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Season's Greetings from businesses in Humboldt and the surrounding areas.

Transcript of Season's Greetings - Humboldt Journal

  • Dawson (St. Dominic School, Grade 1) Karysa (St. Dominic School, Grade 1) Abby (St. Dominic School, Grade 1)

    SeaSonS GreetinGS

  • Page 2 SeaSonS greetingSDecember 2012

    621 Main

    Ph: 682-5535 Fax: 682-5531

    May joy, love and

    laughter fill your home this Holiday Season.


    1 (800) 667-2623

    Humboldt Southey Watrous Wynyard

    The Humboldt office will be closed for holidays Dec. 24 to Jan. 1 (inclusive).

    Donna HarpauerMLA - Humboldt632 9th Street, PO Box 2950Humboldt, SK S0K 2A0Ph: (306) 682-5141Toll Free: 1-800-682-9909Fax: (306) 682-5144Email:

    Merry Christmas&

    Happy New YearMay your homes be filled with family, friends,

    love and laughter this holiday season and throughout the coming year.

    It has been an honor to serve the Humboldt constituents in 2012 and I look forward to

    continuing to represent you in 2013.

    May 2013 prove to be a year of prosperity for all!

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from

    the staff at

    Hannigans CateringHumboldt, SK 682-2501

    You can just feel the Christmas spirit in the air!May the happiness, excitement and goodwill of the

    season surround you and fill your heart with gladness.

    Its been a pleasure serving you this past year.We hope to see you soon in 2013!

    CASE IHBourgaultWestwardMacDonKubota

    Cub CadetHigh LineDegelmanSakundiak

    RAINBOW trailersLeon

    DEMCO Grain Carts

    Management & StaffPh: 682-2592 Highway 5 East

    Parts & Services 682-2591

    Merry Christmas to Our Neighbours & Friends

    Farm Equipment Ltd.

    607 9th Street, Humboldt306-682-5544

    Happy HolidaysAll the best inthe New YearMOELLENBECK TRANSPORT LTD

    St. Gregor, SK 306-366-2118 Cell 231-6868

    Open for your convenience8:30 am - 9 pm Monday Thru Friday

    Saturday 8:30 am - 6 pm; Sunday and Most holidays 11 am - 5 pm.


    from management & staff at

    from the Board of Directors, Management & Staff of

    MerryChristmas& HappyNew Year

    Naicam, SK (306) 872-2777

    Ainsley (St. Dominic School, Kindergarten) Jaya (St. Dominic School, Kindergarten) Shane (St. Dominic School, Kindergarten) Dylan (St. Dominic School, Kindergarten)

    Darby (St. Dominic School, Kindergarten) Charli (St. Dominic School, Kindergarten) Riedar (St. Dominic School, Kindergarten) Brandon (St. Dominic School, Kindergarten)

    Dear Santa,Are you excited for Christmas? I would like a super extreme car!Love Alex (Kindergarten, St. Dominic School)

    Dear Santa,How are the elves? I would like a train please!Love Rkaydence(Kindergarten, St. Dominic School)

    Dear Santa,Are you excited for Christmas? Can I please have a DS3?Love Megan(Kindergarten, St. Dominic School)

    Dear Santa,Are you excited for Christmas? I would like a snowboard please!Love Iaec(Kindergarten, St. Dominic School)

  • Page 3 SeaSonS greetingSDecember 2012

    SeaSonS GreetinGSfrom the

    iScovery Group

    Discovery Ford Parts & Service Team: Gavin Paulsen, Murray Meszaros, Paul Janzen, Aaron Keller, Jesse Salikin, Kerry Greydanus, Richard Perrilat, Curtis Regehr, Al Moisan, Shaun Lepp, Al Keller, Mitch Krysa, Chad Haworth, Jessica Ehr, Jocelyn Ehr, Ray Whitton, Ronald David, Vincent Hamm, Mike Schlosser, Kai Nguyen, Rosanna Emia, Chris Parrish, Maria Nguyen, Drayton Zurburg, Rachel Paquette

    Discovery Group Admin & Marketing Team: Cindy Richels, Vanada Wallaker, Matt Lietz, Chloe Monz, Mary Jane Gagnon, Sarah Squire

    Discovery Edge Colision & Glass Team: Dylan Laliberte, Jeff Litzenberger, Mike Tanchyk, Jeremy Forster, Rodger Schlitz, Chantelle Classen, Randy Fischer, Francis Po, Vasyl Vorona, TJ Forster

    Discovery Motorsports Team: Owen Witte, Jason McDonald, Ben Tagseth, Holly Marquette, Cliff Ehr, Andrew Bandurka, James Stuckel, Jeremy Dufault

    Ownership Team: Gord Lees, Steve Dillabough, Ernie Moisan

    Wishing you the very best in 2013

    Discovery Ford Sales Team: Les Hilgers, Lorne Pratchler, Michelle Grimsrud, Daniel Hinz, Betty Becker, Wally Brecht, Bonnie Classen, Brayden Klimosko, Gord Lees

  • Page 4 SeaSonS greetingSDecember 2012

    May you enjoy this special time of year with the ones you love, and may the days ahead bring good fortune to your doorstep, just as you have brought good

    luck to us.

    Merry Christmas!Management and Staff


    Caleb VillageIndependent Living

    & All-Inclusive Retirement Community

    Seasons Greetings & a Happy New Year!

    Only 9 suites left!Book your tour today!

    Call Kelsey (manager)at 682-3939

    JOYTo you thisday is born a Saviour.Merry Christmas and warm wishesfor a blessed New Year fromGreater Saskatoon Catholic

    GSCS12 CmasGreetingAdHumboltJrnl1.4:Layout 1 12/6/12 12:26 PM Page 1

    Humboldt RCMP Detachment Humboldt Ambulance Local Tow Truck Operators SaskPower and SaskEnergy Our wives for their support Our employers who allow us to attend fires during business hours City Council & the employees of the City of Humboldt Humboldt and District Fire Protection Association To the many people who have helped us with our efforts in fighting fires and our commitment to charitable organizations

    To one and all we wish you a very Merry Christmas.May your holiday season be safe and happy!

    Humboldt Fire DepartmentPhone 682-2917

    Thank youHumboldt Fire Department wishes to thank the

    following who made our duties easier during 2011:

    Heres hoping a very happy holiday season is in-store for all of

    our customers.We appreciate your shopping with us.

    Staff & Board of Directors



    Wishing everyone a safe & happy holiday season!

    Hope your holiday comes complete with all the trimmings of Peace, Love, Joy, Happiness, Health

    and Friendship. As this season of wonderful blessingsdraws near, we extend our wishes of goodwill and

    good cheer to all of our dear friends and neighbours.Thanks for making our year a fruitful one.

    Rhett (St. Dominic School, Kindergarten) Jorray (St. Dominic School, Kindergarten) McCoy (St. Dominic School, Kindergarten) Luke (St. Dominic School, Kindergarten)

    Kayden (St. Dominic School, Kindergarten)

    Dear Santa,Do you like to live in the North Pole? Can I please have a DS?Love Madelyn(Kindergarten, St. Dominic School)

    Dear Santa,Are you ready for Christmas? Can I have power ranger duplo blocks, please?Love Joshua(Kindergarten, St. Dominic School)

    Dear Santa,Are the reindeers ready for Christmas? I would like a hockey game, please!Love Coltn(Kindergarten, St. Dominic School)

    Dear Santa,I like the colour of the reindeer! I want a new tractor, please!Love Jordan(Kindergarten, St. Dominic School)

    Dear Santa,How are you? Could you please give me a princess Barbie?Love Tatanna(Kindergarten, St. Dominic School)

    Dear Santa,Are you excited for Christmas? U would like an alien game, please!Love Keaton(Kindergarten, St. Dominic School)

    Dear Santa,Do the reindeer like carrots? Can I please have a long trailer.Love Blake(Kindergarten, St. Dominic School)

    Dear Santa,How is Mrs. Clause? Can I please have a baby for Christmas?Love Shae(Kindergarten, St. Dominic School)

    Dear Santa,Is your sleigh ready for Christmas? I want Iron Man toys, please!Love Kohen(Kindergarten, St. Dominic School)

    Dear Santa, are the reindeer ok dropping off presants. I want a computer a doll. Are the presants falling out of your sleigh? I would also like a rainbow night light and sparkly blocks and my own picture frame and markers and my own purse.Josie Dalsin(Kindergarten, St. Augustine School)

  • Page 5 SeaSonS greetingSDecember 2012

    Electronics Inc.

    May you and your loved ones enjoy all the splendor of this very special time of year.

    Its been a pleasure serving you.

    Brian, Marcia & Tia

    Humboldt, SK 682-5125


    Merry Christmas & Happy New Yearto all of our customers,

    our families &our friends

    thank you foryour business

    & supportin 2012.

    Each office is individuallyowned and operated.

    638 - 10th Street, HumboldtPhone: 306-682-3996 Fax: 306-682-3997email:

    Cheryl Torwalt231-9613


    Dan Torwalt231-9612

    Agricultural Specialist

    Kimberly Athmer287-7988Serving

    Watson & Area

    Shannon Stroeder231-7024

    Serving Humboldt & Area

    Jennifer Crone231-8736

    Serving Lake Lenore & St. Brieux Area

    Bob Bellamy231-3078

    Serving Humboldt & Area

    Catherine Knash338-7115Serving

    Wadena & Area

    Stephanie EdmondsAdministrative


    Delbert Kirsch, MLABatoche Constituency

    Box 308, Cudworth, Sask. S0K 1B0Telephone: 256-3930 Fax: 256-3924

    Toll Free: 1-877-256-4056Email:

    May Peace and goodwill reign on earth and may your hopes and dreams be

    fulfilled in the New Year. A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    Delbert and Valerie Kirsch


    DOOR & MORE Commercial and Residential

    Overhead Doors Doors and Door Openers

    PH: 231-7800

    Wishing everyonea very Happy

    Holiday season!

    SALES LTD.Hwy. 20 South, Humboldt 682-0738

    As the holidaysdraw near, wed liketo toll a message of

    sincere thanks and bestwishes to our friends