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E-Newsletter for TAS/Technologies and K-6 Science and Technology teachers

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    State of New South Wales, Department of Education and Communities, 2013



    We l c o m e t o t h e f i r s t Te c h n o l o g i e s e - N e w s le t t e r f o r 2 0 1 3

    The TECHTalk e-Newsletter is designed to support

    teachers of Science and Technology K 6 and

    all Technology (TAS) subjects 7 12.

    T e r m 1 2 0 1 3

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    State of New South Wales, Department of Education and Communities, 2013

    Inside this issueInside this issue

    TERConference 2012 2

    Anaphylaxis Procedures for Schools 2012 3

    Anaphylaxis: Food preparation and sharing student resource 3

    NSW syllabus for the Australian Curriculum: Science and Technology K-6 4

    Australian Curriculum ongoing development 4

    Draft Australian Curriculum: Technologies 5

    HSC showcases and exhibitions 2013 6

    Coming events 7

    Resources 8

    Educational opportunities 9

    Contact us 10

    TERConference 2012

    What constitutes good learning in Technology education? was the conference theme for the Technology Educa-

    tion Research Conference hosted by the Griffith Institute for Educational research which was combined with the

    Queensland Industrial Technology and Design Teachers Association and the National Design and Technology

    Teachers Association conferences.

    There were some outstanding, thought-provoking presentations on a range of topics including the sharing of

    trends and practices in Europe, Kenya, New Zealand and Finland, as well as Japan, Korea and the United States.

    Presenters revealed their innovative projects including Skylap, Helicar and Engineering education through gam-

    ing. Inspirational keynote speakers included Associate Professor P. John

    Williams, Waikato University, Professor Stephanie Atkinson, University

    of Sunderland and Professor Mark Sanders, Virginia Tech University all

    making meaningful contributions on what constitutes good leaning in

    Technology education.

    Venue was the Crowne Plaza, Surfers Paradise, 5-8 December 2012,

    and overall it was a very well-organised event It was wonderful to have

    the opportunity to network with people across Australia and beyond

    and be inspired by valuable, stimulating presentations. Will definitely look out for the next conference in 2014.

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    State of New South Wales, Department of Education and Communities, 2013

    Anaphylaxis Procedures for Schools 2012

    On 30 November 2012 the Department released new Anaphylaxis Procedures for Schools.

    Anaphylaxis is a severe and sometimes sudden allergic

    reaction. It can occur when a susceptible person is ex-

    posed to an allergen (such as a food or an insect sting).

    Reactions usually begin within minutes of exposure and

    can progress rapidly over a period of up to two hours or

    more. Anaphylaxis is potentially life threatening and

    always requires an emergency response. Medical advice

    suggests that the incidence of anaphylaxis is increasing.

    The Procedures can be accessed from the Anaphylaxis

    page on the Public Schools website. All teachers are en-

    couraged to visit this site to find essential information

    about new mandatory anaphylaxis training and to ac-

    cess a range of resources.

    Anaphylaxis: Food preparation and sharing

    A student resource

    The student resource Anaphylaxis: Food preparation and sharing is now available. This online learning re-

    source, targets Year 7 10 students who engage in subjects with a food preparation and/or food sharing

    component. It consists of factual information, scenarios, questions and activities exploring allergies and ana-

    phylaxis as well as issues surrounding food sharing. It has been developed by the Department to:

    raise student awareness of food allergies and recognition of ana-

    phylaxis as a potentially life threatening condition

    increase student knowledge of the signs and symptoms of an

    anaphylactic reaction

    ensure students know how to respond if an anaphylactic reac-

    tion is suspected

    raise student awareness of issues surrounding food sharing and

    the implications for students diagnosed as at risk of anaphylaxis.

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    State of New South Wales, Department of Education and Communities, 2013

    NSW syllabuses for the Australian Curriculum

    Science and Technology K-6

    2013 will be a year of familiarisation and planning in prep-

    aration for the implementation of the new syllabuses

    from 2014.

    The Department has developed a NSW syllabuses for the

    Australian curriculum website to support schools by

    providing accurate and up to date advice. A timeline sets

    out the staggered implementation schedule.

    Professional Learning is supported by a suite of new

    courses that can be conducted at whole school, Stage or

    year levels. New resources specifically designed to clarify

    new or challenging content areas of the new syllabuses

    can be found here and will be added to throughout 2013.

    Science and Technology is due to be implemented in 2015, though optional implementation may take

    place in 2014. Take care when buying resourcesthose developed for the Australian Curriculum may

    not support all outcomes of the NSW Science and Technology syllabus.

    The Australian Curriculum - Ongoing Development

    ACARA continues to develop the Australian Curriculum. A comparative timeline shows progression

    through the stages of shaping, writing and implementation.

    A memorandum to principals was issued on 31 July 2012 as an update on the implementation of the

    Australian Curriculum in NSW.

    Teachers of subjects still under development (previously called Phases 2 and 3 - Geography, Languages,

    the Arts, Health and Physical Education and Technologies) were reminded that all schools are required

    to implement current approved NSW Syllabuses until otherwise advised by the Board of Studies NSW.

    The Board of Studies will follow its regular cycle of curriculum evaluation and review which will identify

    priorities for curriculum renewal. When a current syllabus or learning area is identified for renewal the

    Board of Studies will take the opportunity to incorporate Australian Curriculum content.

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    State of New South Wales, Department of Education and Communities, 2013

    Draft Australian Curriculum: Technologies

    The draft Australian Curriculum: Technologies is scheduled to be released for national consultation in

    mid-February. It will be available for viewing online or downloading from the Australian Curriculum

    consultation website.

    ACARA will conduct a consultation

    survey that will run until mid-May.

    The NSW Department of Educa-

    tion and Communities will conduct its own consultation with teachers . This will be done through a se-

    ries of videoconferences and focus groups. In addition, a PowerPoint presentation outlining the main

    features of the draft Technologies curriculum will be available. Information on dates and how to access

    consultation will be posted on the Technology and SciTech sections of the Curriculum Support website.

    The Board of Studies NSW will also conduct consultation on the draft

    Technologies curriculum. Information on how to access their survey

    will become available on their website.

    Consultation will provide you as technology educators, the opportuni-

    ty to have your say on the scope and direction of the national curricu-

    lum. The draft curriculum involves significant changes to current NSW

    practice and while it will not be directly adopted for use, it will ulti-

    mately impact on future syllabus development in NSW. You are

    strongly encouraged to become involved in the consultation process

    and to ensure that we express our opinions and concerns during this


    Further information about the Australian Curriculum: Technologies

    including a timeline of the writing and implementation schedule, can

    be found on the ACARA website.

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    State of New South Wales, Department of Education and Communities, 2013


    DesignTECH is an annual

    exhibition of outstand-

    ing Major Design Pro-

    jects from the 2012 HSC

    Design and Technology

    cohort. It opens at the

    Powerhouse Museum

    on 15 February 2013.

    The exhibition is accom-

    panied by student semi-

    nars focusing on the

    development and docu-

    mentation of the Major

    Design Project. A Regional tour of the MDPs will take place

    in 2013.


    InTech is an

    exhibition of


    Major projects

    from 2012 HSC

    Industrial Tech-

    nology stu-

    dents. The exhi-

    bition will be held at the Sydney Timber and Work-

    ing with Wood Show from 26 28 July 2013 at the

    Sydney Showground, Homebush. All focus areas of

    Industrial Technology are represented in the exhi-

    bition: Timb