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Transcript of Techfestival Meetup Brief May25 · PDF file Techfestival. Slide5 June 2017 Meetup Meetup...

  • Meetup Brief


    Slide 1 June 2017


  • Future Living, Manufacturing, Art, Gaming, Music Production, Food Systems, Female Health, AI Ethics, Transportation, Podcasts, eSports, Digital Mind, Internet Policy, Love, Governance, , Legal, Sports, Photography, Future Work, VR/AR, Digital Journalism, Open Source, DIY, …

    What meetup do you want to host?


    Slide 2 June 2017


  • Techfestival.

    Slide 3 June 2017


    Join our core community of 100+ co-creators: We are inviting progressive meetup organizers and thought leaders globally to co-create meetups at Techfestival. Bring your burning topic, your crowd and use the Techfestival platform to extend your meetup community

  • Techfestival.

    Slide 4 June 2017


    Ego Love, Sex, Relations, Stress, Emotions, Health, …

    Citizen Surveillance, Responsibility, Rights, Democracy, Decentralisation, Transparency, …

    Learn E-learning, Kids, Mobile, Generations, …

    Create DIY, Maker, Knitting, Human Scale Design, Coding, …

    Play Gaming, VR/AR, Audio, Collaborative, Discovery, …

    Work Co-working, Diversity, AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, …

    Startup Founders, Entrepreneurship, Fundraising, Angel, Growth-Hacking, Human-centric Marketing, …

    Art Art, Film, Literature, Food, Music, …

    Cities Co-living, Biking, Circular societies, Tactical Urbanism, Densification, …

    Society Democracy, Governance, Sharing Economy, Multi-nationals, Scale, Change, …

  • Techfestival.

    Slide 5 June 2017


    Meetup Format

    • Public meetups (50-500+ people) created by local organizers and grassroots organizations

    • Each meetup should take up to 3 hours and help democratize and amplify knowledge on tech. Anything from advanced niche topics to meetups for beginners are welcome.

    • Rough & “unconference” vibes. Try real talk instead of keynotes.

    • Free of charge and open to every festival wristband holder

  • Techfestival.

    Slide 6 June 2017


    We are thankful for the time you spend and want to provide you with the best possible experience:

    • Your meetup is part of the official Techfestival program

    • 5 wristbands to you and your team.

    • Good times: co-creator drinks during Techfestival

    Meetup Organizer perks

    • Access to co-creator community with meetup information, co-creator summit and inspiration on how to design your meetup

  • A festival wristband gives access to the following experiences at Techfestival:

    Main Stage Area Access to all keynotes, lightning talks, conversations at the festival's two stages in the Meatpacking Area from Sept 5-8 Access to installations and experiences at Main Stage Area in the Meatpacking Area.

    Dining experiences: Access to promotions and tickets for dining experiences.

    After parties / Concerts: Access to all after parties and concerts at the Meatpacking Area

    Meetups All events classified as meetups in the program will be open to wrisband holders


    Slide 7 June 2017


    Unlock the Techfestival experience with wristband

  • Meetups can take place all over town in your own venue, 3rd party venue or even open air.

    Techfestival will have crew on site to help with checkin and wristbands.

    Techfestival has a couple of venues for a few selected meetups in the Meatpacking Area.


    Slide 8 June 2017



  • Techfestival.

    Slide 9 June 2017

    2. Want to co-create

    Tell us about your idea 

    1. Interest

    You hear about Techfestival

    3. Committed

    We make an agreement and 
 pick a date

    4. Booked

    You submit copy on your event and the meetup goes live

    How to join

  • You are all co-creators!


    Slide June 2017



  • Techfestival.

    Slide 11 June 2017


    Lærke Ullerup Head of Techfestival

    Marie Gørvild Head of Content and Curation

    Aydo Schosswald Philosopher in Chief

    Thinh Duc Trann Head of Production

    Severin Matusek Head of Communication

    Thomas Madsen-Mygdal Initiator, Techfestival Founder, Reboot Co-founder, TwentyThree

  • Submit your idea


    Slide 12 June 2017


  • Techfestival.

    Slide 13 June 2017


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