiBashir AhmedPresented By: Sher Afzal Malik MPhil (Lib. & Info. Sci.) 2nd Semester 2013MINHAJ UNIVERSITY

2. QAL INTRODUCTION EstablishedPunjabon 25th December, 1984 underGovernmentEducationalTrainingInstitutions ordinance 1960 Researchand Reference libraryClassicalarchitecture building constructed inthe mid 19th century during the British Rule 3. QAL INTRODUCTION LawrenceHall was built in 1863 andthe Montgomery Hall in 1866 Totalarea of this monumental buildingis 33000 sq ft Coveredarea of both basements is34000 sq.ft 4. PICTORIAL VIEW 5. PICTORIAL VIEW 6. PICTORIAL VIEW 7. PICTORIAL VIEW 8. PICTORIAL VIEW 9. PICTORIAL VIEW 10. PICTORIAL VIEW 11. PICTORIAL VIEW 12. MANAGEMENT Boardof Governors headed by the ChiefSecretary, Punjab. DGPL Chiefis ex-officio member/Secy of the Board.Librarian is the Administrative Officer 13. LIBRARY PUBLICATION Libraryispublishingabi-annualUrdumagazine Makhzan which includes research articles,bookreviews,librarypromotionactivities, recent editions, literary essays etc. Twentyfifth issues have so far been published.All issues are available in soft copy on QAL website 14. QAL BOOK FAIR 15. QUAID-E-AZAM LIBRARY BOOK FAIR OfficialName Quaid-e-Azam Library Book Fair 2014 Purpose To inculcate reading habits in the Society. To promote education, reading culture and learning To purchase latest books for libraries to facilitate its members with current literature. 16. Book Fair for Public 17. Organizer: Quaid-e-AzamLibrary, Bagh-e-Jinnah,Lahore. Collaboration for events Govt. Punjab Public Library, Punjab Library Foundation, Directorate of Public Libraries Punjab, Govt. Model Town Library 18. Sponsorship efforts Differentinstitutions will be contacted for getting sponsorships, like Pepsi, Coca Cola, Hilal Foods, Shezan Bakers, Nestle, Gourmet Bakers, Uni Lever Pakistan, Nemat Khana etc. Venue: Quaid-e-Azam Library Bagh-e-Jinnah The Mall road, Lahore. 19. Venue location Frontroad excluding garage area (Both sides of the road were used for setting up stalls. Roof Tops of both basements Around 100 stalls were set up Roof Tops were reserved for Importers Group. 20. Duration of Book Fair Fourdays - from 03.10.2014 to 06.10.2014 Timings:11:00 a.m. 08:00 p.m. Opening Ceremony Opening ceremony will be held on 03.10.2014 at 04:00 p.m. Secretary, Archives and Libraries Department, Govt. of the Punjab will be the chief guest. 21. Participants of Book Fair Library Members Civil Society Senior Citizen Electronic & Print Media Children Booksellers Publishers Govt. Institutions Private Institutions / NGOs A meeting with publishers /booksellers will be arranged for the arrangement of Book Fair. 22. Stall Size 15x 18 sft Booksellers will be allowed to acquire more than one stalls on additional payment. Stall Charges: Booksellers Rs.15,000/Publishers Rs.15,000/Govt. Institutions Rs. 15,000/NGOs / Private Institutions Rs. 15,000/Some relaxation will be given to Govt. Institutions and Individual writers. 23. Stall Size 24. Facilities From QAL Allpossible facilities will be provided to the participants. Library will provide free of cost space. A caterer will be hired for making arrangements. Expenditures on electricity, tents, furniture, fans will be beard by the library. Each stall will be provided with free electricity, 4 tables, 2 chairs, 1 pedestal fan and 2 bulbs 25. Other Events Aseminar on Role of Libraries in the Development of society will be held First day of the Book Fair. on 03.10.2014 at 11:00 a.m. Director General Public Libraries Punjab/Secretary BOG, QAL will preside over the Seminar. President PLA and Secretary General, Pakistan Library Association will be key speakers. Govt. Model Town Library, Lahore. Will Organize the seminar. Around 100 librarians will participate in the event. 26. Other Events Speechcompetition on Our Social Values and Kitab Eik Mahboob Rahnama will be held on 04.10.2014 in which students of prominent schools will participate. Cash prizes will be given to Ist, 2nd and 3rd positions. Shields and certificates will also be award to students. 27. Other Events Paintingcompetition among the children will be arranged by Deputy Director PLF on 04.10.2014 at 11:00 a.m. in which students of prominent schools will participate. Prizes will be given to 1 st, 2nd and 3rd position holders. The shields and certificates will also be awarded to students. 28. Painting Competitions 29. Painting Competitions 30. Other Events Teachersday will be organized by the Chief Librarian, Punjab Public Library in Iqbal Hall of QAL on 05.10.2014.Secretary,Archives & Libraries Department, Govt. of the Punjab will preside over the function. A number of teachers from various institutions will participate in the function.DirectorGeneral Public Libraries Punjab, DPI, Schools, Govt of the Punjab,DG National Library of Pakistan, shall key speakers. 31. World Teachers Day 32. Other Events Launchingceremony of a book titled kab raj kare gi khalq-e-khuda written by a renowned journalist Mr. Saeed Aasi was held on 06.10.2013. 33. Book Launching ceremony 34. Other Events Acolorful ceremony of recitation of National Anthem will be celebrated by the hundreds of children of various schools, families and staff in presence of, Federal Minister for Information & Broadcasting and, Director General (PL)/Secretary, BOG, QAL. A banner holding slogan of Pakistan ke tamam buhranon ka hal,Kitab say Dosti and balloons will be hoisted in the air. Participants will be served with juices and toffees. 35. National Anthem will be celebrated 36. COMMITTES AND THEIR FUNCTIONS Fowlingcommittees will be constituted to look after the affairs of the fair. DGPL / Secretary, BOG, QAL Chairman Chief Librarian, Punjab Public Library Member Chief Librarian, QAL. Member Director, DPL Member Deputy Director, PLF Member Senior Librarian, QAL Member Sr. Librarian, PPL Member Librarian Govt. Model Town, Library Member 37. Book Fair Organizing Committee of QAL: Chief Librarian Senior Librarian Librarian Assistant Librarian Admin. Officer Computer Programmer Security Officer Care Teker Account Officer(Convener) Member Member Member Member Member Member Member Member 38. Responsibilities of the Committee Overallsupervision and planning of the fair To make arrangements for inaugural ceremony To contact booksellers, publishers for participation in the fair. To invite literary figures to visit the book fair To coordinate with Police and Bagh-e-Jinnah Administration for organizing book fair. To get sponsorship of different institutions. 39. Printing and Publicity Committee: SeniorLibrarian Librarian Library Assistant Incharge Audio visual Photo Graphic Library Attended(Convener) Member Member Member Member Member 40. Responsibilities To print invitation letters, pads, banners, posters, streamers and other publicity material. To dispatch invitation letters and other publicity material. To publish news in the press and contact print, electronic and social media for coverage of the fair. Photography and video production of events. To prepare gifts / certificates/ souvenirs for staff and participating booksellers. Book launching ceremonies free of cost by the publishers and writers To recommend honoraria to poets Each booksellers shall contribute towards publicity material with QAL and his own monogram Any other duty assigned by Organizing Committee 41. Transportation/Logistic Committee: Responsibilities Toarrange transport and pick & drop facility for VIP visitors To provide logistic support to staff in the arrangement of the fair. Any other duty assigned by Organizing Committee 42. Refreshment and Catering Committee: Responsibilities To arrange drinking water and refreshments for guests, participants of the events Refreshments/lunch for staff To arrange catering, furniture for stalls and other related things. Any other duty assigned by Organizing Committee 43. Book Selection Coordination Committee:Responsibilities Tocoordinate with the Book Selection Committee and approved subject specialists for selection of books. To make lists of the selected books To receive books and duplication checking To Prepare lists of selected books Prices verification Negotiation with book sellers for maximum discounts Minimum 20% discount shall be obtained Any other duty assigned by Organizing Committee 44. Reception and Registration Committee: Responsibilities Receptionof booksellers and dignitaries. Allotment of stalls To coordinate with Accounts Committee To contact booksellers for registration of stalls. To get remarks of visitors in the visitors book about the fair / library. Any other duty assigned by Organizing Committee 45. Accounts Committee Responsibilities Registrationof participating booksellers To maintain record of receipts and expenditures To receive stall charges from the participating booksellers and other institutions and individuals. To make payments to caterers with the approval of Chief Librarian Any other duty assigned by Organizing Committee 46. Security/Cleanliness Committee Responsibilities Tomake security arrangements for the stalls 24 hours To make duty roster of/ Sanitary Workers security staff To contact Police department for security arrangements. To coordinate the security staff of Bagh-eJinnah regarding parking facilities to visitors. Any other duty assigned by Organizing Committee 47. Electricity Committee Responsibilities Tomake arrangements for continuous supply of electricity. To change over switch in load shedding. To maintain continuous supply of electricity at each stall. Any other duty assigned by Organizing Committee 48. Income & Expenditure Incomefrom booking of 51 stalls (list attached) Rs.7,60,000/Expenditure (list attached) Rs.7,59,730/- 49. Press Coverage TVchannels telecasted programs. Different newspapers published news and articles in their newsp