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Sustainable Events and Sustainability Events presentation given at CUT Bloemfontein

Transcript of Sustainable event management 2012

  • Sustainable Events Management Event management Sustainable Development Prof. Dr. Ulrich D. Holzbaur Sustainability Events in Education aspects in Event for Sustainable Management Development Aalen Nachhaltig-er-leben Sustainability Event Management for a CityEvent Management 1 Prof. Dr. U. D. Holzbaur 13.02.2012
  • Sustainable Events Sustainability (natural ressources, socio- economic), aspects in Event ManagemetSustain- Event able Manage -ment Deve- lop- ment Events and experiential orientation in Education for Sustainable DevelopmentEvent Management 2 Prof. Dr. U. D. Holzbaur 13.02.2012
  • Sustainable Event Management CUT Bloemfontein, School of tourism and hospitality Prof. Ulrich Holzbaur: visiting professor at the faculty of management, co project manager of sustainability@CUT (Education for) Sustainable development and the link to Sustainability@CUT Event management concepts and project management for special events Sustainability management for Events and ISO 20121 Event management and experiential orientation in Education for Sustainabile DevelopmentEvent Management 3 Prof. Dr. U. D. Holzbaur 13.02.2012
  • Sustainable Events Event = a special event organized to achieve a certain aim Emotions and experiences are part of the concept Sustainable development = A development that allows present and future generations to fulfill their needs Sustainable Events Sustainable = long lasting impression = long lasting effect = Event Management Sustainability as a aim or restriction for Event Management = environmentally friendly events for all + . Integration Education for Sustainable Development into the event concept Dedicated events for (Education for ) Sustainable Development Rock for , action weekend, fundraising, edutainmentEvent Management 4 Prof. Dr. U. D. Holzbaur 13.02.2012
  • Sustainable Development World Commission on Environment and Development, 1987 Integration of Socioeconomic Development Environmental protection .. to meet the needs of the present..without the needs of the to meet Integration of compromising without the needs of the present to meet .. the chances of future generations towithout present the chances of compromisingmeet Intergenerational Justice futurecompromising the chances of generations to meet their own needs .. Intragenerational Justice future generations to meet their own needs .. their own needs .. Event Management 5 Prof. Dr. U. D. Holzbaur 13.02.2012
  • Sustainable development Brundtland Definition: other people (intragenerational justice) and future generations (intergenerational justice) can fulfil their needs. Sustainable development is an ongoing process evolution of the earth (including all natural or cultural subsystems) influenced (in the positive and negative sense) by mankind. Concepts and principles supporting sustainability (means and indicators, not ends) diversity, multiplicity of choice stability, conservation, efficiency, life cycle concept responsibility, caution.13.02.2012 Event ManagementHolzbaur U. 6 Prof. Dr. U. D. Holzbaur 13.02.20126
  • Sustainable Development World Summit on Sustainable Development Economy Rio de Janeiro 1992 Social System Sustainable development as a vision and mission Ecology and in integration of socioeconomic issues and protection of natural resources Rio declaration = = Agenda 21 = = Roadmap (Agenda) for the 21st century Event Management 7 Prof. Dr. U. D. Holzbaur 13.02.2012
  • Agenda 21 Rio 1992 Improve the social, ecological and economical status of the World and fight the ongoing deterioration in these areas Humanity stands at a defining moment in history. However, integration of environment and development concerns and greater attention to them will lead to the fulfilment of basic needs, improved living standards for all, better protected and managed ecosystems and a safer, more prosperous future. No nation can achieve this on its own; but together we can - in a global partnership for sustainable development.Event Management 8 Prof. Dr. U. D. Holzbaur 13.02.2012
  • Rio + 10 = World Conference in Johannesburg World Summit on Sustainable Development Johannesburg, South Africa in 2002 RIO+10 Event Management 9 Prof. Dr. U. D. Holzbaur 13.02.2012
  • Johannesburg Declaration 2002 2. We commit ourselves to building a humane, equitable and caring global society, cognizant of the need for human dignity for all. 5. Accordingly, we assume a collective responsibility to advance and strengthen the interdependent and mutually reinforcing pillars of sustainable development economic development, social development and environmental protection Itragenerational Social Political Management Environment Ressources Economics at the local, national, regional and global levels. Local / Regional Regional / National National and InternationalEvent Management 10 Prof. Dr. U. D. Holzbaur 13.02.2012
  • Sustainability Portfolio CUTSiteCampus On Site On CampusLocal/ RegionalCommunityDevelopment Local / RegionalRegional/ NationalEducationCooperation Regional / NationalNational/ GlobalResearchCooperation National and International Event Management 11 Prof. Dr. U. D. Holzbaur 13.02.2012
  • triple bottom line Planet Profit People Ecology Corporate Social aspects Biodiversity Region Participation Ressources Global Decision making Emissions Wealth Community Immissions Welfare Justice Greenhouse Education Future Generations Event Management 12 Prof. Dr. U. D. Holzbaur 13.02.2012
  • Sustainability Portfolio CUTSiteCampus Overall Holostic Itragenerational Social PoliticalLocal/ Regional Management Environment Intergenerational RessourcesCommunity EconomicsDevelopmentRegional/ NationalEducationCooperationNational/ GlobalResearchCooperation Event Management 13 Prof. Dr. U. D. Holzbaur 13.02.2012
  • Sustainability and VISION 2020 VISION 2020: .. innova