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Art Direction Vs Digital Direction

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  • theFaceofFashion

    ArtDirectionvs DigitalDirection

  • theFaceofFashionArt

    DirectionvDigitalDirectionsHello. My name is Kathryn Ciara Easthope & i am

    currently in my 3rd year at the Liverpool School of Art & Design studying Graphic Arts.

    The area od work i am most passionate about is fashion photogaphy and lyout design for fashion

    editorial. With this as my main area of interest, for my final major research project for my degree I am

    creating a publication, exploring the different aspects of

    tradionally art directed fashion photography vs the more recent development of creating the scene on a

    purely digital basis, which, for the sake of my publication i will be terming

    digial direction

    As a photographer who has worked / works with fashion imagery, i was hoping you may find the time

    to look through these images &answer a few short questions related to art

    direction vs digital direction found on the last page

    If you are able to contribute to my research, your website will be credited in my dissertation and any

    information you give will be quoted to you.

    thank you in advance for taking the time to read this document, and i really hope you find the topic of

    interest enough to respond

    Yours Kathryn Ciara Easthope

  • 1. As a fashion photographer how is it that you pre-fer to work, traditional art directed shoots, or create imagery digitally?

    2. What do you think is the benefit of the way you like to work/the disadvantage to the other

    3. From your own experience, both personally and in your work environment, do they think more peo-ple are choosing digital?

    4. As a photographer/Art Director so you feel that digital direction demeans your role and creativity?

    5. In your own opinion which type of direction makes for the more iconic image?

    6. In your opinion do you find more people asking for digital as a easy/quicker/cheaper option?

    7. Do you think the viewing public truly appreciate the work that goes in to a fully art directed shoot with all the digital imagery out there, do you think people are desensitized to the fantasy of fashion photography assuming anything spectacular must be photoshopped?



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