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Development Program on Strategic Leadership Special Focus on Strategic Marketing Leadership

Transcript of Strategic leadership & strategic marketing leadership

  • 1. Annamalai University Training & Development Centre Annamalai Nagar.608002 Co-ordinators & Resource Persons: Selvarasu A Mutharasu Rajmohan Pannerselvam Venkatesan B Arunmozhi R

2. Is the ability to influence others to voluntarily make day-to-day decision that enhances long-term viability of the organization while maintaining short-term financial stability 3. Understanding SL as wealth creation tool Refreshing marketing, information, project lean leadership with its key performance indicators (KPI) Discussion on Managerial, Visionary and SL Exercise on Strategic Marketing Leadership 4. To discuss the concept of Strategic Leadership and its domains To set goals towards STDUENT LOYALTY To understand the need for key performance indicators in higher education from institution centric to student centric 5. Strategic Leadership & Strategic Marketing Leadership by Selvarasu A Mutharasu Strategic Project Leadership by Dr R Arunmozhi, Asst. Professor Strategic Lean Leadership by Mr B Venkatesan, Asst. Professor Strategic Information Leadership by Dr P Rajmohan, Asst. Professor 6. Top level management team Teaching staff Team Advisory team members Head of the institutions Business /Corporate Association Government planners 7. Historical perspective of Strategies in Business to Strategic Leadership in Business Marching towards Higher Education 8. Winning competitive position Industry Profitability Competitive Thinking Invisible Hands Visible Hands M-Forms Devise strategy with perceived strength and competitors weakness Strategic Factors Operational and Organizational Game Theory Zero sum & Non-Zero sum Learning Curve Army (Manpower) vs Navy (Technical, Engineering skills) Distinctive Com petence 9. Cost Leadership Differentiation Focus 1985 10. Relationship with Managerial Leadership and Visionary Leadership Above Normal Performance Normal Performance Below Normal Performance 11. Michael Treacy & Fred Wiersema (1995) 12. How Dell can charge out Compaq? How Nike can run past Adidas? How Home Depot challenged by Door Delivery supply? Answer is Redefining Value for Customer More value than competitor Raise customers expectations 13. Making bundle of values Out of three, any two bundle make a combination Varies customer to customer and segment to segment They become Masters of Two Nike for Product leader Leading edge Sports shoe 14. Johnson & Johnson with optical disposable lens (Acuvue) Dell reduced friction cost (reduce transaction cost) by avoiding distribution cost and price Insurer providing both customer intimacy and operational excellence Speed in Examination result and accuracy in awarding marks Placement and quick results Future studies and exam marks GE had Direct connect customer demand and not on inventory 15. Telephone-Computer system to recognize clients by phone number Choosing Discipline(or) Choosing customer 16. Teaching: Gap Analysis, Blueprinting, Fail points Analysis Research: Qualitative Tools - Nvivo Bibliography Tools EndNote Extension: ??? 17. Students satisfaction Students equity Students oriented mindset Student network related ties Students efforts and abilities Boundary spanning commitment Brand Students lifetime value AHP Priority Analysis Game Theory 18. Contents Words, sentence, story telling Delivery Methods, Means & Time Understanding ability & Preparedness 19. Academic quality Administrative quality Social life Support service Infrastructure facility Satisfaction with self Satisfaction with University Image Loyalty 1(Highly Dissatisfied) to- 10 (Highly Satisfied) 20. Internal Marketing Mix Acculturation process No need for Specialized Marketing effort but all of us do marketing internally and externally BRAND BUILDING by Re-Positioning Personal branding Knowledge branding Information leadership Project leadership Lean (Continuous Improvement) ----End---