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1. Hidden Cost of Accidents Monetary and/or Emotional 2. Real and Hidden CostsWhat does an accident really cost? ? 3. Real and Hidden CostsWhat is the Medium-of exchange?What are costs based on?Quality of LifeHealth and Welfare$$$$$ 4. Direct CostsTypically Insured Costs Medical Expenses Wage Compensation (indemnity) Legal Defense 5. Hidden CostsUninsured Amounts Paid by the employer 3 to 5 times greater than direct costs Direct Costs $ Hidden Costs $$$$$ 6. Hidden CostsCosts Of Lost Includes medicalWages Paid To treatment and time away from work notInjured Employee covered by insurance Sick leave Doctors visits 7. Hidden CostsCosts paid to other Includes thoseworkers not injured employees that stopped work to watch, talk about or to assist injured. Those employees whose job is dependent on injured workers products or tasks to accomplish their work 8. Hidden CostsCosts of damage to Repairs to anymaterial, property or equipment or property damaged in theequipment accident 9. Hidden CostsCosts of overtime Including costs to makenecessitated by the up for lost production, additional supervision,accident and additional operating expenses 10. Hidden Costs Involve caring for the injured personAdditional wages Transporting injured topaid to supervision medical facility Investigating accident Getting operation organized again 11. Hidden CostsResuming to normal Instructing, training andactivities repositioning employees May require hiring a replacement employee with all costs of hiring a new employee Diminished productivity 12. Hidden CostsManagerial or Processing claims andclerical personnel related paper workprocessing claims, Tending telephone calls and communicationsforms and any related to incidentrelated paper work Conducting interviews and investigations Attending Hearings Uncovered legal costs 13. Hidden CostsWages due to After employee returnsdecreased to work, capacity is diminished because ofproductivity restricted movement Employee is nervous and less confident Employee spends time discussing incident with other employees 14. Hidden CostsReduced Competitive Position Caused bydelaysIncreased operating costsRework time on damaged productsIncreased cost of insurance (Mod Rate)Higher Labor RateUnfavorable publicityCivil penalties, fines, legal fees and timeinvolvement for violations 15. Intangible FactorsFamily StressMental and Emotional StrainLoss of Ability to Make a Living 16. Danger Signs!Indicators of Larger Problems Near misses Minor incidents Serious Incidents Property damage Product damage Equipment damage Employee injuries 17. Danger Signs!Production is not at optimumProfitability is reducedEmployee moral is diminishedPublic image is damagedGetting set up for the big one 18. 99.9% Good Enough? 2 Unsafe Landings At OHare Airport Each Day 16,000 Lost Pieces Of Mail Per Hour 20,000 Incorrect Drug Prescriptions Per Year 50 Newborn Babies Dropped At Birth Each Day 32,000 Missed Heartbeats Per Person Each Year 2 M Books In The Next Year Will Have The Wrong Cover 900,000 Credit Cards Will Have Incorrect Information 19. Inexperience = Accidents Employees Who 20% Have Less Than 12 Months Experience at a Different or New Task, Account For 80% of ALL80% Accidents 20. Guard Against These Traps Time Pressure Vague Guidance After Wake-up or Meal First Time Evolution Over-confidence Distractive Environment High Work Load/Stress First Day After Time Off 21. Accident Investigation Tips 1. Secure 2.Treat 3. Investigate! Interview Witnesses Document Call In the Claim ASAP Dont Wait! Facts Not Fault Finding Dont Interrupt In Their Words 22. Accident Investigation Tips 1 Fatality What Accidents Do You Investigate?10 Serious Root AND Primary Causes Identified30 Minor Corrective Actions For Each Committee Should Review Near600 Misses What Are You Doing Different Now To Prevent Recurrence?