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Plastic storage containers

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    Container Systems For Storage and Distribution

  • Since its inception in 1937 by Mr. Fritz Schfer, SSI SCHAEFER has been one of the worlds leading suppliers of a comprehensive range of high-quality storage systems for warehouses, manufacturing plants and commercial offices, and includes a whole range of systems and containers for the waste-handling and recycling sector.

    Employing over 7,500 people in 50 offices, from 35 countries on 4 continents, SSI SCHAEFER is a stable, privately owned company with more than 70 years of proud heritage. It is also the single worlds largest supplier of industrial storage systems.


    SSI SCHAEFER has operated in Asia for more than 23 years, and now has 12 offices in 11 countries covering the Middle East, China, the ASEAN region, and Australia. Starting with the Interlock Pallet Racking range in 1989, SSI SCHAEFER now produces an extensive range of SSI SCHAEFER products in its state of the art manufacturing plants situated in Malaysia and China.


    The extensive SSI SCHAEFER range of storage, order picking and transport containers includes more than 2000 different types, models and sizes.

    All these developments are a result of countless actual industrial applications: This means safety to you, because the extensive practical use proves better than any test. You can be absolutely certain that the model and material quality of every type will stand up to our promises.

    Make use of the SSI SCHAEFER expertise, because we know everything about containers.

    The SCHAEFER Group


    SSI SCHAEFER NOELL GMBH in Giebelstadt, Germany designs and implements integrated logistics systems. Acting as the general contractor, SSI SCHAEFER NOELL has completed over 300 systems worldwide.

    Our capabilities include system design and consulting, implementation of turnkey installations, as well as customer oriented after sales service and maintenance packages.


    SSI SCHAEFER PEEM GMBH in Graz, Austria, focuses on modular picking applications.

    SSI SCHAEFER PEEM plans, develops and manufactures highly dynamic conveyor systems for bins and cardboard boxes as well as automated order fulfillment systems.

    Fritz Schaefer GmbH, Germany

    Simpang Renggam Factory, Johor, Malaysia

    SSI SCHAEFER Regional HQ, Singapore

  • SSI SCHAEFER containers are designed in such a way that they can be integrated easily into all shelving systems. The complementary sizes enable them to be used in any combination within shelf units, independent from the application. Regardless of whether the installation is high-bay, multi-tier or fully automated small part storage, SSI SCHAEFER containers provide the perfect storage solution.

    Semi-open Front Storage Containers


    Available in Red, Green, Yellow & Blue colours, the LF plastic containers also have the following features:

    PolypropyleneResistence to most oils, acids and alkalis, noise absorbent on conveyors, withstands temperatures between -20C and +100C

    PolyethyleneResistence to most acids and alkalis, shock and impact resistant, absolutely harmless to foodstuffs, withstands temperatures between -40C and +80C

    Stable and robust design Smooth internal wall

    for easy cleaning Recessed handgrip on the back panel

    for secure manual transport Flexible due to dividing possibilities Stackable

    with 14/7 & 14/6 series made from plastic and steel Extensive accessory range

    for individual container design

    Flaps Dust covers Dividers Carrying bars


    Dust flaps SK

    Insert traysFix Free-standing RackFix-Roller

    Conductive Available

    On Request

  • RKSeries

    To complement our shelving systems, our engineers designed the RK series of steel and plastic shelf containers:

    Steel or PlasticsModels in steel, polypropylene or polystyrene

    Compatible especially for SSI SCHAEFER shelving systems Extensive range of accessories

    Labelling and partitioning possibilities (advantage in large and small storage areas)

    Shelf Containers

    Conductive Available

    On Request

    For Shelf Depth of 400mm

    RK 421 BRK 400

    RK 421RK 400 S

    For Shelf Depth of 300mm

    RK SB 1RK 321

    RK SB 2RK 300 HO

    RK SB 3RK 300

    For Shelf Depth of 500mm

    RK 521 BRK 522

    RK 521RK 500 N

    For Shelf Depth of 600mm

    RK 621 BRK 621

    RK 629-02RK 619-02

    RK 629-01RK 619-01

  • Efficient supply, storage and distribution are guaranteed by using the extensive EF series by SSI SCHAEFER. They come in 25 different sizes and 150 types. Sturdy stacking rims ensure that the containers can be securely stacked with a stacking load of up to 600kg, independent of the area of use.

    Euro Containers


    Available in Red & Grey colours, the EF series plastic containers have the following features:

    PolypropyleneResistence to most oils, acids and alkalis, noise absorbent on conveyors, withstands temperatures between -20C and +100C

    PolyethyleneResistence to most acids and alkalis, withstands temperatures between -40C and +80C, the base material is suitable for

    use with food-stuffs Robust and stable design Smooth internal wall

    for easy cleaning Sturdy stacking rims

    for secure stacking up to 600kg stacking load

    Optimal ribbingfor secure storage and transport

    Compatiblewith all Euro containers

    Flexibilityin 25 sizes and over 150 types


    Closed hand grip Open hand gripClosed hand grip with

    beveled hand gripRecessed hand grip

    Lid with hook Lid with clips

    Lid with moulded hinges

    Lidswithmouldedhooksorhinges [SPECIAL]

    EF mesh containers

    Conductive Available

    On Request

  • Nesting Storage and Transport Containers


    Available in Blue*, the KMB plastic containers have the following features:

    PolypropyleneResistence to most acids and alkalis, withstands temperatures between -20C and +90C, the base material is suitable for use with foodstuffs

    Space gain75% space gain when empty

    Automatic unstacking possiblefrom sides and front

    Ergonomicthanks to comfortably designed hand grips

    Easy cleaningthanks to smooth surfaces and optimally placed water drainage holes

    Ribbed base optionalmax. load up to 50kg

    Quiet Running on conveyors

    Easy grippingon conveyors, thanks to rough base

    Barcode areasprotected against damage and dust due to special arrangement

    Foldable ContainersAvailable in Blue and Grey colours*, the Foldable plastic containers have the following features:

    PolypropyleneResistence to most oils, acids and alkalis, low-noise running on conveyors, withstands temperatures from -20C and +100C


    Base Dimensions:300 x 200 mm/ 400 x 300 mm 600 x 400 mm/ 800 x 600 mm

    Robust and stable design Perfect handling ensured

    by ergonomically placed hand grips Hinged, 2-part lid

    sealable With ribbed base

    suitable for miniload systems Volume reduction of approx. 80%


    Base Dimensions:400 x 300 mm/ 600 x 400 mm

    High stability Codable Can be labelled Can be supplied as hazardous goods container

    with UN certification Volume reduction of approx. 75%

    from empty and folded boxes

    *Note: Additional colours available on request.

    KMB with bail arms

    KMB with hinged lids

    FK Boxes with Roll-Fix

    KB Boxes

    Collapse the side panels

    Compress the container

    Volume reduction of approx. 80%

  • Summary


    Itemcode Capacity(litres)



    Red Green Yellow Blue Black


    LF 210 0.5 170 x 95 x 50 X X X X X

    LF 211 0.9 160 x 95 x 75 X X X X X

    LF 221 2.7 230 x 140 x 130 X X X X X

    LF 321 7.5 350 x 200 x 145 X X X X X

    LF 322 10.4 350 x 200 x 200 X X X X X

    LF 511 7.6 500 x 150 x 145 X X X X X

    LF 531 16.5 500 x 300 x 145 X X X X X

    LF 532 23.5 500 x 300 x 200 X X X X X

    LF 533 38.0 500 x 300 x 300 X X X X X

    LF 543 57.0 520 x 450 x 300 X X X X X



    Item code Capacity(litres)



    KMB 422 18.0 399 x 299 x 223 X

    KMB 617 29.0 599 x 399 x 173 X

    KMB 622 38.0 599 x 399 x 223 X

    KMB 627 47.0 599 x 399 x 273 X

    KMB 632 58.0 599 x 399 x 323 X

    KMB 642 74.0 599 x 399 x 423 X

    KMB 832 76.0 799 x 399 x 323 X

    KMBNestingStorageand TransportContainers


    Itemcode NominaaldimensionsLxWxH(mm)

    Blue BlackPPL

    RK 300 HO 300 x 135 x 120 X X

    RK 321 290 x 162 x 115 X X

    RK 400 S 390 x 97 x 64 X X

    RK 421 B 390 x 243 x 115 X X

    RK 400 408 x 162 x 66 X X

    RK 421 408 x 162 x 115 X X

    RK 500 N 490 x 162 x 64 X X

    RK 521B 490 x 243 x 115 X X

    RK 521 508 x 162 x 115 X X

    RK 522 520 x 190 x 121 X X

    RK 621 590 x 162 x 115 X X

    RK 621 B 590 x 243 x 115 X X

    RK 629-02 599 x 232 x 90 X X

    RK 619-02 599 x 116 x 90 X X

    RK 619-01 620 x 116 x 90 X X

    RK-SB 3 320 x 145 x 147 X X

    RK-SB 2 320 x 295 x 147 X X

    RK-SB 1 320 x 595 x 147 X X



    Itemcode Capacity(litres)


    Red Grey BlackPPL

    EF 2120 1.9 200 x 150 x 117 X X X

    EF 3120 4.2 300 x 200 x 117 X X X

    EF 3170 6.5 300 x 200 x 170 X X X

    EF 3220 9.0 300 x 200 x 220 X