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  • Wednesday, Dec. 17, 2014 PONOKA NEWS 1

    A Supplement to

    Seasons Greetings

  • B2 PONOKA NEWS Wednesday, Dec. 17, 2014

    403-783-8411403-783-8411At the Junction of QE 2 and Hwy. 53At the Junction of QE 2 and Hwy. 53


    We would like to take this opportunity

    to thank all our past, present and future


    Wishingeveryone a very Merry Christmas and a

    healthy and prosperous New Year.

    Dan, Inger & Ginger

    Seasons Greetings

    Della Quine, 4, visits with Santa during the Chamber Childrens Shopping Party held at St. Augustine Catholic School, Dec. 6. Quine says her favourite part of Christmas is opening pres-ents.

    Photo by Amelia Naismith

    Santa Claus visits St. Augustine Catholic SchoolBY AMELIA NAISMITH

    As Christmas draws near, Santa Claus took time out of his busy toy-making schedule to visit with the children who attended the Ponoka and District Chamber of Commerces Childrens Shopping Party, held at the St. Augustine Catholic School Saturday, Dec. 6.

    While away from the North Pole, Santa uses his elves to make sure everything is ready for Christmas Eve. This has been a very

    busy year, I really cant keep up. I had to use Christmas magic and all of the elves, Santa said explaining his hectic schedule.

    And the reindeers magic. Weve got to have good magic to be able to fly, he added.

    To keep up his strength during his long flight around the world, Santa asks citizens to keep his favorite Christmas treat on hand, milk and cookies. I like chocolate chip cookies, he said.

    Santa also keeps his team of reindeer on his mind at all times and urges the people of the world to do the same. The reindeer really like carrots. We cannot grow carrots at the North Pole, even in the summer, because the ground is too hard.

    Checking his list may prove easier than in other years as, he said in an inter-view with Ponoka News, that most of the children around the world are on the nice list. Although he is the embodiment of Christmas, Santa also has his own favorite aspects of the holiday. My favorite part is the magic, its the jingle of bells.

    He feels if everyone stopped their busy lives for a moment or two, not just during the holiday season, to listen to the jingle of bells, the world would be a more joyous place

    Ponoka License & Registry

    Holiday Hours:Open

    Dec. 24 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.Dec. 31 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

    ClosedDec. 25, 26 2014 & Jan. 1, 2015

    Wishing you & your family a very Merry Christmas and

    a Happy New Year

    4902 50 St 403-783-5525

    good friends this holiday season.good friends this holiday season.

    Best WishesBest WishesScizzor WizzardScizzor Wizzard

    Hair Design & Suntan SalonHair Design & Suntan Salon

    5102 46 Ave, PonokaPhone: 403-783-4648

    Wed be real heels, if we didnt say Thanks! for taking a shine to us.

    weve taken a shine to youweve taken a shine to you

    To all our friends both far and near,

    We wish a very bright Christmas and a happy

    New Year!


    Christi Ferguson-Huston, CRSPLacombe 403-782-0455www.chromesafety.ca

  • PHONE: 403-783-4911PHONE: 403-783-4911FAX: 403-783-5222FAX: 403-783-5222

    dirtvl@telusplanet.net www.direct-travel.cadirtvl@telusplanet.net www.direct-travel.ca

    The Christmas season is a The Christmas season is a perfect time to say perfect time to say

    Thank You, Thank You, and to express to you and and to express to you and

    yours every happiness during yours every happiness during this beautiful season and this beautiful season and

    throughout the coming year.throughout the coming year.

    Kahla, Theresa, Ramona,Amber, Diane

    Wednesday, Dec. 17, 2014 PONOKA NEWS 3Seasons Greetings

    Chef Vern Olson pictured as offered a helping hand at the Community Christmas in 2013.

    Photo by Susan Whitecotton

    Community Christmas a time to come togetherBY JEFFREY HEYDEN-KAYE

    In an effort to bring joy and happiness to folks on Christmas Day, a Ponoka Community Christmas has been a big part of giving during the holiday season.

    Held at the Kinsmen Community Centre with help from a strong group of volunteers, the event starts at 10 a.m. and will end at 2 p.m., says orga-nizer Bob Hepp. Were always looking forward to people coming.

    Last year 230 people attended with lots of tur-key, ham and other food to fill their bellies. With all the donated food, 300 to-go meals ended up being packed for attendees.

    To keep the mood cheerful volunteers come early to play live music. Its phenomenal enter-tainment, said Hepp.

    Hot chocolate, snacks, candy and hundreds or stuffed toys will be part of the event.

    Ive got almost 2,000 stuffed toy ani-mals on hand, he added.

    The trick to ensur-ing a smoothly-run day is in the volunteers. To help organize those who want to help with the Community Christmas, Hepp has sought the assistance of Carla Pre-diger and Val Schabert.

    The two have been able to place the army of cheerful volunteers into different areas so that the day goes well. Sometimes helping out means sitting and having a meal with at-tendees, explained Hepp.

    Seniors who need help getting to the Community Christmas will get help from the Wheelchair Van Soci-ety that takes people to and from the hall. Hepp says all they have to do is book with the society and the van will be there for transportation.

    Prediger says orga-nizing the volunteers is always a fun experience. I like to make Bobs life easier because hes committed to this pro-cess for 15 years.

    She says it used to

    be an event for folks who couldnt afford to get their own Christmas meal, but Prediger feels that has changed over the years. Now it is an amalga-mation of everybody.

    Its become a town and county event and our volunteers say that, she added.

    To make food donations, Hepp suggests people inform him as soon as possible and those wishing to make a cash donation can go to Servus Credit Union to donate into the Ponoka Commu-nity Christmas account.

    Its going to be bigger than ever, concluded Hepp.

    For food donations contact Hepp at 403-783-6165 and to volunteer contact Prediger at 403-783-4078 or Schabert at 403-783-8799.

    As the festive season As the festive season fast approaches, fast approaches, Ponoka Town Ponoka Town Council & Sta Council & Sta wish everyone a wish everyone a safe and joyous safe and joyous holiday seasonholiday season

    Mayor Rick BonnettMayor Rick BonnettCouncillors:Councillors:Tim Falkiner, Loanna Gulka, Sandra Lyon, Tim Falkiner, Loanna Gulka, Sandra Lyon, Carla Prediger,Teri Underhill, Marc YaworskiCarla Prediger,Teri Underhill, Marc Yaworski

    Ive got almost 2,000 stuffed toy animals on hand.

    Bob Hepp, organizer

  • Greetings of the SeasonWith warm wishes to you and yours we thank you for friendship and support.

    403-704-23834201 66 Street, Ponoka

    With Warm Wishes for a Happy Holiday Season and

    Prosperous New Year!



    ECKLUNDWater Well Services

    Home: 403-783-3712Cell: 403-704-3413

    In the spirit of the season,we extend heartfelt thanks

    and best wishes for a happy, healthy season.


    403.783.40915023 - 51 Ave.

    B4 PONOKA NEWS Wednesday, Dec. 17, 2014 Seasons Greetings


    At the age of 72 years, I can joyfully say that I have always looked forward to the coming of the Christmas holidays, and although it may have changed just a little since our little family arrived in Ponoka way back in 1948, it will hopefully be the happiest time of the year for all of you, no matter how old we may be.

    My fondest memories of the festive season have come from being able to share the celebration and joy together with so many others, including parents, neighbours, old and new friends, school-church and team buddies, and of course later with our own children and grandchildren. We have and always will get quite giddy with excitement about the giving and receiving of presents to and from precious family and friends, with a whole lot of special surprises thrown in just for fun. Everyone, from children to seniors likely already have visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads, hoping that we have qualified for a Santa visit this time around, while looking forward to all the other great tradi-tions of the frosty festive season. By the way, if you still dont believe in Santa Claus, or Saint Nicolas, or whoever that jolly old bearded gent in the red suit might be, he has supposedly been around since the 4th century, makes only once visit a year, and really looks forward to trading toys for treats on Christmas Eve.

    Who cant love the seasonal music of the sea-son, whether it be the age old or new carols and songs, along with the country, classic, rock, or hip-hop beat styles and themes. At this great time of the year there are so many delightful concerts and events at schools, churches, halls, and homes all around every spirited community, which have all been blessed with the love, sparkling colors and the joy of the amazing festive occasion. It doesnt matter if we have a real tree, a Charlie Brown spe-

    cial, or one of those flashy store-bought varieties, because they will all look fabulous when we add our own unique magic and personal touch, then top them off with the family treasures and trinkets that have been placed inside and outside each and ev-ery home sweet home for many generations. Then there are always the old sweet treats such as can-dy apples, taffy, fudge, rock candy a