Structural Pest Control and the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug

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Transcript of Structural Pest Control and the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug

Structural Pest Control and the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug

Cooper Pest Solutions

Stink bugs and other overwintering pestsStink BugsLady bugsCluster fliesBlack Blow FliesLeaf footed bugsBoxelder bugsWasps

BMSB is Different Than OtherOver-wintering Pests!

Enter earlier and leave later than otherover-wintering pestsActive throughout entire winterGet into peoples stuff - clothes, bed sheets, in boxes, amongst piles of papers, etc.. (becomes infuriating)Very active at night and attracted to lights (disruptive & creates anxiety)Any bugs are problematic in sensitive environments (i.e. hospitals, FDA & USDA regulated facilities, etc.)Theyre ugly and they stink.

When to treat?Clients dont call till they see them. Too late!Services have to be performed before the bugs enter the structure

Entry point Treatment areas

Treatments focus on exterior entry points

Interior services are limited to the attic

On Commercial buildings same idea, just on a bigger scale

What are we treating with?Liquid Pyrethroids Lambdacyhalothrin (Demand)Deltamethrin (suspend)Indoxacarb (Arilon)Carparyl dust (apicide)Silica gel, pyrethrins, PPB (Tri-die)Pyrethrin, PPB, dicarboximide (residual fogger)

What can we do after the bugs get in?

2010 2011 survey results

PoorGoodFailWow14%5%12%69%81%PleasedWith ResultsContacted 220 Clients123 responded to the survey= 56% response rate

2014 service callsAugust 15th to September 30th 315 jobsSeptember 1st to May 30th 11 service calls on 9 locations (2 locations had 2 service calls)3% callback rate

Today. Not too muchAnd the not much is in States where the BMSB has recently spread to.

Is our low callback rate caused by better service or less pressure?

2012 72 new clients2013 19 new clients2014 37 new clients

Timing issue = labor issueWe have 45 days at most to get the work doneAugust 15th September 30thGoing up and down ladders is tiring.Ladders + Tired = Injuries

Pyrethroid label changesAll outdoor applications must be limited to spot or crack & crevice treatments only except for the following permitted uses1. Treatment of soil of vegetation around the structure2. Applications to lawn turf and other vegetation3. Applications to building foundations, up to 3

The U.S. Environmental Protection approved revisions to pyrethroid labels that permit PMPs to make outdoor applications beyond applications to cracks and crevices and spot treatments, provided the application is made through the use of a coarse, low pressure spray over a treatable surface (bare soil, lawn, turf, mulch or other vegetation) and not an impervious surface like a driveway or sidewalk

Parting thought

Questions?Dave BurgessCooper Pest Solutions 1-800-949-2667

Special thanks to Richard Cooper


TotalsStink Bug Call TotalsYearTotal200602007312008268200942520101629Report was completed on 2/14/2011make sure to use sales by service reports


Revenue General Pest20092010Total Revenue$5,417,697$5,997,95620092010Reactive Services$1,732,714$2,246,189Perpetual RevenueReactive (Stink Bugs)$49,787$178,871Commercial$1,821,017$1,916,613Reactive (Bed Bugs)$875,688$1,166,362Residential$1,863,966$1,835,1540.31982482590.3744924104Reactive Revenue0.02873353590.079633103Commercial$533,140$595,935Residential$323,886$483,892Bed Bugs Reactive$875,688$1,166,362Bed Bug CentralTotal$5,417,697$5,997,956

Revenue General Pest0000

20092010Revenue For Reactive Services

C vs RCalls: Commercial vs ResidentialInitials: Commercial vs ResidentialYearCommercialResidentialYearCommercialResidential200600200600200718132007187200812913920081161132009238187200922512520103251304201067484

C vs R00000000




Attic TreatmentsRevenue TotalsYearTotal2006$02007$3,2962008$24,2622009$49,78749,787178,8712010$178,871

Attic Treatments0000

Customer SatisfactionAug 15-31Sept 1-15Sept 16-30Oct 1-31WOW5500GOOD828126POOR31102FAIL0200Chemicals16No Attic8Inconvenient11Chemicals: Do not want chemicals inside homeAug 15-31Sept 1-15Sept 16-30Oct 1-31No Attic: Do not have an attic/inaccessibleWOW1210Inconvenient: Inconvenient to leave home (pilot light, clutter, etc)GOOD71381POOR1220FAIL3001

Customer Satisfaction0000000000000000

WOWGOODPOORFAILAttic TreatmentsCustomers SurveyedCustomer Satisfaction

C-R Revenue0000000000000000

WOWGOODPOORFAILNo Attic TreatmentsCustomers SurveyedCustomer Satisfaction


Attic Treatment Refusals

WOW14GOOD82POOR17FAIL6Aug 15-31Sep 1-15Sep 16-30Oct 1-30WOW6710GOOD1540207POOR41322FAIL3201


Customer Satisfaction 2010


WOWGOODPOORFAILTreatment Time FrameCustomers SurveyedCustomer Satisfaction 2010

Revenue: Commercial vs ResidentialYearCommercialResidential2006$0$02007$2,166$1,1302008$10,037$14,2252009$25,765$24,0222010$53,108$125,763