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Story and Narrative

Story and Narrative

Tzvetan Todorov (1960s)Todorov believes every narrative follows the same basic structure: Equilibrium Everything is normal Disruption A problem arises and destroys the happiness Realisation People are aware of the problem which leads to a lot of arguments. Restored Order Characters try to fix the problem New Equilibrium The problem is solved

Theory applied to F&F7Equilibrium In F&F6 Doms crew defeated Owen Shaw and now they can live a normal life. Brian is a father and Dom is trying to regain Lettys memory. Disruption Shaws older brother wants revenge against Dom which destroys the happiness Realisation Mr Nobody tells Dom if you help me find the computer chip which has the Gods eye I will help you find Shaw. Ramsey is a hacker and she created the Gods eye, so Doms crew found Ramsey, but she gave it to her friend who had given the chip to a billionaire. Doms crew had to go Dubai and steal the chip. After successfully getting the chip they track down Shaw Restored Order Dom and Shaw are both fighting. Jakande sees Dom and attacks him. Shaw is defeated by Dom. Dom throws a bag of grenades into Jakandes helicopter and kills him.

New Equilibrium Shaw is taken into custody by Hobbs. Brian and Mia are playing with their son. While Dom, Letty, Roman, Tej and Ramsey is observing them.

Conventional storyline Our genre is Crime and Thriller. In a crime film you would expect a protagonist going against an antagonist and at the end of movie it could either be a happy ending, or a sad ending.

Story unfolded A crime film is usually unfolded when the main characters are being introduced in the beginning of the movie they tell the audience their mission and plan and how they will fight against the antagonist. Thriller might be involved when there is a problem that can not be solved.