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  • The Fairview Christian NewsletterOffice : (434) 845 - 6031


    Pastor Curtis Wheeler - Senior MinisterChris Harris - Youth Coordinator

    Emilee Houser - Music CoordinatorPaula Card - Administrative Assistant

    Vol. 33 February 1, 2018 No. 02

    Office Hours:Monday to Friday

    8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

    Sunday Services:Sunday School - 9:40 a.m.

    Blended Worship - 10:45 a.m.

    In This Issue:

    10 Biblical Ways to Love. . . pg 4Birthday/Anniversary Calendar. . . . . . . . . . . pg 2 CMF News. . . . . . . . . . . . . . pg 2February Calendar. . . . . . . . pg 6February Schedule . . . . . . . . . . . . Back CoverNotes & News.. . . . . . . . . . . pg 5Office Hours. . . . . . . . . . . CoverPastors Ponderings. . . . . . . pg 3Prayers/Concerns.. . . . . . . . pg 2Tuesday Dinners. . . . . . . . . pg 2Thank You Notes. . . . . . . . . pg 4Verse for Month. . . . . . . . CoverWeek of Compassion Calendar. . . . . . . . . pg 7World Outreach News. . . . . pg 4Youth & Kids Page.. . . . . . . pg 8

    Verse for the Month:

    And this is his command: tobelieve in the name of his

    Son, Jesus Christ, and to loveone another as hecommanded us.

    1 John 3:23 niv

    SOUPER BOWL of CARING SUNDAYFebruary 4, 2018

    In 1990, a Super Bowl Sunday prayer inspireda group of young people to do something more thancelebrate a football game. They created the SouperBowl of Caring, and have mobilized youth across the country to raise morethan $71 million for people in need. Please drop $1 (or more) in a soup poton Sunday, February 4. Gifts will benefit our Tuesday Community Dinnerministry.


    Fairview Christian Church YouthChristian Service Project

    Sunday, February 11, 2018AFTER worship service in the Fellowship Hall

    Bring your valentine for a delicious meal ofspaghetti, homemade meat sauce, garlic bread, salad, dessert,

    tea/coffee, water and lemonade.Cost: Donation - All donations go toward planned youth activities.

    After lunch, stay for the fun!There will be entertainment based on a blast from the past televisionprogram (which many may remember) called The Newlywed Game.

    This version, however, is better known as The Oldies Wed Game.Come find out how much some of our favorite church couples REALLY

    know about each other!

    NEW MEMBER / MEMBER REFRESHER COURSE is being offered during the six Sundays of Lent, beginningon Sunday, February 18 through Palm Sunday, March 25.This class is designed for anyone thinking about baptismand becoming a faithful member of the church and forthose who have been in their Christian walk for manyyears and want a refresher course on the things we believe as a follower ofJesus. Class will be held during the Sunday School time, which is 9:45 -10:25 a.m. If you are interested in the class, please see Pastor Curtis or callthe church office (845-6031) so he will know who is attending.


    UVA: Lowell ClarkHOME: Lisa Agee

    Winn BellAnnie ReynoldsConner Lane

    NEW ADDRESS: Lois Brooks, Carriage Hill Retirement,1203 Roundtree Dr., Bedford 24523SYMPATHY TO: The family of Russell Krantz, father ofRussell, Jr., Johnny, Gerald, and Lynn Williams and theirspouses and grandchildren.

    To the family of Walter Thomas Nichols, Jr., sonof the late Walter & Gertie Nichols. Mr. Nichols has beenon our prayer concerns in recent months.ACTIVE MILITARY: Jessica Mays, Shawn Riley, ShawnWilson, Benjamen Mosby, Nate Webb CONCERNS: Delores Almond, Mary Anderson, SarahAugis, Alice Clark, Jennifer Colbert, Loraine Collins, PatCox, Kathy Coleman, Arlene Davis, David Doss, DavidDudley, Melissa Franklin, Terry & Liz Garrett, AG Jefferson3rd, Subrina Jones, Doris Keiser, Jim Keiser, Mary Large,Delores Linn, Frances Lipscomb, Daphaney Parker,Beckie Rowland, Frances Saunders, Dawn Schmitz,Beckie Shy, Catherine St. John, Richard Taylor, RylandTuck, Rachel VukmirovichSPECIAL CONCERNS: Angel Jones, Marie Lee, LottyWatson, Dr. Kenneth Scott Guest, Jr., Kenneth ScottGuest, Sr., Frances Lipscomb, Terrell Salmon, Jimmy &Peggy Thompson, Pam Shelton, Lisa Agee, Kim Lane,Andrea LowreyPRAYER CHAIN: If you need to activate the prayer chain,call Shirley Fleshman (239-5083) or church office.AFTER HOURS EMERGENCY NUMBERS:

    Pastor Curtis Wheeler or the presiding elder for the week

    (found on the last page of the newsletter)


    December 19: 103 dinners served 1 meals homebound members

    16 volunteers December 26: No dinnerJanuary 02: 65 dinners served

    2 meals homebound members15 volunteers

    January 09: 50 dinners served 3 meals homebound members17 volunteers

    January 16: 65 dinners served 3 meals homebound members16 volunteers


    DUES FOR 2018: Dues for the new year are now beingaccepted. Dues are $50. If you have questions or need tomake a payment, please see Wayne Gordon.

    CMF MEMBERS: A pancake breakfast meeting isplanned for Saturday, February 3, beginning at 8 a.m. After breakfast, there will be an business meeting. AllCMF members are encouraged to attend.


    Happy Birthday To:

    1 Mark Maddox 2 Larry Thomas 4 Deborah Davidson Creasy, S. W. Viar 5 Jewell Price, Betty Wright 6 Preston Carwile 7 Kara Thomson 8 Madeline Bell, Layla Lee 9 Mike Beeler, Tyler Stanton12 Lewis West, Matthew Ryan Tomlin13 Barbara Eubank, Phillip Carwile, Curtis Elliott, Sr.14 Paul Wright15 Dennis Stump16 Jerry French17 Hannah Dancy18 Diane M. Almond, Evangeline Bryant Foster19 Dottie Moore20 Ted Carwile21 Faye Wood Hill22 Elizabeth Garrett, Tyler Schlemmer, Amanda Camden23 Ray Maddox, Evan Robertson25 Sylvia Clark26 Brad Fitzgerald, Brenda Thorp27 Carolyn Stanley, Nikolas Wade

    Happy Anniversary To:

    05: Wade & Mickey Martin09: Elmo & Partner Torrence14: Chad & Cassandra Duff (their 20th!)28: Raymond & Mary Alice Ugron

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    During the season of Epiphany we have beentaking a different approach to the usual dull days of winter. We have been looking for ways to be creative in ourworship while looking for ways to deepen our spiritual livesand take something home to work on for the week (prayerlife, kindness to others, give a bit of happiness, create aholy place, and acknowledge the value of physical fitnessto spiritual fitness).

    It is hard for most of us to believe we aretransitioning toward spring but the ebb of new life is everpresent. The first seed catalogues have arrived and eventhe first crocus. Hope is eternal. As we approach Lentwe are reminded that we accompany each other on thisjourney of faith. As we look at secular calendars, it seemsodd that Lent arrives on Valentine's Day, the day set asidefor romantic lovers to express their feelings in chocolate,roses and expensive meals. As church folk we are toexamine ourselves for faults, flaws which we identify assins. Just Sunday, I was speaking with a colleague abouthow differently each of us define SIN. Regardless of thenuances of sin, we can usually agree that we all aresinners and that it is through Christ that we are once againreconciled to God.

    There are great differences of opinion on thenecessity of blood atonement (necessity of death on crossfor our sins), Christ standing as substitution for us and thenecessity of that, and any number of other aspects of theLenten-Easter Season. The Medevil church had becomeso corrupt that indulgences were being sold in order forthe evil to feel if they had enough money they could buytheir way into Heaven. Others were being severelypunished for lessor sins and being forced to wearsackcloth and ashes as a sign of repentance throughoutthe Lenten season in some hope of being brought backinto full fellowship. Eventually, others realized that we allshare in sin, we cannot buy our way into Gods goodgraces and that at least during Lent we should allacknowledge this and seek in humility to be drawn closerspiritually.

    Following is a list of Lenten-Easter services and studies:

    Upcoming Sermons:Continued from: SAD: Spiritual Affective Disorder

    February 04: Altars, Altars, EverywherePsalm 84

    February 11: Walk This Way Deuteronomy 30:15-20

    February 14: Ash Wednesday Service, 7 p.m.,Suttenfield Chapel, FCCMake Me an Instrument of PeaceAmos 5:21-24Psalm 51:1-17

    Lenten Sunday Services, 10:45 am. Sanctuary, FCC (Series will be on Justice)

    February 18: Child of GodRomans 8:31-39

    February 25: How LongPsalm 13

    March 4: I Dream of a ChurchMatthew 25:31-40

    March 11: I Choose LoveLuke 23:32-43

    March 18: God has a Work for UsIsaiah 58:6-12

    March 25: Palm Sunday Service10:45 a.m., Sanctuary, FCCThe Day is ComingIsaiah 35:1-3; Matthew 21:1-11

    March 29: Maundy Thursday Service, 7 p.m.,Suttenfield Chapel, FCCReflections on the Upper Room

    March 30: Good Friday Service, 7 p.m., Suttenfield Chapel, FCCUncertainty?

    April 1: Easter Sunrise Service, 7 a.m.,Suttenfield Chapel, FCCNew Life

    Easter Sunrise will once again this year be aneffort with our brothers and sisters at Fairview UnitedMethodist Church.

    April 01: Easter Resurrection Service, 10:45 a.m.Sanctuary, FCCWelcome Matthew 28:1-9Jeremiah 31:1-6

    We have been invited to participate in a Lentenfast study on Thursdays at noon during Lent at FUMC. Itwill be based on a book by Adam Hamilton. See theworship bulletin for more details as the time approaches.

    The ladies of our church are doing a Lenten studyby Liz Curtis Higgs that I strongly recommend. See GloriaSpain or the worshp bulletin for details.


    Pastor Curtis

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