The historical background of sumpang bita

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  • CREATEDBY GROUP 1 (Doko-doko Cangkuling)
  • Introduction Cave pictures are on from of human culture found In old sites of dwelling caves of the pre-historical time. Cave pictures can be said to be universal in nature because they are found almost every where in the world, including Indonesia. One form or object of picture frequently found is hand stencils. In Indonesian, beside Kalimantan, Jayapura but also in the South Sulawesi, especially in the Pangkep regency. Twelve caves in the Pangkep are studied where 326 hand. The hand part, orientation, hand side, number of fingers, size, color, and context are analyzed. the analysis reveals a pattern of hand palms of adults with upward orientation. The analysis also reveals a pattern of hand palms that are brown in color, randomly, arranged, with in the context of pictures of other hands.
  • The picture of the caves is product from culture of human in the later period or pre-history. The picture is made in cave or rockshelter and it from in Paleolitikum until Mesolitikum. Why the picture there are in caves or rockshelter? Because the human example Megantrophus or homo erectus ever live in the thats cave. In Pangkep regency there are many caves example Sumpang Bita, Batang Lammara, Bulu Sumi, Camingkana, Cumi Lantang, Garunggung, Kassi, Lompoa, Pattenungan, Sakapo, Saluka, Sassang, etc.But, in the our presentation, we want to explain specially about Sumpang Bita caves. In Sumpang Bita Caves there are many picture. And top picture is palm of hand. It mean of palm of hands is pictures used negative step. And negative step is extend the fingers and than syringed used sirih leaves.
  • THEBACKGROUND OF SUMPANG BITA Sumpang Bita at Balocci district Pangkep Regency. Sumpang Bita has 2 word. Sumpang and Bita. Sumpang meaning the door of the caves and Bita is the name of the village. Why the Sumpang Bita is made? Because Sumpang bita has function. And the one of the function is unifier in Toala ethnic and Bugis and Makassar ethnic. Sumpang Bita is find by Frarels Sarain dan Paul Sarasin after find leang-leang caves in Maros Regency. And they find thats cave, the condition or situation didnt have stairs. So, they just climbed. The later period, Leang-leang, Bosowa, Bulu saraung, Bulu sumi, and Sumpang Bita is one mountain. But, in now the mountain is pieced so, the Sumpang Bita and leang- leang is separated. Sumpang Bita more nice than other caves in Pangkep regency for learning.
  • For BelievingLookat TheTable From the table we can conclude Sumpang Bita cave have picture more other caves in Pangkep regency. But, in the book of Sumpang Bita is explained about it. So, read the next slide. No Cave Totally Pictures 1 Bulu Sumi 9 2 Sumpang Bita 81 3 Kassi 9 4 Lompoa 2 5 Batang Lamara 10 6 Cumi Lantang 47 Total 158
  • The cave at in Bita village in Sub district Balocci baru, district Balocci in Pangkep Regency. According to the astrnomy 04 54 58 LS and 119 34 57 BT. The high from sea is 200 M, at from office of Sub district (5 km), from office of district (7 km) and from city of Pangkep regency (12 km). At the cave of Sumpang Bita there are some rooms. Namely rooms A (wide= 9 m, high = 5 m, length = 25 m), rooms B (wide = 7,5 m, high = 3 m, length = 16 m) and rooms C (wide = 3 m, high = 2,5 m, length = 6 m ). But also, there is Bulu Sumi cave. LOCATION OF SUMPANG BITA
  • The DiscriptionSumpangBita Cave The measuring mouth of caves is high 10 M, wide 14.5 M. In the edge of Sumpang Bita there pool. In the cave find some picture consist of palm of old human hand (37) palm of young human hand (16) palm of foot (2) deer (1) pig (1) boat. So, the total picture are 69. (source in the book of cerita rakyat kabupaten Pangkep.
  • THE HUMAN OF SUMPANGBITA ANDBULU SUMICAVE The Human of the caves is Toale Ethnic. The Toale ethnic is very outlying than the other ethnic example Bugis and Makassar and live in forest. They live with colony 5-10 human. They used food gathering and food production and sometime live like nomaden (not constant). The dress made from skin wood. They live very simple and according to the nature and have simple religion. For example belief soul (animisme and dinamisme). Because there are many pictures cave so, we can learning the religion of the human. The color of picture is red. Why the color is read? Because in his religion red is the logo of strong for to avoid bad soul.
  • THE CONNECTED SUMPANG BITA CAVE, BULU SUMI CAVE, AND THE POOL The connected is one certain and we cant separationed that, bacause there some dependence. So, read the following explaining. Bulu Sumi caves In the cave find kjokkomoddinger (kitchen brush consist of cockle and the food of ancient human and for proof is there piece in tip the cockle. But also find arrow etc and can give information about Bulu Sumi is operational cave for find and execute the food. Sumpang Bita cave In the cave find pictures cave and kjokkomoddinger is not find in the caves. And the cave we cant said about thats operational caves because there are many picture so, we can said the function of the caves ceremony places.
  • And the fingers sliced 3 its mean token to the girl becauise the husband is dead. And there are picture of animal because the mean token for hope his prey can more. For example anoa. They live in bulu sumi caves and if they would ceremony they go to the Sumpang Bita caves. And if they take a bath, take water go to the pool. And one boat its mean the vehicle when they find his cave. Because the later period the caves behind in the sea.
  • How about the pool? The function of the pool is place of ancient human for take water in needed. Why there are one thousand ladder (tangga seribu) ? Because there are activity the ethnic. And his trail with nature make road. For easy go to the caves the govermant make the ladder. And why there one thousand? Because in the religion of Toale, one thousand is highest.
  • Picture InSumpang Bita Cave
  • Some SloganIn Sumpang Bita Slogan Is Broken
  • CONCLUSION According to the location, Sumpang Bita is ceremony places of the Toala ethnic. And the Bulu Sumi is a place for live the Toala ethnic and the pool is a facility to take water. Sumpang bita is more nice than other caves in Pangkep Regency. In there has 2 caves, Sumpang Bita and Bulu sumi caves.