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The Planet Mars. By: Eryn Downey. Symbol and Meaning. Mars means Ares Ares is the god of war Red symbolizes blood and war Mars was a red planet Hence the name ‘Mars’. Discovery. Discovered by many -Egyptians -Babylonians -Greeks -Danish -Nicolaus Copernicus. Discovery. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Planet Mars

The Planet MarsBy: Eryn Downey

Symbol and Meaning

Mars means AresAres is the god of warRed symbolizes blood and warMars was a red planetHence the name MarsDiscoveryDiscovered by many-Egyptians-Babylonians -Greeks-Danish-Nicolaus Copernicus

DiscoveryEgyptians-Originally named the planet-Greek god of war (Ares)

Nicolaus Copernicus -Saw Mars through a telescope

Christian Huygens-First to notice characteristics

DistancesOrder from SunSun-Mercury-Venus-Earth-Mars

Distance from Sun - 227,900,000 km

Distance from Earth - 56,000,000 km

MeasurementsMass: 641,693,000,000,000,000,000,000 kmVolume: 163,115,609,799 km^3 Density: 3.934 g/cm^3-Sink in waterGravity: 3.71 m/s^2(Earth weight)- 100 pounds(Mars weight)- 38 pounds

Orbit and RotationOrbit the sun- 686.971 daysRotating on own axis- 24.623 hours

CompositionWhat is Mars made up of?-Carbon Dioxide-Nitrogen-Argon

Rocky surfaceRed featuresVery dusty

Thin atmosphere

TemperatureVery large temperature range(-125* C to 23* C)

WeatherSummer and Day Time-20* CWinter and Night Time--140* C

Temperatures vary throughout the day

Rings/MoonsNo Rings

2 moons-Phobos: Larger and More Craters -Demos: Smaller and Less Craters

Discovered in 1877 by Asaph Hall

Water/Living Place?There are ice patches found on the North and South poles

Sustain Life?-The person would suffocate-Not high gravity force-38% lighter-Mars is cold

Interesting FactsMars crust is thicker than Earths and only has one plate while the Earth has several

During Winter, 20% of the air freezes because of how cold Mars gets.

Twice as long seasons than Earth