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    A p r i l 2 0 , 2 0 1 1 N O R T H C E N T R A L U N I V E R S I T Y M I N N E A P O L I S , M N

  • 8/3/2019 The NCU Northerner Apr. 2011



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    The 2011 One Accord worship team shares laughs (Cover: Ben Leone, Brittany Lepard, Reba Schultz, Zach Brose, and Matt Terrado, Jerrell Ayran not pictured), as well as worship (above: Matt Terrado, Brittany Lepard, and Ben Leone).

    With summer just around the bend, the 2011 One

    Accord worship team prepares to hit the road fortheir tour. Participation in One Accord is an 18-month

    commitment in which members join together forleading worship in chapel, recording a CD in the spring,touring in the summer and periodically traveling to

    dierent churches. The current team began writing and

    rehearsing together in Sept. 2010 and will continue as agroup through the summer. The members of the 2011team are as follows: sophomore music performance

    major Ben Leone, junior music pastor major BrittanyLepard, sophomore music pastor major Jerrell Ayran,

    junior music performance major Matt Terrado, and

    senior music pastor majors Reba Schultz and Zach Brose.Je Deyo is the director of One Accord and works closely

    with the team to train and prepare them for ministry.

    Our desire is that One Accord be equipped asrepresentatives of North Central University to love God

    with their songs and with their lives. We train thempractically in the areas of worship leading, songwriting,singing, touring, ministry and more, but will also help

    them understand what God expects from them as his

    children and as called and anointed ministers of thegospel said Deyo.

    Team members are passionate about what they do andare excited to be blessed with this opportunity.

    I love being in One Accord for a lot of reasons. I loveplaying with super-talented musicians who love the Lord

    and love worship. I also love having the opportunity to

    develop as a song-writer and worship leader, and get to

    work really closely with Je Deyo, Zach Miller, and LarryBach, said Brose.

    What I am most looking forward to about being apart of the One Accord team is being used to touch

    lives signicantly. I am excited to use my uniqueness to

    impact people and give them hope for their future. I amalso excited to gain invaluable experience through theopportunities open to us, said Schultz.

    The team will kick o their summer tour soon after nalsare completed. The cycle will then begin all over again

    in the fall, as the new One Accord team, whose currentmembers were hired last month, will transition into theirrole.


    One Accord: more than the average band


  • 8/3/2019 The NCU Northerner Apr. 2011




    Hanging up the AkubraBy JACOB VON ARX

    On Jan. 1, North Central ocially announced that HeadMens Golf Coach Todd Monger has hung up the Akubra

    on the hat stand and will be stepping down for personalreasons. Monger led the Rams to consecutive Upper

    Midwest Athletic Conference championships and NorthCentrals rst appearance in a NCAA Div. III tournament forany athletic team.

    [I am stepping down] to set some boundaries for myself in

    terms of keeping things in perspective, Monger said.

    The two-time UMAC Coach of the Year is a well-respectedmember of the community, both on and o campus. Hislove for the game is obvious as he speaks about the program

    and the joy its brought in his time as head coach.

    It is amazing how he was able to build the team fromscratch into a conference championship in ve years, but yet

    he was able to instill an attitude that the team was playingfor the glory of God, said junior sports management majorBenjamin Thorson.

    Although Monger will be stepping down to concentrate

    more on his duties as director of the Student Success Center,as a mental game consultant for golf academy Swing

    Solutions, and his role as a father of two children, the RamsAssistant Coach Spencer Hutton will be succeeding him inthe fall.

    He obviously has the experience, and hes very capable,

    Monger said of Hutton. As a coach, hes a great teacher,and knows exactly what hes talking about. Hes beyond the

    caliber of the kind of insight that you think can be broughtto a school of this size.

    Coach Hutton is a former NCAA Div. I golfer for the Universityof Minnesota and Stephen F. Austin University.

    When asked about his duties for the fall, Hutton said, I just

    look forward to being around my players and helping themnavigate this journey they are on. I look forward to practices,team bonding experiences, and our tournaments.

    Joining Hutton will be former Minnesota Intercollegiate

    Athletic Conference Athlete of the Year, Joe Daly. Hisimpressive resume includes All-Conference, All-Region,

    All-American, and Academic All-American honors during histime at Saint Johns University.

    Monger still plans on working with the team, saying, I willbe pretty heavily involved with the mental side of helping

    our players compete at the level that they need to becompeting at.

    Monger has chosen to pass on a successful program, sayingthat its easy to hand over a program when its failing, and

    that he looks forward to the possibility of returning.

    I would like to think I can get out to a match here andthere in 2011, so keep your eyes peeled for the hat on the

    horizon, said Monger with a smile.

    Summer ministries teamBy BAILY SCHOTT

    When most North Central studentstravel home for the summer,a group of 10 students band

    together as part of the summerministries team.

    This team of students dedicates

    an entire summer to travelingto youth camps throughout theMidwest, ministering to youth and

    promoting North Central. These10students are split into two teams

    and travel to dierent destinations.

    Kristin Mindeman, a sophomoreevangelism and church plantingmajor who participated last

    summer, reected on herexperience.

    Everyday I had the unique chanceto serve the camp, interact withyoung people, pray for them, and

    support them in following God ontheir path towards a higher level of

    education, said Mindeman.

    The teams spend their weeksministering at youth camps andtravel over the weekends. They

    help out as camp counselors,drama team members, and serve

    as camp sta. The main goal ofthe summer ministries team is

    to promote North Central andrecruit potential students. Eachindividual is trained with accurate

    information about North Central.

    While traveling, North Central pays

    for all necessary expenses andgives each member a small livingstipend. In addition, each team

    member is awarded a six-creditscholarship for the following


    I learned a lot through myexperience on the summerministry team. If I were to sum the

    experience in one phrase it wouldbe, It is not the destination, but

    the journey, said Mindeman.

    The summer ministries team hascurrently lled every position forthis summer, but students are

    encouraged to keep the teams inprayer and consider involvement

    for next year.

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    2010 2011

  • 8/3/2019 The NCU Northerner Apr. 2011


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    Easter has evolved into many traditions over the years. TheUnited States has as tradition Easter egg hunts, elaborate church

    plays and services, uy bunnies, decorated eggs, marshmallowpeeps, and Cadbury eggs and pastel colors. Other countriescelebrate Easter dierently and give various meanings for the


    In Bermuda, people y kites and eat sh cakes on Easter Sunday.In the Netherlands and northern Germany, Easter res are

    lit at sunset. Norway has developed the tradition of tellingmurder mysteries at Easter, and magazines print stories foran international audience who attempt to gure out who the

    mysterious killer is. Even milk cartons are covered on all foursides with a murder mystery. Many countries share the idea of

    an Easter Sunday feast.

    Christians celebrate Easter as the resurrection of Jesus Christ.Many churches have big productions celebrating his resurrectionand his sacrice. These plays may last for several weeks,

    attracting people to the churches to see the events.

    Another American tradition includes decorating eggs, andEaster egg hunts are also a popular practice. Candy has become

    a big part of the Easter holiday in the United States, as somesugary treats are oered only around the Easter season.

    The celebration of Easter is a worldwide event that includesmany dierent traditions and gatherings, and is also a symbolic

    pillar of the Christian faith.

    Easter traditionsBy DAVID RISDALL

    Summer is right around the corner, which could mean

    the price of gas will rise. Bobby and Steves Auto Worldreache