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  • 1. The hidden costs of College Little did we know Or think?
  • 2. Everybody living on campus needs a tool box with Screw driver-phillips Screw driver-flat head pliers Crescent wrench Hammer-16oz Set of Allen wrenches Set of wrenches 25 tape measure Batteries-different sizes Flash light Drop cords Scissors Ruler-straight edge Wisk broom/dust pan Pack of zip ties 3m wall hangers
  • 3. Most dorm rooms have 2 wall outlets and 2 light fixture outlets Multi-strip outlets with surge protector Surge protectors Drop cords Night light Light bulbs
  • 4. Maybe this is enough outlets for you and your roommate? Television 2 laptops Microfridge 2 alarm clocks At least 2 lamps 2 printers Curling iron Hair dryer Xbox
  • 5. Do You Have Enough Outlets ?
  • 6. Dorm room What size bed do I have? Twin Twin xl Are the beds loftable? If they are not lofted, where will I put stuff? Do I rent a loft or do I buy a loft? Most colleges do not allow you to build a loft. What if I want to loft, and my roommate does not? How many sets of sheets do I need? Pillows? Blankets? Comforter? How often do you want to wash clothes?
  • 7. Do I have a window? What size curtains do I need? What type of curtain rod do I need? What color curtains? Who gets the curtains?
  • 8. Do I need or want a rug? What size rug? What color? What shape? As cheap as possible! Who gets the rug?
  • 9. Bathroom? Hall bath Somebody else cleans it. Hand soap and toilet paper supplied. Less privacy Suite style You and your suite mates clean the bathroom. Who? When? What happens if they dont do their part? You stock the bathroom (hand soap and toilet paper) Is it really more private? Who supplies the needed supplies?
  • 10. Items needed for bathroom Towels-How many? Wash clothes-How many? Soap Shampoo/etc Toilet paper if suite style Bathroom basket to carry items Again, How often do you want to wash clothes ?
  • 11. Items needed for dorm room Microfridge- toilet paper- Bed loft- light bulbs- Vacuum cleaner- trash can-
  • 12. Items needed for dorm dorm Futon- Lamp- Television- Laundry basket- Wall Clock Alarm Clock
  • 13. Before college starts Application fee-sometimes it is waived If not, usually $35-$50 Admission fee once accepted-$250 Dorm room deposit-$150 Parking-$134 a year Some can be over $300 a semester Orientation for student / 2 parents-$325 Hotel room for orientation Post office box-Do you need one? They cost!
  • 14. Health plan costs: You are lucky if you are covered by family. Most universities have coverage at a cost. Individual health plansnot always the cheapest. You will need a basic first aid kit.
  • 15. incidentals Late night snacks Trash can Laundry bag/basket Is laundry included, or do you pay? Clubs, fraternities & sororities, dances, excursions, parties, trips, concessions at ball games Laptop computer & printer Calculator-TI-84 or newer Transportation to and from school Lab fees Books-do not order until you are sure you need them. (rent when possible to save $)
  • 16. There is hope! Have a plan! Dont get caught flat-footed!
  • 17. Hidden Costs-What can we do? If you are lofting beds for numerous years, it may be cheaper to purchase the loft. If possible, purchase the loft used, use it for the years you need it, and then resale it.
  • 18. Hidden costs-What can we do? Is a microwave and refrigerator provided? If not, do I rent or purchase? If needed multiple years, look at purchasing a microfridge off of ebay or craigslist. When you finish, sell it!
  • 19. Hidden costs?-What can we do? You may want to keep your books concerning your major, but others you may need only for the semester. Buy used books that you will keep. Rent books that you do not want to keep. Resale books that you have purchased, but do not want to keep, to other students, not to the bookstore on campus.
  • 20. Hidden costs-What can we do? Will I be commuting? Do I need a car at school? If so, how often will I come home? If I do not have a car, how will I get home? Carpool as often as possible, and share expenses.
  • 21. Hidden costs-What can we do? Is tutoring available? Is there free tutoring at school? Is there a charge for tutoring? Ask other students and professors for reccomendations. Can we tutor? What? When?
  • 22. Hidden Costs-What can we do? Set a food budget. How often will I eat off campus? While students have enough meals provided through their meal plan to survive, realize that sometimes they just want to eat out with friends. Sometimes, they just want something different to eat.
  • 23. Be Frugal! Be Conscientious! Be Thrifty!