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Transcript of The AUXILIARY of Royal Botanical Gardens Spring Newsletter The AUXILIARY of Royal Botanical Gardens

  • The AUXILIARY of Royal Botanical Gardens

    Spring Newsletter

    June 2015 Website:

    Telephone: (905) 577-7771


    Reports in this Issue:

    President 2

    Vice President 2

    Past President 3

    Archives 4

    Auxiliary Garden 5

    Auxiliary Workshop 5

    Docents 6

    Horticultural Sales 7

    Information Desk 7

    Library 7

    Membership 8

    Shop @ The Gardens 8

    Social Committee 8

    Special Events 9

    Tour Guides 9

    Volunteer Gardeners 10

    Members’ Contributions 10

    Dates To Remember:

    June 16 (Tue) Strawberry Social June 23 (Tue) Special Gardens Tour Sept 11 -12 (Fri-Sat) Fall Plant Sale Sept 17 (Thu) Fall General Meeting Nov 19 -21(Thu-Sat) Christmas Show and Sale

    This Newsletter was produced by the Newsletter Committee:

    Judith Reed, Chair; Frances Smith, Layout; Gabrielle Adams;

    Roxine Bisson; Shirley Jordan; Alexandra Rawlings; Lyn Robinson

    Thank you to all contributors for your articles & photos

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    Spring 2015 RBG Auxiliary

    President - Jean Crowe Spring happened almost overnight and the Auxiliary Plant Sale was blessed with great weather. The Sale this year was on four days and sales were somewhat less than in previous years.

    The opportunity for Auxiliary members to augment RBG activities changes with the seasons. Some members have begun gardening in the Arboretum and the Laking and Hendrie gardens. We are mostly weeding but there will be some “pruning”, deadheading and general sprucing. We all take great pride in “our garden” and we would welcome many more volunteers. After all, we are Royal Botanical Gardens and the emphasis is to provide visitors with a “wow” experience.

    Please save the date for Sunday, June 14, 2015. Details will follow of a “sneak peek” at the newly renovated Rock Garden. This special opportunity is being offered to RBG Board members, donors, staff and Auxiliary members. Since the area remains a construction site, numbers will be limited for safety reasons. You will be given the chance to register for this great occasion.

    Throughout the summer there are many RBG special events at which we are asked to assist in various ways. Watch the weekly VON (Volunteer Opportunities and News – not the former visiting

    nurses) and learn about these opportunities, check your calendar and sign up! One way to stay healthy and ward off the advances of age is to make changes, learn new skills, and expand your horizons.

    Vice President - Mary Lyn Brown Long term memberships were recognized and the Paterson Bowl was presented at the Spring General Meeting. Long term membership is recognized in 5 year increments. The following members were recognized for 20 years and more of service: Cathy Cummins - 20 years; Charmian Patrick - 30 years; Janet Hutton - 45 years;

    Jean Murphy - 45 years.

    Marion Jarvie, guest speaker

    RBG Auxiliary Spring Meeting

    45 year service award to Jean Murphy 45 year service award to Janet Hutton

    2015 RBG Auxiliary Service Recognition 45 Years 30 Years 20 Years

    Janet Hutton Charmian Patrick Cathy Cummins Jean Murphy

    15 Years

    Margaret Barnes Susan Jones Irene Quinn

    Margaret Davidson Marion Little Ingo Schneider

    Patricia Forsyth Donald McGillivray Anne Simpson

    10 Years

    Barbara Collins Frances Neufeld Roberta Rodenhizer

    Everard Hambro Sheila Roach Gordon Wickens

    Linda Heaver Jeanne Robertson

    5 Years

    Solange Black Kara Getgood Brian Pentecost

    Anne Marie Christian Nancy Kumpf Rita Shaw

    Dan Gardiner Lizzie Matheson

    Ontario Service Awards

    The following have been awarded a volunteer award from The Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration of the Ontario Government

    Antje George Judy Harris Ann Pallant

    Russ Gunn Mattie Lemmond Catherine Shimmell

    The awards were presented on April 30th in Hamilton.

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    Spring 2015 RBG Auxiliary

    Past President - Roxine Bisson Jill McDougall has been declared the worthy recipient of the 2014 Paterson Bowl. Over the years, Jill has volunteered enthusiastically in many areas of the Auxiliary: the Spring Plant Sale, the Auxiliary Garden and Workshop, and the Newsletter Committee. In 2000, she served as President of the Auxiliary. One of her duties as Vice President was to act as Chair of the Christmas Show and Sale. More recently, Jill took charge of organizing urn inserts for the sale. She is an excellent tour guide and a wonderful mentor to new guides, encouraging them to accompany her on tours until they feel comfortable to lead tour groups on their own. Jill

    faithfully attends Auxiliary Docent and General Meetings and welcomes new volunteer opportunities as interpreter at special events. Her continued participation underlines her commitment to the Auxiliary and RBG. Congratulations, Jill.


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    Spring 2015 RBG Auxiliary

    Archives - Marie Minaker

    In late February the Catalogue project held an Open House for RBG staff and volunteers, plus invited guests from associated organizations. More than thirty people attended throughout the morning, each receiving a small leaflet about the catalogue collection. We prepared displays showing the work that is being done, including before and after samples, and showcased some of the items from the collection, illustrating the development of horticultural catalogues during the 150 years covered by the collection. Visitors were also able to tour Room 207 where the 30,000 catalogues in the collection are stored. The response was positive and we plan to hold a similar event next year.

    Archives Catalogue Open House

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    Spring 2015 RBG Auxiliary

    We welcomed five new volunteers to the Workshop this year. They were introduced to the mechanics of silk arrangements and the principles and elements of design by Diana McCallum. We invite all members interested in learning a new skill to join us in the Workshop.

    Sales have been good in the consignment area next to Shop @ The Gardens. Over 100 dried bouquets, arrangements and wreaths have been sold. The Workshop has also been very successful in filling orders for custom silk arrangements.

    In preparation for the new season, the Auxiliary Garden has started cleaning and soil preparation for planting. New ideas are being considered for the annual Christmas Show and Sale, the Evergreen Workshops and decorating the Colonnade for the 2015-16 Holiday Traditions.

    Auxiliary Workshop - Kathy Conway

    Auxiliary Garden - Antje George

    The seedlings for the Auxiliary Garden have been transplanted and are maturing in the Green House. We are very busy getting the garden ready for the new plants - transplanting perennials, pruning shrubs and grasses, and preparing the beds.

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    Spring 2015 RBG Auxiliary

    If you missed the recent monthly Docent Meetings, you missed opportunities for interesting learning.

    Since January 2015 would have been the 100th birthday of Barbara Laking, founder of the Auxiliary, Marie Minaker, Auxiliary member, read short excerpts of her recent book, “Volunteer, Eh!” which recounts the Auxiliary’s beginnings.

    Jodi Healy, RBG Gardens Manager, gave an update on the Rock Garden plantings, the makeover of the synoptic shrub collection at the Arboretum and the 90 new lilac bushes in the Dell.

    Non-Native and Invasive Plants were explained by Tys Theysmeyer, Head of RBG Natural Lands. The introduction of a foreign species into another environment can cause it to become invasive. Climate change can alter the status of a native plant into an invasive one. Great presentation!

    Jim Lounsbery of Vineland Nurseries demonstrated how, why and when to prune trees and shrubs. There was great enthusiasm for this topic.

    Cathy Cummins was an outstanding Chair of the Docent Committee for two years, providing interesting and informative speakers, great enthusiasm and a touch of humour to the monthly meetings. At the AGM in February, Norm Madill was appointed the new Chair. Jo-ann Price has agreed to serve as a member of the committee. Anyone with ideas for future meetings is welcome to join.

    The committee appreciates the support of the Past Presidents who regularly attend the meetings and the work of Janice Cooper and the Social Committee who provide treats during the social period after the meetings. In an effort to reduce waste, members are encouraged to bring their own mugs.

    Docents - Norm Madill

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    Spring 2015 RBG Auxiliary

    This year the Plant Sale was held on May 6-9, with May 6 being RBG Members Only day. By all measures, Members Day was a huge success. The rest of the Sale was excellent as well. Mother Nature cooperated and after the horrible winter we had, treated us to four wonderful days for our Sal