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Transcript of Startup Marketing: Blog before you launch the product

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Startup Marketing:

How to blog easily before product launch

a 6-step workflowby Lisa LaMagna @lisalamagna

Why blog before you launch?Connect with customersGet product feedbackCreate thought leadershipWork through your ideasBuild website traffic

Step 1:

Step 1: Create a teamYour time is too precious to do it all yourselfHire a freelance writer or journalistHire a freelance WordPress site managerHire locally or through UpWork

Step 2:Commit

Step 2: Commit1 year to build traffic to the blog+ 1 year to build thought leadershipBlog can elevate a neglected niche Package your blogs into a bonus e-book for your customersContinue blogging through and after the launch

Step 3: Stay within WordPress

Step 3: Stay within WordPressDraft, edit and revise in WordPress (or Drupal or Hubspot)Dont shift back-and-forth from Microsoft Word or Pages to WordPressPosts read differently from platform to platformEven non-technical people will get WordPress after a live or webinar demo

Step 4:

Step 4: Map your workflowWorkflow answers who, what, when

Who: Everyone on your team has a role

What: The actions each person takes

When: The sequence of different scenario

Step 4: Sample Workflow1st Founder assigns topics to writer. When writer is finished, s/he will notify Founder.2nd Founder reviews and makes minor edits. Then Founder notifies blog manager (WordPress Pro).3rd WPP adds images, formatting and SEO, then publishes the post to the blog.If any person has a question, they route the blog post backwards to the previous person, as in the red arrows.

Step 5: Automate

Step 5: AutomateNo need for an air traffic controller

Each person knows their next-step

Fewer emails for everybody

Everyone on team only receives an email EXACTLY when their input is needed

Step 5: AutomateIn WordPress, use free or pro Oasis Workflow (link)

In Drupal, use free workflow module

In Hubspot, use calendar function

Step 6: Founder focus

Step 6: Founder focusNo need to keep checking in with blogging team

Conserve time and energy

Free up time to innovate, create and lead

Summary:Assemble a good team

Create a repeatable workflow process

From Oasis Workflow:Try the free version of Oasis Workflow for WordPress Large teams, try Pro