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YOUR PUBLIC TRANSIT GURU. Take Me There. Drew Bregel Joe Woo Joel Shapiro Marianne Goldin. CSE 441 Winter 2009. Transit Questions & Answers. Planning Questions. When is my next trip possible? What’s the address? Can I get to the stop in time?. Street Questions. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Take Me ThereDrew BregelJoe WooJoel ShapiroMarianne Goldin

YOUR PUBLIC TRANSIT GURUCSE 441Winter 20091TransitQuestions & Answers2Planning QuestionsWhen is my next trip possible?

Whats the address?

Can I get to the stop in time?

31st scenario: I want to go home, but I dont want to stand outside in the cold/rain waiting for a bus, especially if I have a multibus trip

2nd: I just want to get to capital hill for drinks, I know the place is one block north of dicksSpeak the users language, use neighborhoods and landmarks

3rd: Should I bother trying to make it to the stop? Do I have enough time to pack my stuff?

3Street QuestionsDid the 75 go by already?

How do I get there from here?

Where is the time table?

41st: Did I miss the bus or is it late? Ive been out here for a good chunk of timeI need the real information, not the planned information

2nd: I know where I want to go, but I dont know which corner I need to be standing on

3rd: Seems like when I need a timetable the most it is missing from the bus stop or doesnt help me beyond a few time pieces4Traditional SolutionsPlanning the same trips, again

Scheduled timetables versus reality

Info sources that arent mobile ready

5?1st: Its the same trip I do every weekday, I just need to know whats going on now

2nd: My stop isnt listed on the timetable what does that mean? When should I be out there?

3rd: Loading a whole webpage on my cellphone and then trying to find the one time I need in a table5Our SolutionPredict your destinations

Real-time transit data

Destination focused route planning6

1st: We know that you want to go home at 5:00

2nd: We will tell you if the bus is running early or late

3rd: Dont worry about how to get there, just where you want to go.

Google search for travel guru = rick steves , we want a transit version of him6TasksEasyFind when the next bus home arrivesModeratePlan a trip to a favorite destinationDifficultPlan a trip to a new destination7Three people at work

First is tired and wants to go home

Other two want to go happy hour down town, got done with work early7Easy Task

8Frequent tripAt workTime to go home8Easy Task

99Easy Task


10Moderate Task

11Go to favorite barNot normal timeShe is the one prompting the other person to go with her11Moderate Task

1212Moderate Task


13Moderate Task


14Moderate Task


15Difficult Task

16New destinationNeeds to search16Difficult Task

1717Difficult Task

1818Difficult Task

1919Difficult Task

2020Difficult Task

2121Difficult Task

2222Difficult Task

2323Difficult Task

2424Difficult Task

2525OutlineTask RefinementUI Design EvolutionEvaluation & Usability ResultsFuture & Related Work26Principal Tasks: Old and NewFirst Task:Reduced from four screens to two.

27Principal Tasks: Old and NewSecond Task:Changed from planning new trip to retrieving a saved trip.

28Principal Tasks: Old and NewThird Task:Changed from tagging conditions of a trip to planning a new trip.

New trip screens reduced from six to four pages in Take Me There vs. MyTransitTracker.29

Planning a trip in MyTransTrackerPlanning and taking a new trip in Take Me There30

Rationale for Task ChangesWhen the scope of the program changed, so did the tasksTagging proved to be a confusing idea for users.Why our three final tasks?They represent the final and most important three features of the program.31Design EvolutionThe Home Screen tells users where they are and what trips they might want to take.Trips are based on their habits at said time.

32MyTransTracker Home screenTake Me There Main ScreenDesign Evolution Cont.

MyTransTracker focused on multimodal transportation.

Didnt take into account time well in planning screens.34

34Take Me there asks users in plain English what theyre looking to do.

Ease of use was priority in new trip planning, tends to be overcomplicated.Usability TestingWeb-Based Usability Study23 completed testing80% used the same routes most of the timeEmulator-based Usability STudyMedian age = 223 males, 2 femalesAll used web-based transit applications3 of 5 used mobile applicationsUsers used busses on average 6.8 times/week

35Usability ResultsUsers were generally impressed with real-world applications.Confused by terminologyTabs were changed from Home, New, Saved to Main, Plan Trip, My Places.

Confused by icons and labelsClear separation of buttons vs. text was implemented.


What parts do we need?Static Location DataJims house, workCurrent Location InformationGPS InformationMap and Direction InformationTransit InformationBus StatusTrip PlanningDestination ClassifiersTrack and learn users travel patterns37Future & Related WorkGoogle maps mobileLocation informationTrip planningMap contentDetailed trip information

One Bus Away (.org)UW CSE, Go Dawgs!Explore your neighborhoodBack end ready to go nowStarting to build a mobile app

38In SummaryPredict your destinationsPlan once, travel manyReal-time transit dataJust what you needDestination focused trip planningFinding a way to get you thereComing soon to youPutting all the pieces together39Questions40

Thanks to:Susumu HaradaJames Landay