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Mga babes,

what is a business plan?It is a valuable document that defines what an entrepreneur plans to accomplish in both quantitative and qualitative terms and of how he plans to accomplish it.

It must contain both a financial plan and a marketing plan

Oo nga

Eh ano naman mga babes yung

marketing?Haynako Jim! It is a process of

creating and delivering desired goods and services to customers andinvolves all of the activities associated with winning

and retaining loyal customers. O ha!

Pare, ano ba yung

1. understand what your target customers needs, demands, and wants are before your competitors can. 2.offer them the products and satisfy that will satisfy those needs, demands , and wants. 3. provide customers service convenience, and value so that they will keep coming back. Pa-kiss na rin pare!

secrets to successful marketing?

And dont forget: A marketing plan is not just for megacorporations. Entrepreneurial companies, although they may be small in size, are not powerless when it comes to developing effective marketing strategies. Tumutulo na sipon ko

Huhuhu! Ang corny mo Mega!

Guerilla marketing strategies Heto na ang first Guerilla Marketing Principle: are unconventional, low-cost, Find a Niche and creative techniques that allow Fill it. small companies to compete A niche strategy allows a small company to maximize effectively withadvantagesrivals. the larger of its smallness and to competeeffectively even in industries dominated by giants. If a small business sits down and follows the principles of Hoy dudes! Gorillaand differentiating, it doesnt targeting, segmenting, ka! collapse to have toAko yunglarger companies Philip Kotler, marketing expert. guerilla!!! Kaya

Chong-go away! Hehehe! Gets nyo? Chong-go?!

2nd Guerilla Marketing principle:

Dont just sellentertain!!!Entertailing a marketing conceptdesigned to draw customers into a store by creating a kaleidoscope of sights, sounds, smells, and activities, all designed to entertain and of course, sell. Primary goal of entertailing is to catch customers attention and engage them in some kind of entertaining experience so that they shop longer and buy more goods or services.

Now dats entertainment!

3rd Guerilla Marketing Principle

Strive to be Unique.Create an image of uniqueness for your business through the products and services they offer, the marketing and promotional campaigns they use, the store layouts they design and the business strategies they employ.

4th Guerilla Marketing Principle

Create an Identity for your Business.A business must have a clear sense of who they are, what they stand for and why they exist. They should define their VISION, stems from the beliefs and values of the entrepreneur and is reflected in a companys culture, ethics and business strategy.

5th Guerilla Marketing Principle

Connect with Customers on an Emotional Level.Establish a deeper relationship with the customers because customers receive an emotional boost every time they buy these companies products or services. They connect with their customers emotionally by supporting causes that are important to their customers base, taking exceptional care of their customers, surpassing customers expectations in quality and service, and making it fun and enjoyable to do business with them.

O sige na Bossing, bibilhin ko na tong kama! Ahihi!

Four Objectives of a Guerilla Marketing Plan1. It should determine customers needs and wants through market research. 2. It should pinpoint the specific target markets the small company will serve. 3. It should analyze the firms competitive advantages and build a guerilla marketing strategy around them. 4. It should help create a marketing mix that meets customers needs and wants.

Determining Customer Needs and Wants through Market Research Demographics -The characteristics of human populations and population segments, especially when used to identify consumer markets. Demographics will have a major impact on companies, their customers, and the way they do business with those customers. Businesses that ignore demographic trends and fail to adjust their strategies accordingly run the risk of becoming competitively obsolete. An entrepreneurs goal is to make sure her companys marketing plan is on track with the most significant trends that are shaping the industry.

Mare, nagjodorant ka ba? Baskil ka pa.

Umm..Guys, people power po itonot kilikili power.

The Value of Market Research Market Research the vehicle for gathering the information that serves as the foundation for the marketing plan; it involves systematically collecting, analyzing and interpreting data pertaining to a companys market, customers and competitors. The objective of market research is to learn how to improve the level of satisfaction for existing customers and to find ways to attract new customers.

Sinasagot ng their goods and services, *When marketing Market Research ang small companies must avoid mistakes because mga katanungang: their funds are scarce and budgets are tight.*One of the worst-and most common- mistakes entrepreneurs make is assuming that a market 1. Who are my customers and potential customers? exists for their product or service.


2. What are they looking for? 3. What kind of people are they? *Market research does not have to be time 4. Where do they live? consuming, do they buy these products or services? 5. How often complex or expensive to be useful. 6. What models, styles, colors, or flavors do they prefer? * Market research for a small business can be 7. Why do or it doesnt have to be highly informal anddont they buy form my store? 8. How do the nor expensive to be or service sophisticatedstrengths of my productvaluable serve their needs and wants? 9. Which advertising media are likely to reach them? 10. How do customers perceive my business versus competitors?

Ang dami mo Ate Xerox, ano sigurong ba yung steps naxexerox sa pagconduct no ate? ng market research?

Now Archie, you may be the Data. Business owners #3. Analyze and Interpret wondering #2. Collect the Data. must First, you have to Define the results of market attach some meaning to the Problem. How entrepreneurs collect such valuable market and research. Individualized (one-to-one) marketing a system customer information? The first andgathering data on individual research is based on most crucial step in market customers And Finally the research problem clearlydesigned to defining and developing 1. Primary Research a marketing program and concisely. Here and questionnaires, Focus appeal surveys are their needs, tastes to Customer specifically toquestions you need and #4. Draw Conclusions and Act. The conclusion is consider, preferences. groups, Archie: a small business owners sometimes obvious once Daily results of the market research. The owner interpret anTransactions, Other Ideas (suggestion theeffective individualized marketing campaign to a. Do we For system) face new competition? must thenb. Are our sales representatives impolite or three be decide how to use theowners mustin the successful, business information collect business. typesunknowledgeable? 2. Secondaryof information: Research c. Have customer Direct-mail lists, a. Geographic Business directories, tastes changed? d. Is your product b. Demographic line too narrow? Demographic data, Census data, Forecasts, c. Psychographic Market research, Articles, Local Data, World Wide Web Data Mining - a process in which computer software that uses statistical analysis, database technology,and artificial intelligence finds hidden patterns, trends, and connections in data so that business owners can make better marketing decisions and predictions about customers behavior.

Pinpointing the Target Market Target Market the specific group of customers at whom a company aims its goods or services. Shotgun approach - firing marketing blasts at every customer that an owner sees *Shotgun approach is a sales-driven rather than a customer-driven strategy. *To be a customer driven, an effective marketing program must be based on a clear, concise definition of the firms target customers. *Customers respond when companies take the time to learn about their unique needs and offer products and services designed to satisfy them.

RELATIONSHIP MARKETING- the process of developing and maintaining long-term relationships with customers so they will keep coming back to make repeat purchases.


Connect and collect


Build relationships

Sell, Service & satisfy

*Businesses that provide poor service are in grave danger. Revenue at risk- a measure that calculates the sales revenue a company would lose by measuring the percentage of customers who would leave because of poor service.

The differences between Relationship Marketing and Transactional SellingFeatureDuration Key concepts Driven by Style Business plan implications Primary advantage Primary disadvantage Outlook

Relationship MarketingOngoing Collaborate and cooperate Commitment and trust Mutual dependence Building a network of relationships with dependable suppliers and customers that will lead to long-term profitability Intimate knowledge of customers needs, wants, and preferences developed over time Dependence on other partners in the web of relationships Increasing in popularity

Transactional SellingDistinct beginning and end; one transaction attitude Negotiate Making profitable short-term transactions Independence Maximize short-term profits; make the bottom line look good, whatever the long-term costs Cash in hand

Losing the sale if a competitor makes the customer a better offer On the decline

Four Levels o