The Conquests of Alexander the Great - PC\| the Facts Alexander the Great, king of ancient...

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Transcript of The Conquests of Alexander the Great - PC\| the Facts Alexander the Great, king of ancient...

  • The Conquests of Alexander the Great

    2015 Social Studies School Service

    World History Trial (Trial)

    Page 1 of 6 2016 Social Studies School Service

  • Introduction

    In this lesson, you will gather, organize, and synthesize evidence from maps, graphs, time lines, charts, and

    illustrations to answer historical and geographical questions. The questions are a mixture of multiple choice,

    short answer, fill in the blank, and written response. You can study the maps in the reader, or you can

    download the maps


    and open them in a separate window. Be sure you understand your teachers expectations before you begin to


    World History Trial (Trial)

    Page 2 of 6 2016 Social Studies School Service

  • Gathering the Facts

    Alexander the Great, king of ancient Macedonia, built an empire that stretched from Greece to India.

    Alexanders conquests spread Greek society across western Asia.

    Years of fighting had weakened the Greek city-states. Macedonia, a kingdom in northern Greece,

    conquered the entire region.

    Then Alexander turned to the east and conquered the Persian Empire.

    When Alexander died, his generals divided his empire into separate kingdoms.

    Alexanders conquests led to the mixing of Greek culture with the cultures of conquered lands.

    Use the information above to complete the sentences below.

    1. Alexander the Great was king of . He conquered Greece and then the

    Empire. Following Alexanders conquests, the cultures of the conquered lands

    were influenced by culture.

    2. Alexanders empire was about as large as the . It included land on three

    continents: , , and . His empire stretched

    from Greece to .

    World History Trial (Trial)

    Page 3 of 6 2016 Social Studies School Service

  • Places, Regions, and Landscapes

    Look at map C, The Persian Empire. Use the information to fill in the blanks below.

    1. How many different major culture groups were within the Persian Empire?

    2. List the rivers that were completely or partially within the Persian Empire.

    3. List all the seas that bordered the Persian Empire.

    History through Maps

    World History Trial (Trial)

    Page 4 of 6 2016 Social Studies School Service

  • Look at map D, Alexander Conquers Persia. Use the map to follow Alexanders conquest route. Number the

    places below in sequential order, with 1 being the first place Alexander traveled through and 14 being the last.

    Some of the places will have more than one number because Alexander passed through them more than once.

    1. Sangela

    2. Nineveh

    3. Pella

    4. Babylon

    5. Granicus

    6. Persepolis

    7. Issus

    8. Gaugamela

    9. Bucephala

    10. Thrace

    11. Gedrosia

    12. Alexandria

    World History Trial (Trial)

    Page 5 of 6 2016 Social Studies School Service

  • 13. Of the places above, where did major battles occur?

    World History Trial (Trial)

    Page 6 of 6 2016 Social Studies School Service

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