Alexander the Great. TSW Understand how Alexander’s military conquests had an impact on future...

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Transcript of Alexander the Great. TSW Understand how Alexander’s military conquests had an impact on future...

  • Alexander the Great

  • TSWUnderstand how Alexanders military conquests had an impact on future cultures

  • FocusHow did the Peloponnesian War pave the way for Philips conquest of Greece?

  • Alexander Empire Builder

    Philip IIBucephalusMacedonAlexandria, EgyptDemosthenesAlexandrian LibraryDarius IIIHellenistic

  • PHILIP II of Macedonia

    Educated in Thebes , familiar with Greek military techniques, and a very skillful politician

    Genius at sizing up a situation and figuring out how to exploit it for his own advantage

    Recognized that the Greek city-states would be easy pickings for anyone bold enough to attack them

  • DEATH OF PHILIP IIAssassinated at his daughters weddingSucceeded by his 20-year old son, Alexander

  • ALEXANDER CREATES AN ARMYplanned invasion of Persian EmpireAlready had extensive military experience as his fathers chief general

    Needed Greek soldiers but Greeks did not deliver promised numbersAttacked Thebes in 335 and burned it to the groundSlaughtered entire population or sold them into slaveryTaught Greeks a lesson and Greek recruitment into his army skyrocketedhad final force of 30,000 soldiers and 5000 horsemen

  • START OF ALEXANDERS CONQUESTSDefeats PersiaThen headed into Syria and took over the entire Mediterranean coast without any real resistance

    Invaded Egypt where he was proclaimed pharaohBuilt city of Alexandria to celebrate event at the mouth of the NilesWould become one of the greatest cities in the ancient worldLighthouse at Alexandria

  • ALEXANDERS AMBITIONAlexander continues to conquer eastwardhis destiny to conquer all territory up to the edge of the worldSome Macedonian advisors were against this planAlso did not like the way Alexander had gone nativeWearing Persian clothes, adopting Persian rituals, appointing Persians to important positions, adding Persian contingents to the army, and marrying a Persian princessSeveral conspiracies were launched to overthrow AlexanderHe discovered all of them and killed all those involved

  • TO THE EDGE OF THE WORLDMarched east through Armenia, Afghanistan, and Pakistan and then crossed the Indus River into IndiaInvolved in some terrible battles in India but kept moving eastAt the Hyphasis River, his men refused to move any furtherSimply worn out and homesickAlexander ultimately gave in and agreed to return home

  • PUNISHMENTTook southern route home through the horrible desert of southern PakistanFor reasons of revengeFelt betrayed by mutiny in India and decided to punish his men by marching them through the desert50% of the army died during this marchFinally made it back to Babylon in

  • ALEXANDERS PLANWas not interested in organizing an administration to govern his empireObsessed with creating a Macedonian/Persian master raceOrdered officers to marry Persian womenTried to create a new Macedonian/Persian ruling class which would permanently join East and WestBy blending conquered and conqueror, he hoped to install an element of stability in his empire

  • DEATH OF ALEXANDERIn June 323, Alexander died at the age of 32In the midst of planning the invasion of ArabiaExact cause of death is unknownMaybe pneumonia, malaria, alcoholic poisoning, or food poisoningNo one will ever know for sure

  • LEGACYBrilliant general and leaderSeems at time to be a hero come to life from one of Homers poems

    Major contribution was the destruction of the Persian EmpireOpened the door for the penetration of Greek culture into the Middle EastCreates the Hellenistic cultures

    Big weakness was lack of concern for administrative mattersLiked to conquer, not consolidateLiked to fight, not governEmpire died with him as a resultVirtually guaranteed by absence of any sort of centralized administrative structure

  • Was Alexander great or not so great?You will be given a few minutes to discuss this question with your group and then debate.

  • Using Smart Art, create chart that compares the positive and negative aspects of Alexanders legacy.

    List 3 positives and 3 negatives of Alexander the Great