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Story and Narrative. Part 1! (Up to Granularity) Brendan Sim. Why Put Stories in Games?. Stories can add significantly to the entertainment that a game offers. League of Legends: The Journal of Justice Zelda franchise LORE - Legend of Zelda ( youtube ). Why Put Stories in Games?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Story and Narrative

Story and NarrativePart 1! (Up to Granularity)

Brendan SimStories can add significantly to the entertainment that a game offers.League of Legends: The Journal of JusticeZelda franchiseLORE - Legend of Zelda (youtube)Why Put Stories in Games?

Stories attract a wider audienceWorld of WarcraftMost MMORPGs. if not allWhy Put Stories in Games?

Stories help keep players interested in long games

Why Put Stories in Games?Stories help to sell the gameWhy Put Stories in Games?

LengthCharactersDegree of realismEmotional richnessThe Walking Dead

Separate game from similar games with the same mechanicsHalf-Life 2Factors that Affect Amount of Story

Story: an account of series of events, either historical or fictitious

Key Concepts

Minimally Acceptable StoryCredibleCoherentDramatically meaningfulRequirements of Good Stories

Takes place NOWIncludes three kinds of events:Player events Dramatic actionsIn-game eventsDishonoredNarrative eventsInteractive Stories(Ludonarrative)

Narrative: noninteractive, presentational part of the storyCutscenesSuper Mario Galaxy (youtube) (6:19)Key ConceptsNarrative blocks (cutscenes):Opening/Ending sequenceTitle/Closing credits sequencePost-credits sceneInterlevel sequence

Design RuleInterruptibleNarrative

Forms:Prerendered movieCut-sceneScrolling textV.O.Character monologue

Misconception: one-liners

NarrativeMGS4 over 9 hours of cutscenes that ending

Multiple endings

Design ruleDont take control of the avatarBalancing Narrative and Gameplay

Dramatic Tension and Gameplay TensionKey Concept

Desire to know what happens nextCliffhangers (lol spoilers)The Walking Dead (youtube) (20:06)

Dramatic Tension

Desire to overcome a challenge

MultiplayerLeague of Legends (youtube)Gameplay Tension

Tolerance for randomness and repetitionDifferences between Tensions

The Storytelling Engine

Require less content than nonlinear onesSimpler storytelling engineReduce continuity errorsDeny the player agencyCapable of greater emotional powerTo the Moon (youtube)Linear StoriesStructures:Branching StoriesFoldback StoriesNonlinear StoriesGame eventsPlayer eventsChallengesDecisionsIn-game eventsAI-drivenBranching Stories

ImmediateDeferredRunescape: Shield of Arrav and Heroes QuestCumulativeInfluence

Branching Story Structure

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$Critical event branches create disjointed sectionsReplay for all endingsDisadvantages to Branching Stories

Focuses on disadvantages of branching storiesCommonly used in industryFoldback StoryOH GOD WHITE SPACEFoldback Story Structure

No set storyCreated from playing (based on core mechanics)Emergent Narrative

Based on dramatic actions in the gameChallenges 1 ending (or 2)Critical decisions multiple endings