The Fairview Christian SERIES for AUGUST ... the doctor wanted me off from work was my vacation...

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Transcript of The Fairview Christian SERIES for AUGUST ... the doctor wanted me off from work was my vacation...

  • The Fairview Christian NewsletterOffice : (434) 845 - 6031


    Pastor Curtis Wheeler - Senior MinisterChris Harris - Youth Coordinator

    Emilee Houser - Music CoordinatorPaula Card & Judee Bogle - Administrative Assistants

    Vol. 30 August 1, 2015 No. 08

    Office Hours:Monday to Friday

    8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

    Sunday Services:Sunday School - 9:40 a.m.

    Blended Worship - 10:45 a.m.

    In This Issue:

    Birthday/Anniversary Calendar. . . . . . . . . . . . . pg 7Community Dinner Update

    . . . . . . . . . pg 7August Calendar. . . . . . . . . . pg 6August Sermons. . . . . . . . . . pg 2August Serving Schedule

    . . . Back CoverNotes & News.. . . . . . . . . . pg 4 Office Hours. . . . . . . . . . . CoverPastoral Pondering. . . . . . . . pg 2Pot Luck Lunch.. . . . . . . . CoverPrayers/Concerns.. . . . . . . . pg 3Secretarys Note. . . . . . . . . . pg 3Thank You Notes. . . . . . . . . pg 7Verse for Month. . . . . . . . CoverWorship Dept News. . . . . . . pg 3Youth & Kids Page.. . . . . . . pg 5

    Verse for the Month:

    For the eyes of the Lordare on the righteous and

    his ears are attentive totheir prayer, but the face

    of the Lord is againstthose who do evil.

    1 Peter 3:12 NIV


    An in-house pictorial directory of the churchmembership will be completed this fall. To help in this,we are asking that you sign up to have your family andyour (or just you, if single) picture taken - there is no

    cost involved and no pressure to buy a photo, just afew minutes of your time.

    On Sunday, August 9 and August 23, Jennifer Toler will be taking pictures

    in the Parlor during the Sunday School time and in the Narthex after the worship service.

    For our shut-ins, we are asking that a family member,caregiver or friend provide us with a digital photo with

    complete address information on the individual(s). We also are asking thatour faithful non-member attendees join us in this project.

    It will be wonderful to have a directory with pictures of everyone in itso we can easily identify a person.

    We hope to have the directory ready by Rally Day/Homecoming Weekend. There will be accessibility of this directory for apps on smart phones as well

    as a hard copy to give to families/individuals.


    SUNDAY POT LUCK LUNCH is Sunday, August 30 after the worship service.

    There is no need to run out to a local restaurant afterchurch when you can stay to sample some of the besthome cooking around! Membership Department willsupply paper products, tea & lemonade to drink, and

    chicken. Members are asked to bring a side dish. People with namesbeginning with A-F, please bring a salad dish; names beginning G-P, please

    bring a vegetable dish, and names starting with Q-Z, please bring a dessert.


    First, let me get a couple thank yous out of theway.

    I want to thank everyone that has been sowonderful to both Betty and I as she continues to deal withher Bladder Cancer and other health issues. This iscertainly one of those hard times to be over three hoursapart.

    Also, I want to thank the co-Directors and all theworkers that made Day-Camp fun, safe and a greatministry this year. Each of you are very appreciated as youstepped up to help keep a wonderful ministry going andflourishing. Thank You.

    General Assembly:

    General Assembly of our denomination occurredin Columbus, OH on July 18-22. Many things havechanged since my first GA in St. Louis in 1993. In 1993,there were about 8,000 delegates at GA; in Columbusthere were just less than 4,000. Many other Discipleschurches have seen similar or even much more drasticdecline than our own. One could be very discouraged.But... There is hope. There are new congregations beingborn. Some congregations are bravely facing the futureand saying, "Here we are, use us."

    We as Disciples in the USA now speak 128languages. We meet in many converted , rented andhome church settings. The "Great Commission" is literallybeing fulfilled here and among Disciples.

    Churches are finding some very creative ways toraise moneys for Week of Compassion that I could nothelp but smile and think of Fairviews talent show andcoffee house. One such new way is Wine to Water, a fundraiser where a wine tasting is used to help support thebuilding of a water well or system in a village somewherein the world. This reduces violence against women whooften carry fresh water miles daily and much more. Whilethat particular fundraiser would raise eye brows, how canwe help provide water, food, emergency aid, etc... Theanswer is very simple and can be complex. We can simplygive to Week of Compassion or we can design our ownfund raiser true to us (like a stew).

    Amy Gopp, former head of Week of Compassionand now on staff of Church Wold Services, gave apowerful message at the Peace Fellowship Breakfast. Shereminded us all of the needs for Peace around the worldand God's faithfulness through churches working together.

    Close to home, Lynchburg College, one of ourDisciple colleges, officially will begin investigatingbecoming an University this fall. For the size of the school,their sports teams have had incredible success, includinga National title for the Girls Soccer Team. They also will beadding a Physicians Assistant degree this fall.

    It seems our schools are all doing pretty well.Phillips University in Oklahoma, a school that closed a fewyears ago, now have turned its resources into scholarshipmonies for Disciples attending Disciple schools.

    Christmount, our national retreat in Black

    Mountain, NC, is in the search process for a new director.The current director is retiring, They have someincredable programs scheduled through the remainder ofthe summer and fall. See me or the bulletin board bychurch office for details.

    The docket (business) items can still be viewed Most are reports from variousagencies responsible to report to the church. Others arepeace and justice declarations sent forth bycongregations or groups within our church. The importantthing to remember when reading any resolution is thatwithin the Disciple church a wide range of views andsensitivities exist. We agree on one thing - that Christ isSavior.

    Our next GA will be in Indianapolis, IN in 2017and then Des Moines, IW in 2019. Like the local church,we as a denomination are struggling with how to befaithfully smaller. One of our resolutions involved lookingat ways to do future GA at our new size.

    Over all, the Columbus Assembly was well puttogether, great convention hall, convenient to food andhotels. The community was welcoming to us as a group.One could clearly see hope in that there were more youngpeople present than in Orlando two years ago. HunterMoore did a great job representing Lynchburg College attheir booth.

    Foot-Note:On the way home from General Assembly in

    Lexington, Virginia, I totaled my car and not hurting thedriver of the other car or myself. I'd like to thank themembers who expressed their love and concern in thedifficult days.


    Pastor Curtis


    August 02: One Church, Many Faces Ephesians 4:1-16

    August 09: The Real Bread of Life John 6:35-51

    August 16: Living to the Lord Ephesians 5:15-20

    August 23: Communion: Flesh vs Spirit John 6:56-69

    August 30: Blest by Doing James 1:17-27

    Page 2


    Meet and Greet in Worship

    Some of you have come to the WorshipDepartment and to the Boardcomplaining about the length of timefor our Meet and Greet during theworship service. Basically, we haveheard, Its too long! No, it is not.The point of meet and greet is to greet guests who arethere for the first time OR to say hello to someone nearyou, not on the other side of the sanctuary. And if you havebusiness to conduct with a member, it should wait untilAFTER the service. The fact is, many of you are ignoringthis two minute time span.

    Our bulletin clearly states this:

    Ours is a caring congregation and our Meet and Greettime provides an opportunity to meet someone you do notknow and to pass along a little Godly love through a hand

    shake or a hug. Please take a minute or two to greet someone near

    you, then as the music begins to play to draw us backinto worship, return to your seat.

    Also, our praise team, when they complete themusic at the beginning to the service, tells us to take thesefew minutes to greet someone and when you hear themusic, to return to your seat and be prepared to singagain. Many of you have told us how much they like thisnew addition to our worship service and we are happy thatyou do. We also understand the frustration you havebrought to us and it is because of this we of the WorshipDepartment ask that YOU help US in controlling the lengthof meet and greet. We ask that you listen for when thepraise team begins to play again and to return to your seatand prepare to worship our Lord.

    We look forward to seeing you in church thisSunday!


    HOME: Beckie ShyEthel Perrow

    SYMPATHY TO: To the family of Floyd Vernell Martin,husband of Patricia Martin.

    To the family to Dorothy Dot Hurt, widow ofthe late Robert Hurt.ACTIVE MILITARY: Bryson Lipscomb, Jessica Mays,Shawn Riley, Shawn WilsonCONCERNS: Sarah Augis, Al & Frances Cheatham, Ed &Alice Clark, Jennifer Colbert, Pat Cox, Kathy Coleman,Arlene Davis, David Doss, David Dudley, LawrenceFalwell, Melissa Franklin, Terry & Liz Garrett, DoreneGraybill, Tillie Godsie, Cyndi Hodnett, Carolyn & JuniorHudson, AG J