The Beauty of Kerala

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  1. 1. The Beauty of Kerala
  2. 2. Introduction Popular as Gods own country, this exotic state is packed with several destinations that will truly captivate your senses. Located in the south, with proximity to the Arabian sea, this place is blessed with pristine beaches that attract thousands of tourists from all over the country. Whats more? The place comprises a network of pleasing backwaters and stretches of tea and spice plantations that will amuse the minds of the curious ones. Kerala has evolved as a tourist destination over a period of years. Its famous backwaters, charming houseboats, and spicy, but intensely mouth- watering cuisines will surely leave you enchanted. If you are not aware of what to do here, then include these few places in Kerala tour packages which will make your vacation truly fun-filled.
  3. 3. Visit Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary Get lost in the enchanting beauty of nature and get a first-hand experience of wild by visiting Wayanad. Over the years, trekking has been closed down, but the safari will truly give you the glimpse of wild animals and charming birds, nestled and moving in their natural habitat.
  4. 4. Backwater cruising Against the rumbling waters of the Arabian Sea are located the serene, languid backwaters of Kerala that will promise you a peaceful getaway from the regular. If you plan to have a romantic getaway away from the hustle and bustle of the city, then book a houseboat that sails in these backwaters.
  5. 5. Indulge in Ayurveda Treatment Rejuvenate your mind and body by indulging in the traditional natural healing system of Ayurveda. Visit a spa, take one of the Ayurvedic treatment, relax your mind and body, and finally walk-out of it with a gush of refreshing vigour. Ayurveda Spas that offer a variety of treatments making