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Department of Education and Communities e-Newsletter to support TAS/Technologies teachers in NSW.

Transcript of Techtalk t3 2013

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    State of New South Wales, Department of Education and Communities, 2013





    Welcome to the TAS/Technologies

    e -Newsletter The TECHTalk e-Newsletter is designed to support teachers of all TAS/Technology subjects Years 7 12.

    Term 3, 2013

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    State of New South Wales, Department of Education and Communities, 2013

    Inside this issueInside this issue

    Contents and Welcome 2

    Draft Australian Curriculum: Technologies - Where to from here? 3

    The Australian Curriculum: Technologiesa NSW perspective 4

    Improving Food and Agriculture Education 5

    National Computer Science School (NCSS) Challenge 6

    Inspirational 7

    Resources: AFEA, Cool Australia, Gamemaker 8

    Resources: Seeing Machines, Australian Dress Register 9

    Design Thinking 10

    Recycled ResourcesCulture and Design Virtual Gallery 11-12

    Resources 13

    Contact us 14

    Welcome back to Term 3!

    While every term is busy, Term 3 is probably the busiest for many TAS teachers! With HSC Trials

    fast approaching, Year 12s madly finishing off their MDP/MTP/MP and HSC Itinerant Practical

    Marking for many teachers, then End of Preliminary Exams - things get really hecticand thats

    just thinking about Stage 6!

    In the first week of the holidays Yvonne Hughes (SciTech K-6 Advisor) and I attended the CS4HS

    Workshop run by the School of IT at Sydney Uni. This Google sponsored educational incentive was

    fantastic, both as an introduction to programming and for the excellent networking opportunities .

    Best of all, it was free! I only found out about it at the last moment, but promise to keep you in-

    formed about next years event.

    On a quieter note, the Australian Curriculum: Technologies is now in its final stages of develop-

    ment. We should get a look at the next draft in July, have one last National Panel consultation

    meeting, a few more tweaks to get it right, up for viewing on the ACARA website mid-September

    and then hopefully see a finalized curriculum in December 2013. Where we in NSW go from there

    will be up to the Minister and the NSW Board of Studies, but Ill keep you posted!

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    State of New South Wales, Department of Education and Communities, 2013

    Draft Australian Curriculum: Technologies

    Where to from here?

    The draft Australian Curriculum: Technologies consultation concluded in May. ACARA analysed the re-

    sults of its national consultation process, identified areas that needed review and the final stages of

    writing are now underway. We hope to see the curriculum released in December. But what will that

    mean for TAS teachers in NSW?

    We recently produced a recorded Adobe Connect

    session to update teachers about the Australian Cur-

    riculum: Technologies, outlining the development

    process, the roles of ACARA and NSW Board of Stud-

    ies, unpacking the organisational and structural fea-

    tures, providing feedback on our consultation pro-

    cess and, finally, suggesting a possible course for


    While we still have a long way to go there are some

    important points to take on board now:

    Do not use the draft Australian Curriculum: Technologies document for planning and programming.

    Continue to use the existing syllabuses for all TAS/Technology subjects until otherwise informed by

    the BOS

    Use this time wisely to evaluate your current teaching and learning programs

    Read the draft Australian Curriculum: Technologies and start to identify areas in your own profes-

    sional learning that need updating. Digital Technologies will prove chal-

    lenging for many of us!

    We should see a final draft of the Australian Curriculum: Technologies F-10 in

    September. It will be available on the ACARA website for viewing.

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    State of New South Wales, Department of Education and Communities, 2013

    The Australian Curriculum

    Technologiesa NSW perspective

    Just in case you missed this important information in last terms edition...

    There has been much confusion amongst teachers and school leaders about the draft Australian

    Curriculum: Technologieswhen and how will it be implemented in NSW?.

    In the memorandum to principals issued by the Board of Studies on 31 July 2012 we were re-

    minded that for all subjects other than the four Phase 1 subjects (English, Mathematics, Science,

    History) it was business as usual until otherwise advised by the BOS. This includes all TAS/

    Technology subjects.

    In NSW we will not use the Australian Curriculum directly. We must wait until syllabuses incorporating

    the Australian Curriculum content are developed by the Board of Studies and approved by the Minister

    for implementation in NSW schools. That is because The Board of Studies is responsible under the Educa-

    tion Act 1990 for developing the curriculum for Kindergarten to Year 12 in NSW.

    Courses of study in a key learning area are to be based on, and taught in accordance with, a sylla-

    bus developed or endorsed by the Board and approved by the Minister. Education Act 1990 Part 3 Division 1

    Any syllabus developed or endorsed by the Board for a particular course of study is to indicate the

    aims, objectives and desired outcomes in terms of knowledge and skills that should be acquired

    by children at various levels of achievement by the end of specified stages in the course, and any

    practical experience that children should acquire by the end of any such stage. Education Act 1990 - Sect 14

    At this stage NSW has made no commitment to the implementation of the Australian Curriculum for

    Phase 2 and Phase 3 subjects.

    The Board of Studies will follow its regular cycle of curriculum evaluation and review which will

    identify priorities for curriculum renewal. When a current syllabus or learning area is identified for

    renewal the Board will take the opportunity to incorporate Australian curriculum content. NSW BOS Memorandum To Principals July 2012

    Unlike the Phase 1 subjects this may occur over a period of time rather than as

    one rollout.

    So while many of your work colleagues are busy familiarising themselves with the

    new NSW syllabuses for the Australian Curriculum to be implemented in 2014

    (English, Mathematics, Science, History) all TAS/Technology subjects will continue

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    State of New South Wales, Department of Education and Communities, 2013

    Improving Food and Agriculture Education

    Weve all heard about the Australian Council of Educational Research (ACER) survey results where 75% of

    students thought cotton socks were an animal product and 45% of students could not identify that everyday

    lunchbox items such as a banana, bread and cheese originated from farms. To help rectify this situation the

    Federal Government recently committed $1.5 million to agricultural education as part of the National Food

    Plan to ensure Australian students learn about where their food comes from.

    The Government program, Food in the Australian Curriculum, will involve the development of educational

    resources which will be linked to the Australian curriculum aimed at informing students of food production,

    increasing the profile of agriculture among teachers, ca-

    reers advisors and students, and helping to attract a new

    generation of young people into agriculture.

    Our young students do not have enough of a basic un-

    derstanding of where their food, clothing and building

    materials come from. Primary Industries Education

    Foundation (PIEF) Chair, Cameron Archer said.

    On 24 June 2013 The Hon Sid Sidebottom MP, Parliamentary Secretary for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forest-

    ry , spoke at the AgriFood Skills Environmental Scan Launch in Canberra and stated:

    This Food in the Australian Curriculum initiative will help Australian students understand better where their

    food and fibre comes from, how it is produced and the important role of food and fibre producers.

    The initiative will help make available new food, fibre and agriculture- related education resources. It will cov-

    er primary and secondary subjects, including science, geography, technologies and health and physical educa-


    The goals of the initiative are to:

    Enhance the teaching of agriculture

    Attract a new generation of young people into agriculture and related careers

    Increase the profile of agriculture among teach-

    ers, career advisers and students

    The initiative will fund:

    Online and printed curriculum resources

    Professional development seminars for existing

    and trainee teachers

    Career advice materials based on local, food-related labour market opportunities

    Networking of agriculture teachers currently employed in schools

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    State of New South Wales, Department of Education and Communities, 2013

    National Computer Science

    School (NCSS) Challenge

    The NC