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    O C T O B E R 1 3 , 2 0 1 1 N O R T H C E N T R A L U N I V E R S I T Y M I N N E A P O L I S , M N


    A look into a music minsitry

    based in the Twin Cities, PAGE 2

  • 8/3/2019 The NCU Northerner Oct. 2011



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    Cosmonaught is not your average band. Not only

    do they have a heart to communicate Jesus through

    passionate lyrics surrounded by epic dance rock music,but they build real relationships with their audience.

    They want to see a growth o understanding who God is

    sprout up in each o their listeners lives.Were not just about going, seeing, and then leaving.

    We actually want to be there or people, drummer

    Adam Byer said.Cosmonaught began two years ago when lead singer

    and guitarist Ben Pierce and Byer met at a school inNew Zealand. They started leading worship together at

    a church in Minneapolis, and then keyboardist DavidDonnelly joined the duo.

    The band gave their rst unocial perormance at aClub 3 Degrees tournament a ew months later, but theydidnt dub their group Cosmonaught until September

    2010. Joe Riley (bass), Courtney Pierce (vocals), and EricBerg (guitar #2) were added to the group then.

    The band has grown almost unnaturally since itsbeginning. In Ben Pierces words, they are ridiculouslydierent rom where they were a year ago. Their

    rst competition put them on the lowest end o thescoreboard, and their most recent per ormance carried

    them to the top.Our rst show at the Club 3 tournament was terrible,

    but weve improved immensely since then. We went

    rom getting a score in the low 80s to a score o 115. The

    dierence in ve months has been crazy. We used that

    last tournament as a catalyst, B. Pierce said.Cosmonaughts music has changed as well. They

    want to present God in a way thats relevant with their

    music and visuals. Their mission is to push the envelopon what creativity is through demonstrating the Gospelin a more creative way.

    A big principle in our ministry is that you have toshow people who Jesus is, because lots o people have

    a skewed vision o God and Christianity, Byer said.Through their constant pursuit or God and their

    willingness to be used as tools or His k ingdom, theymaximize the platorm God has given them at every

    show. They present a bold message o Jesus throughtheir lyrics, actions, and words.

    Their platorm does not end on the stage, though.

    Cosmonaught extends their ministry outside o showvenues to the relationships in their lives and the Bible

    study they ormed. The Bible study opens up a placewhere the public can walk in and deepen their aithwith Jesus.

    We want to be involved in the ministry side o it. Wewant people to grow in their understanding o God.

    Were not interested in entertaining people, Byer said.Cosmonaughts vision is to connect with people and

    help them see the realness o Christ through music that

    is relatable to the modern generation. In the uture,

    they want to put on evangelistic events throughout

    the Twin Cities by partnering with local churches andschools. Young people could bring their non-Christianriends to the shows where a message o truth would be

    presented.They are unreached and hungry or truth straight

    Gospel truth. And they want to hear it because they are

    desperate or something genuine, real, and applicableto their lives, B. Pierce said.

    The past two years have been an incredible growingexperience or the band, but their dream is still hanging

    in the clouds. They have huge plans, and their desire toreach a lost generation is evident through their passion

    or music and relationship with people. They are not inexistence to start another bandwagon, trend thing.

    They genuinely want to pour Jesus into peoples lives

    by developing strong relationships with their listeners.Be bold and dont waste the platorm God has given

    you. Use [it] or the thing that matters. Its signicant, B.Pierce said.

    Cosmonaught will be opening or The Violet Burning

    at Renewal Vineyard Church in Crystal, MN on Oct. 14at 7:00 p.m. Also, they will be perorming at Fine Line

    Music Ca on Nov. 12. Check out their Facebook pageor more inormation and download their 4-song EP at


    Maximizing the Platorm Through Music

    Danica Donelly

  • 8/3/2019 The NCU Northerner Oct. 2011




    According to

    the Merriam-

    Webster online


    entry is

    dened as.

    The act o


    or passing

    into or upon


    Entry is North






    chapel. Their

    mission statement is toallow students the opportunity

    to minister to students in a variety o ways. The main

    ocus o our service is to bring the message o God to

    the student body in a 50-minute service so they may be

    rereshed, encouraged, motivated, and well-rounded to

    go and do the work o God in return or what they have

    been given.

    The services, held three days a week, which began on

    Oct. 4, provide a unique way to enter or pass into daily


    According to many students, one o the main

    benets o attending Entry is the relaxed and intimate


    I love the more personal eel o the smaller room. Im

    not a an o huge crowds, so the smaller numbers and

    personal aspect o it is great, senior pastoral studies

    major Jordan Valley said.

    Echoing Valleys thoughts, junior biblical languages

    major Julian Flores said, The small setting allows the

    students to speak whats actually on their minds, plus Im

    a sucker or small churches and I get that homey eeling

    in Entr y.

    Flores also commented on how encouraging it is to hear

    the hearts o ellow students because you get a little

    insight into their spiritual walks and can be challenged by

    their words.

    Director o Entry, junior intercultural studies major

    Sarah Kim, says the team has chosen a theme or this year

    entitled Deeper. Their vision is the idea that no matter

    where we are at, we are called to seek the deeper things

    o God. The more we taste o H is goodness, the more we

    hunger. I the way to Gods heart is a well, it is an innite

    well. And the deeper we go, the richer the water.

    Their goals or the student body will be drawn out

    through scheduled services as well as an unscheduled

    service on Wednesdays, which will be a time meant or

    students to come seek the Lord in their own way.

    The hope o the Entry team is to oster an environment

    where students can know the Lord in a deeper way. It

    is intended to be a place where the kingdom is sought

    ater together, challenging students to be the heavenly

    kingdom at work.


    Diving Into Gods Well

    The all musical is an event many North Central

    students look orward to each year, and the upcoming

    production, Godspell, is no dierent. The showpresents a creative, playul take on the Gospel o


    The intention o the musical was to present the

    theme o community -- to show the people who came

    together rom all dierent walks o lie to ollow Jesus,

    said Assistant Proessor o Fine Arts Wayne Matthews.

    However, the perormance is not a straight Gospel

    narrative; rather, it presents a conglomeration o the

    many parables and teachings o Jesus.

    North Centrals ocus o Godspell will be presented

    dierently than typical productions, it will be set ina high school showcasing dierent personalities

    jocks, firts, goths, etc. -- which is an uncharacteristic

    backdrop or the story.

    Its not High School Musical. Its Godspell, but we

    want it to be relatable. Our stereotypes arent over the

    top -- theyre real people, Matthew said.

    The play will concentrate on character development

    around Jesus as a ocal point. Senior children and

    amily ministries major Evan Fortunato, who will be

    playing the role o a high school jock/disciple, says

    exploring his character is one o the most exciting

    parts o the production or him.

    [The whole play] has very much been a

    collaboration o all the cast to create things so ar, and

    Im excited to see how it will turn out, Fortunato said.

    In addition to the ocus on character development,

    the original music, arranged by Peter Shu, provides a

    more updated, modern eel to the original score.

    The director and cast share a mutual desire or theaudience to gain more rom the experience beyond

    pure enjoyment.

    The play is crazy and silly at times, but the main

    ocus is on showing how Jesus can truly create change

    in each person. I hope that NCU students gain a sense

    o enjoymentbut more than that I hope they gain a

    greater appreci